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    Saviour sibling- many points to ponder pro and against

    Just a day ago I read news about 'India's first saviour sibling '-Kavya. For those who may be coming to know about this for the first time. A saviour sibling is a baby that is "created to serve an older sibling as a donor of organs, bone marrow or cells".

    Now try to read the recent news reports on the matter. The news was there on the main media on 15 th Oct 2020.

    The Hindu titled it as "A sister born to save ailing brother"
    Times of India reported under heading" Meet " Kavya, India's first 'saviour sibling"
    In India Today it was "Saviour sibling: Story of a girl conceived via IVF to save her brother's life".

    I think there is a lot to ponder on this regard –the ethics, the worry how the greedy human nature will turn it out. Even the existing organ donation itself has not yet come out as fully unblemished and is still under strict review, supervision and monitoring. While adoption and surrogacy are also suspected to be exploited as business, we have now one more to worry about and find foolproof system to prevent unethical exploitation.
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    For me this is not only shocking and also make me worry about the future as new inventions in science is making people to think differently no matter it hurts others and gives deep pain on such happenings. As said by the author the organ donating itself has become a big issue in the recent past as there has been virtual trade going on to agree at price and donate. In this scenario creating a human through artificial method to save the existing person is some thing modern thought and no one given this a try in the past. Nevertheless this system would prove to be very dangerous in future and this would be exploited by those who are close to the medical community and that would have further implication of future cases and organ donation.Its high time medical ethics are followed at least from now onward.
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    It will become another area for commercialisation. Already we are hearing about business in adoption and surrogacy. Now this will open up a new area of operations and business. Unethical practices in every field are very high in India. Self-centred practices are more here. We are hearing many cases where some of the organs selling and some doctors illegally transplanting the kidneys etc. Some people always think of making money only. They never think those practices are unethical. This will also add to those issues.
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    This is going to be a matter of concern as people would opt this route to get matching parts or cells or bone marrow for the ailing child. It will be challenge to regulate this activity under some regulation as it may become a family affair for some and would not come under the scanner. The modern medical facilities and advancement in this area are motivating and encouraging people to search alternatives in this arena.
    Knowledge is power.

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