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    The thrill of getting opportunity for one's interest area makes one active!

    There are many examples from which it is evident that a person becomes active and alert when he is given an opportunity to do work or activity of his liking after completing some task which he might not be liking much. For example if we tell a child that after completing his homework he would be allowed to see the cartoon channel, he would become serious and do his homework energetically and in time. Similarly if I am told that after such an such household job you are free to see your movie of choice in the TV, I actively finish that household routine activity. It means that passion and interest areas govern us all through our lives in one way or other and our efficiencies in other tasks depend indirectly on them. What do the members feel about this? Please share your views.
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    The author is absolutely right, when we do something, and if we get something we want at the end of it, then our dedication and ability to work will automatically increase. Not only children but every person of the world executes good works in agreed many times, this greed is not necessarily for something negative but it is mostly positive. Our curiosity and work capacity are interlinked, but it also motivates us to work. When a woman has to go to the mall or market with her friends after all the household chores, on that day all her work is completed ahead of time and better because she knows that her favorite work is going to happen, and hence their efficiency increases.
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    The ultimate result one should expect is success in the area of his work. If the work you have to do is an interesting area for your you will be active and enthusiastic and you will attempt the work with more zeal. But all of us will not be lucky enough to get the work in the area of our interest. These days are very competitive and we may have to work in the area whatever we get. So we have to get the required interest and we should work enthusiastically and see that we will be successful in that area. How to get the interest and what is to be done for that is our lookout.
    As mentioned by the author we will be more enthusiastic if we get the work in our area of interest. I have seen many people who spoiled their career as they have not shown interest in the work they are doing. We should come to the realities and make our life better by working hard and focus on the work they are doing.

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    If we remain involved in such jobs for which we have internal interest, we would remain involved beyond the scheduled timing. If the company identifies the potentials of such employees having competence in a particular area and job allocation is done accordingly, the company would be benifited with such allocations. But such permutation and combination method may not work always since for a particular area, many would be interested but for the rest areas, the company may not get the matching employees. Hence the culture of the organisation needs to changed even encouraging the work - force to be familiar with the different assignments of the company. This could help the company to achieve the target even if the normal employee deputed for such a job is absent and a redeployment has been effected with a proficient worker having commands of carrying out different jobs.

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    It's correct. When we are given a chance to do things we like we always give our best. But there are many things we have to do which we do not like. We do such things because we have no other option and actually we become habituated to do such tasks. That's why it's always important to choose a career in the area of interest but because of the stiff competition everywhere, many are losing out. For such people, performance may be affected to some extent and they may lose the spark initially. On the other hand, we also have to think logically about what is possible and what is not and perform the task accordingly. The thing is to respect everyone's interest and we should never think that our area of interest is the best field to work in. If the job we are doing doesn't interest us we need to find something interesting and even if it's a hobby we have to spend some time on it.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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