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    Does every country has its own music syllabus ?

    I came across a hand bill that a music academy has started giving training on music through jam session on London syllabus and prompted me to share here as to music notes would be same across the globe and what the syllabus is meant here. Does that mean every country has its own music syllabus and training session. I know ISC have good music players and good music lovers and they can help to clarify this doubt. Does the Indian music superior than any other country music if yes in what way we can take credit ?
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    There are some comprehensive music syllabus developed for the music education which give emphasis on scientific ways of learning music from a grass root level to advanced level. The students learn music as a process of understanding notes, rhythm, and ascending / descending order of the sound notes. These comprehensive syllabuses are yet to be accepted worldwide as local syllabus are already in practice and quite successful in their own ways. Another thing is the depiction of notes differs considerably in western music and Eastern music and so the students learn the same thing through different notations. To that extent there are differences. Indian music leads much in the classical area where the ascending and descending are controlled in a disciplined fashion bringing the musical bliss that is liked by so many music lovers. In some areas of music we definitely excel.
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    There are different musical instruments and one person knowing about an instrument may not be familiar with another instrument. As science is advancing many changes are happening in the knowledge base of all the subjects and same is the case with music also. Today there are apps on our mobiles. Using those apps you can play on the musical instruments. Basically, music may be the same. But there are many application and developments. So there will be a syllabus for music also and it will vary from place to place and country to country.
    Indian classical music is softer and it is developed in a very disciplined way. They give importance to the language also as well as the tunes. In classical music, you enjoy both lyrics as well as the tunes. But in western music, more emphasis is given for music and lyrics are not easily known. Their concentration will be more on showing their skill in music. Any music will be good to hear and the liking will vary from person to person. All forms of music may be the same and we can not say one is superior to the other.

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