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    There are many fields in the world to make a career..

    A mentality is prevalent in our society today that the challenges in the field of engineering and medicine are less. So instead of taking the risk, quietly enroll in college and take the course and secure the future. While this is not the case as challanges are always there in each field. These two fields have become more common, so people have an idea of them.

    But when we move forward in any other field, only then we get to know the good or the shortcomings. When choosing a career, it is important to keep in mind that with changing times both the market needs and demand are changing, so plan ahead accordingly.

    In the current scenario, students have to understand that the country does not need only engineers or doctors. There are many more fields where there is both money and possibilities. Students should study according to their interest and then get a job. For example, architecture actors, singers, writers, sportsmen, politicians, social workers, businessmen, teachers or more can build their future in many fields.
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    True. Now there are many areas where one can have a good career. Not that only an engineering graduate or medical graduate only can shine in this world. As long as you are good in your subject and you can focus on the growth and struggle, you can make a good career in any field. If you did your BA and you want to have a bright career. Definitely, you can. Concentrate on Civil Service Examinations. Take all struggles required. Focus on preparing for the examination. You will be successful if not in the first attempt, definitely in the second attempt. If you can't score in that examination but that knowledge will fetch you a Group 1 or GruopII post in State administration or an officer post in any bank. What more you want. Like this in any field there are chances and try to explore and putting 100% efforts is the way of success.
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    Very true, in earlier times people have limited scope to make their career. Most of the people want to be either doctor or engineer. But, today the situation is not like that. We have many scopes to make our career. We can be an architect, musician, player, painter, businessman, fashion designer, journalist, writer etc. So, we should be careful in choosing our career. We should not waste our time and energy in traditional education. Life is important for everyone and it should be lived with their way.

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    Nicely said by the author. Unfortunately in India we have the bad habit of following the herd about any future education or higher education. That is the reason being so many have done the Engineering and could not find the right job and many have attempted the NEET but could not secure the ranks and therefore their efforts gone waste. But there are courses other than the Engineering and the medicine to which the takers are very less and the knowledge about those course are very less. Study on micro biology and nuclear biology is most sought after, and even molecular biology is the trending subject. The subject on DNA and finger printing is another most interesting area to which the candidates can evince interest. Likewise Para Medical courses are immense and they are available to assist a doctor and para medical courses are have less takers. So the world is big.
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    Recently we have witnessed the vast number of people having engineering and other technical degrees but still they could not secure the jobs matching to their qualifications. The persued such degrees with the pressure of their parents but they could not make any headway by virtue of such qualifications.
    If a proper survey is done of the market, there are enough opportunities for teachers, painters, musicians, cricket players etc. Hence the aspirants should explore all possibilities where they can get gainful employment. They need to change their outlooks to get jobs in such a changed scenarios.

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    There are 2-3 main lines that are popular and have a fancy with the students as well as their parents. These are engineering, medical, and teaching. Most of the people are very happy if they get a career line in these common streams. The fact is that today there is more demand in other lines like digital marketing, data science, trade subjects, business analytics and many others which are not commonly known but have good potential for a career as well as growth. So it is necessary that a student should consider other such alternatives also and should not be lured with only the traditional ones.
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