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    Do it need secrecy or open way of dealing cases in courts?

    Due to Covid problem nowdays virtual hearings are taking place in courts. At present there is a demand from people and media that interesting court cases are to be live telecast like cricket matches. One of the petitioner in AP has filed a pill to give live telecast of cases with regard to Amaravathi farmers in High court. I think this type of thing will lead to a problem of security to rival petioners, judges, and the people who gave any proofs in the cases. Grudges between the rival parties will increase due to the talks among the outside people. I don't support open way of dealing within the judiciary system. Members what about your view with regard to this issue.
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    Court proceedings are between the judge, the accused and the petitioner. In that case the courts cannot make public the happenings inside the court during the arguments or deliberations. The lawyers from both side would come up with evidence and proof to bring case to the ultimate hearing but over the past decades we are seeing the investigating agencies are not able to crack the cases nor submit the evidences nor they could bring the witness to the courts. In that case what is the use of court proceedings going live. In case of AP and Amaravathi farmers , this can be considered as the special case to televise because CM Jagan has apprehension about the conduct and sincerity lawyers and judges and hence to counter his allegations, the courts should allow the telecast of the proceedings for the farmers to know the reality.
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    I agree with the author. Court proceedings should not be live telecasted and there is no requirement also. What interest we will have in the cases which are no way related to us. If the cases are in the interest of the public, the details will be getting published in newspapers and television news channels. We can see those channels and read the information. But one thing is true that who gave the witness and what are the comments made by these witnesses will be known to the people who are pursuing those cases and whatever risk is there it will be there even if it is not live telecast. The police officials and the court should provide security to such people Otherwise people can't come and tell their observations or they may not be able to tell what they have seen also. Many cases will be going on and live telecasting all such proceedings is a waste of money and serves no purpose. So I never recommend this and I feel court may not accept for the proposal of live telecasting.
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    Court proceedings are not to be telecasted as the case is under consideration only and we do not know the result or verdict in the case and before that if we are opening up it to the public then it would lead to interference from unwanted quarters. If required the video recording of the case can be shown for the knowledge and learning of the people interested about court cases. It would not be advisable to show the living commentary on the cases to general public. It has no fruitful meaning out of this exercise and there is no point unmaking the proceedings public.
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    I think court cases are to some extent related to the privacy of the people whether they are accused or convicts or not guilty. If a person is found not guilty then the showing of the process to public can unnecessary affect his reputation as people might be biased by the proceedings itself. So sharing these things openly as a live programme is not a proper thing and in my opinion should not be attempted.
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