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    "India ranks low in Global Hunger Index."

    India ranks 94 out of 107 countries in Global Hunger Index 2020. According to the study, 14% of the population of our country is undernourished and the country is placed in the severe hunger category. The Hunger Index is calculated from the data made available from the United Nations and other related agencies.

    This is something which we, the people of India, should feel ashamed of as we failed to help those who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. The Government cannot do everything. We have a duty towards society. The child mortality rate is high in our country. This trend should be reversed. It is possible with the participation of the people only.
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    I would not agree with the author and it is not that alarming as claimed by the inputs given by UN. India is not suffering like the African countries in terms of hunger and starvation. Never ever it was reported in the recent past that people died of starvation and hunger in India. By the way when the UN has conducted the survey and whom did they contact and from where they collected and correlated the information? If the situation was so alarming as depicted by the so called UN report by this time there would have been a revolution of protest against the central government. It seems UN is heavily supported and sponsored by the likes of China and they are targeting India behind the scene to degrade our country and we should be careful enough against this ugly designs against the elected govt which proved its sincerity in giving free ration even up to this month.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Hunger is a menace in our country. We have enough food grains in our country but still people live in hunger. Intellectuals should come with some solutions so that no one sleeps with a hungry stomach.

    We can collate some points in this regard. Others can give their own ideas.

    1) We should have a database of the people, who are vulnerable to hunger in all the big and small towns. This can include surrounding villages.
    2) There should be some mechanism to collect the left over food from Parties and some storage mechanism for this food in each big and small towns. Sometimes, disposal of the left over food is also difficult. So, if it is used for the poor, the host giving the party, will also feel happy.
    3) Food grains are to be distributed based on Aadhar card instead of ration card. Anyhow Rich and Affordable people won't go to the ration shop to collect food grains. The mechanism should be based on fingerprint. So, all the family members have to go to the ration shop. Otherwise, ration should be distributed at doorstep like in Andhra Pradesh.
    4) Vertical farming shall be encouraged. Subsidies for the equipment can be given to those who do Vertical farming like hydroponics.

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    In any country people dying due to starvation is very bad. In India, the main problem is that the gap between poor and rich is increasing. The rich people are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. Whom we have to blame for this. The policies of the rulers are helping the rich to become further rich and the real suffering people are suffering like this.
    The policy of reservations is to be seen and need modifications. The people of one family only are getting all the benefits and some families are completely getting ignored. The subsidies and other government help ate not reaching the people who really deserve the same. Even today we see some people who don't even know that the government is giving some benefits.
    But unfortunately, because of the vote politics in this country, no government wants to completely change the system and bring in new methods.

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    Facts remain facts. We have to learn from these reports and think of possible steps to solve the problems related to hunger and malnutrition. I appreciate Mr. Bhuvan as he tried to explain some of the ways to overcome such problems.
    Recently, I came across a message on Whatsapp. A small boy was presented before the Judge to try him for stealing bread from a bakery. The Judge asks him as to what made him to steal the bread instead of purchasing. The boy tells the Judge that his mother is sick and there is no food in the house. Further, he says that all the day he tried to do some work to purchase the bread. Since no one gave him work to earn money, he resorted to theft as it is becoming dark. The Judge then gave his judgment saying that the entire society including himself is responsible for such crimes and fines everyone in the hall to pay a penalty which is to be given to the boy.
    We, as citizens have a responsibility towards others. Instead of ignoring the reports, we have to think of possible ways to solve the deficiencies in the system.

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    I do agree that we have the responsibility to feed at least one daily so that no one goes hunger for the day. But I have not seen anyone seeking for the food on the road so far. I have been moving extensively in my city and found that people are selling some products or asking for some alms at the signals and they are not hunger. They have been provided with good food for rupees five from the TS govt and I think five to 10 rupees would be earned by them in no time. If the report seems to be alarming there should be lots of halla bol from the opposition parties and the government would have been taken to task. Nevertheless hunger is the serious issue and and every one has the responsibility to feed those who need the food and there are good number of organization in India who were offering free food in normal times.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In the Hunger Index, starvation conditions in any country are assessed based on malnutrition status, physical stunting, and child mortality in children there. Malnutrition among children in India is appalling. Malnutrition is the major reason why a large percentage of children in the country are not able to achieve full physical development. According to the report, despite a nationwide campaign for a nutritious diet by the government, a large section of poor people in the country are facing the threat of malnutrition due to drought and lack of basic amenities. This year, the number of people facing starvation worldwide may almost double. Significantly, India is moving ahead in every field today, but despite this, crores of people do not get nutritious food and some crores are forced to sleep on an empty stomach. One class is craving for one-time bread, on the other hand, obesity is increasing in the country, especially among the elderly. Along with this, the growing population of the country also poses a serious challenge.
    Swati Sharma

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    There could be many reasons for this truth which is hurting all of us. First is the employment scenario. It is not only alarming for the educated class but also for the uneducated labour class. I have seen in many cities a number of labourers assemble at a common popular place with some of the working tools in their hands and people come and pick them for their work but unfortunately only a few are getting the job may be for a day or two and rest return to their houses by afternoon when no one comes to pick up the labours from that popular point. This is a very sorry state that there is no work. Due to large amount of manpower available the remuneration for the small and petty works is very nominal and even for that there is tough competition. Then there are issues of governance and equitable distribution of wealth which unfortunately is congregating in few hands. Many industries are avoiding large work forces that generally has union making and protest raising potential and hence companies are going for computerised automated processes. All this is creating more unemployment and definitely it will lead to such disastrous hunger index.
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    India's rank in this year's Global Hunger Index rose to 94, Bangladesh 75, Nepal 73 and Pakistan 88. It shows that we are worse than our neighbouring counties.

    According to GHI India's ranking was not good in recent past too.
    In 2015 - 93, 2016 -97, 2017 -100, 2018 -103, 2019 -102

    GHI concludes this report by using a three-step process: the percentage of the population that is undernourished, percentage of children under five years who suffer from wasting, stunting, and child mortality.

    Basically, it's a big responsibility of the governments to eradicate poverty and provide sources to have food for all by creating opportunities of employment. Simultaneously, also it's our responsibility to see if anyone is facing hunger problem. We should come forward to help them.

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    I don't believe this hunger index. We are far better than the earlier days when there were beggars on the road. In these days, we hardly find beggars. Moreover, India is the second thickly populated country, and is doing well. There are governments providing cheap food for the poor. There are schools running with midday meal programmes. There are temples offering food to the poor calling it Annadhan. There are many NGOs caring the poor people. There are orphanages that collects funds and feed the poor. There are selfhelp groups that generates employments to each member of a family. The PDS supplies ration at subsidy rates.
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    I want to place on record that a temple trust of Lord Ganapathi is preparing good sumptuous food to the poor and needy and they are doing this near the Secunderabad Railway station and only few takers have it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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