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    Irresistible urge of kleptomania

    Most of the people are inborn kleptomaniac while they happen to see any opportunity to purloin something of others they go ahead to carry out their urge quite instinctively. Actually, some other day I was watching the Youtube channel of RJ Naved of 98.3 Red FM. The episode was shot before Delhi Elections when scarcity of Onion was a burning topic of the day. Naved parked a car loaded with heap of onion in dicky and left it as waif. Camera was on and capturing passers by and most of them stopped their movement, saw here and there, finding nobody, stepped towards the car, picked up as much onion as they could and hied away.

    Some of us will raise their objections on this bright day allegations, I don't mean to include them too if they are not among them who are subject to irresistible urge of kleptomania.

    I don't know if you'll agree with me that there are different facets of kleptomania people are indulged in like dishonesty in paying taxes, confiscating others' money, forgetfulness to pay the loan of banks or friends or relatives, cheat the firm or company they are the employees whereof, snatching the right of property of our brothers/friends and so on .
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    kleptomania is usually a type of mental illness. It is a very strong desire to snatch or steal something. The people having this problem can't control their wish to obtain the articles belonging to others freely and they do it even though the item is of no use to them. If a person is having this problem and wants to get cured they can visit a psychiatrist who will do the needful.
    But when there is a scarcity of a commodity and people trying to procure it when available without any guard taking away that material may not be kleptomania. They may be doing it intentionally also. We don't the actual intension of the people. Many lorries will be carrying sugarcane crop from the fields to the mills and when these trucks are stopped on the roads by the drivers, people try to take some pieces from the truck and they will do it without getting into the notice of the driver. The example of onions given by the author is something similar to this.

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    Whether we know about Kleptomania or not but the behavior of some among us are unusual and it cannot be left out and must be discussed. Like dishonesty in paying taxes, especially by the high flying actors. Every year the IT department release the defaulters list of Income tax and most of the high paid actors feature in them. Shame on them as every time they make the fault and does not pay. In old city the shop keepers employ small children and take the work of adults from them but pay a meager salary or no salary by saying that the boy has to first learn and then earn. This is nothing but day light cheating on the works of small boys. And what to say about wilful defaulters of bank loans as they wanted forget paying of loans and eventually become a defaulter of no return and banks are forfeiting such debts.
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    I once read about some celebrity who was caught red handed while lifting a small item from a shop though she was able to very well afford that item. Later, we read about her that she was suffering by this disorder kleptomania. It seems that these habits of lifting are cultivated when one is a child only and then somehow remains as a habit. Apart from this there are people who are dishonest and do such thefts intentionally. They will always search for an opportunity where no one is seeing them while doing such petty thefts. Shopkeepers generally keep an eye on such people.
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