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    Social media is also a medium to help people.

    Not only negative things like rioting and violence can be spread in the country through social media, but the financial troubles of an elderly couple also went so viral overnight that they started reaching out to the common people for help.
    Wherever the pain of the elderly has become a trend on social media, now the happiness of their face after getting help, their thanks are becoming viral. People are eating fiercely and taking selfies at Baba's Dhaba. Now the situation is such that people have to be in line. By the way, this is not the first sample to become a star overnight through social media. There have been many such examples before also.
    When people are bored, many of them run towards Facebook, Instagram, but if the strength of this social media is recognized in time, then it can be good for many. If people help the needy instead of making themselves a star, then do not know how many faces can bring a smile.
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    True and there is no doubt about this. Many good points are also associated with social media. I traced my old friend whom I met 40 years back. This happened because of social media only. Oneday I was going through my Facebook account and I have seen a name which is familiar to me. But I couldn't see his photo. Then I sent him a friendship request and he accepted. Then we can recognise each other. He is my intermediate classmate staying in the USA. Now we talk to each other on phone. Many people might have experienced a similar point.
    As mentioned by the author we can see some posts becoming viral and interested people can help the needy after seeing these posts. Even some people are marketing their products through social media. Another point is that we know what is happening around even though we are not moving out. We can access the whole world by sitting in the house and going through these social media sites. Anything will have advantages. How to make use of the same for your betterment is in your hands.

    always confident

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    People are taking to social media for good and bad cause and the social media platform is very powerful as we have politicians, Industrialists,Philanthropists, doctors, scientists ,donors, funding companies and above all general public. Whenever a news of plight has been highlighted the social media supports to the full and the person gets the things done. During the Pandemic the migrants were sharing their problems and even videos of migrants suffering through walking on foot has captured the imagination of many and came to help and one should not forget Sonu Sood who created immense followers on twitter for his helping mentality. And the way the dull Baba's dhaba was promoted through social media is felt to be belived and I have seen the trending to the best extent and thus the need has been done.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Social media has become a very big platform and poised to be more bigger. There are both types of experiences we have there. For evil and cheats it is place to play and enjoy and many of us are suffering because of those bad deeds whether they were indicated to us or some other common group. At the same time there are some good people also who are using social media for constructive actions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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