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    Dassera began without much hype and Deepavali will also be low

    This year proven to be most challenging and most disgusted as far as Hindu festivities are concerned. Right from the Ugadi, Sri Rama Nama Navami, Ganesh Utsav have gone with thin or no participation from the public. Today the Dassera festivities has began without much hype as the usual festival bonus given for Railway employees and private company bonus for the season is missing. Likewise the Deepavali would be in another one month from now and that also seems to be lesser participated and lesser spent. What is your view?
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    Many festivals are now lining up but the spirit is not there. Some people are courageous to visit the temples, crowded markets, malls, and other such places but there is a hidden fear beneath their smiles and once we are having a fear in our mind we cannot enjoy or celebrate a festival. This year during Lord Ganesha festival we felt it much as there was no fun and no music and no dance which usually took place at the time of immersion of idol. We all missed the fun and enjoyment associated with these religious festival which basically rejuvenate us time to time.
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    The year 2020 is a really odd year. We have never seen such a year, No festivals and no celebrations. No functions and no get-togethers. Ugadi went silently. Vinayaka Chavithi went silently. Now it is Dasara and it will also go like this. When will normalcy will come back I don't know. It is all very uncertain. We can't predict anything in this situation. I am not expecting any change for Deepavali also. There may not be much activity.
    Every year all our brothers used to meet during these days for a day at Vijayawada Kanakadurga temple and perform pooja there and from there we used to go to our native place. But this year there are know Puja Programmes at that temple. So we may not be meeting. Yesterday I came to my native place for a two day trip in our car. I will go back to Hyderabad on Tuesday. One brother also came and we will spend together and then disperse. I wish and hope 2021 will not be like this and we will have all celebrations as usual.

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    Rightly said by the author. Many festivals have gone and some festival like Deepawali is to come. Now, Dusherra is started. But, we having no enthusiasm due to the lack of a festival environment. Everywhere lack of decoration light, music and puja panda is being seen this year due to pandemic. Since the last six month, every festival is passing silence without hue and cry. I hope that next year we would celebrate every festival nicely.

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    Though we have the highest regards for all festivals and it is our deep rooted belief regarding its importance. Children remain in the joyous mood during such festivals despite the recent clamping of lock downs. This is rather an unusual year where there is not much fanfare and enthusiasm being seen for any festival. It is sheer effect of corona that has taken all our thrills which otherwise we had during the festive season. The same will be the fate of Deepavali which is to follow shortly. Hope the upcoming year would be somewhat better than the prevailing one.

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