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    Two times meals preparation system still going on usually in every house today?

    In my childhoos we used to have meals prepared separately in the morning and evening. Different dishes were made separately for morning and evening. Slowly as we got fridge facilities, only in the morning all items will be prepared and they will be used for night times also. In the evening mostly rice will be cooked. This is the order of meals preparation at present nowadays. In some families at night time instead of main meals with rice, some tiffin will be prepared inorder to reduce more intake of food. Members, do you follow the old system of preparing meals two times a day still following?
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    We did not have any alternative in those days when fridge was not available in our household and now its presence has eased our process of storing the cooked items to be utilised later on. Housewives know how to manage the time especially when they are office goers having no time to cook food for the evening hours. To manage the same, they prefer to cook meals in a single lot serving their needs for both meals and dinners. Freshly prepared food stuffs are divided into two portions and the first one is put inside the tiffin to be used for the lunch and rest is preserved in the fridge to be used during dinner time. These stuffs are to be used along with freshly prepared chapatis or any item opted by them.
    They are aware of disadvantages of consuming such stored items in the fridge, but it is only due to constraint of timing.

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    It was the fact that the two meal system was prevalent then and not now in many homes. The morning breakfast is essentially a light item like Idly, Dosa or even Chappathi. And the lunch would be the rice items like Sambar , Rasam and curd and in the dinner there would light tiffin like Upma etc This is what happening in every home. The eating of rice or meals for two times are gone as people are more health conscious and more over the diabetic patients should not have the meals often as they have to eat a balanced diet. In that case I do not think many homes might have the two meals preparations even these days. What I have also seen that in some house the combination of snack and rice is taken in the dinner. That means two pieces of roti or puri and then some curd rice. But that is rare in many homes.
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    In our house-cooked items are not kept in the refrigerator. Rice items are also not stored in the refrigerator. Only uncooked food items will be kept in the fridge. So in our house, the practice of cooking food items two times is never stopped. Morning breakfast, lunch and dinner are to be prepared every day, That is why in our house the workload will be more for ladies. Servant maids will clean the house, dishes and wash the clothes. But all other works are to be carried out by ladies only.
    In the evenings, some will take rice items and some will go for tiffins. So they have to make these two items in the night for dinner. Daily deciding menu in the nights is a big problem. Sometimes they have to go for more than one variety in the nights. Earlier days some times we used to order food from outside. But because of this COVD, we stopped that these days

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    It is interesting to note that the prosperous and well to do people are taking the food kept in deep freezers or fridge or even getting from outside (which we do not know is fresh or not) while the poor are making fresh food both the times and having it. So, technology and modernisation has changed our outlook towards food significantly and to take the food, from the fridge, of 2-3 days vintage is not a sin. Like many others I am also habitual of taking morning food kept in fridge in the evening and there is no compulsion of 2 times full fledged cooking ritual in my house though many times we cook some extra dish just due to our interest or to satisfy the guest.
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    You may not believe, we prepare all the three times food separately. If it is Dosa or Idli etc, the batter may be kept prepared, but the cooking part is fresh at the relevant time. Only very rarely do we reheat the already prepared food(mostly rice). But the side dishes may be re-used if available .

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    Re heating the already prepared food may not have the concerned nutritious value and the taste would also differ. For example the sambar prepared in the morning would go state by evening even though it was re heated.
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    Two-time meals and once breakfast is made at my house, as reheat to prepared food is not good for health, old traditions are still being adopted in my house even today. My family is a joint family and while living with the elderly, our daily routine is going on according to them. It is compulsory to make food both times in the morning and evening, we all eat food by sitting on the floor, my grandfather always refuses to face south direction while eating, I do not know the reason but still, we follow it. We believe efforts should be made to have food with all the family members, it makes more love and unity among family members.

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    We believe in two times meals preparation system. In our houses, every time people want to have fresh cook food. If morning prepared food are kept in the fridge then family member consider is as a stale food. Its taste turns different for nine hours before cooked food. This kind of food is not good for your health. If cooked food is kept in the fridge then there are chances to grow bacteria inside the food. So, medical expert always advice to have freshly cooked food. People are going to be health conscious day by day. So, they avoid stored food. we have become more health-conscious due to COVID 19.

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