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    How much trust should be put in data?

    These days, the corona cases in the country are such that it is difficult to understand how much the common man trusts it. Till last week, at my hometown, about 200 patients were being found daily but suddenly this data came from 200 to 150 and in the last 2 days this data has been between 50 to 60 patients, which is a little difficult to believe. On the same side, the dates of the MP byelection have been announced here. Voting will be held on November 3 for all 28 seats and the votes will be counted on 10 November. The covid protocol will be followed during voting.

    Is it possible that the data is being tampered with due to the desire for votes and victory or is corona really going to leave our lives, the question is in everyone's mind today on whom to trust?

    Member, what do you believe, can the by-election be a reason for this or is the medical field hiding the data from the public, or is it really true and correct as shown to the public?
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    Data comes from different sources and the compiling agencies are also different in many cases. The people who are supplying the base data can sometimes do mistakes of intentional or unintentional nature which makes a data set doubtful on the first glimpse. India is a big country and if we get data from so many places and combine it then it is very much possible that errors and mistakes might crop in. When data is politically manipulated then more errors would be there and it would be very obvious for the person who is seeing that data attentively and with unprejudiced mind. We should not believe in any data until it has some logical foundation. Just because some leader has announced it does not mean that it is correct. Specially when the data is favouring to that particular speaker.
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    Data regarding the covid19 has been not up to date. There has been some discrepancy in the number of patients and facts seems far from the truth. All this is being done to show a fancy picture and make people believe all is well. The fact is the pandemic could start its impact on people afresh. But ministers are providing incorrect data, when elections are around, to gain more support from people.

    It seems doubtful that cases could dip within a short period. Instead of giving factually incorrect data, more focus should be to foster precautions and encourage people to stay away from the crowd. Ministers could take you to the death knell for the vote bank politics. Covid is still there, it can escalate and life could be difficult ahead.

    So, stay safe, stay strong.

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    Data is the same and that can be given credence because it is released on all India basis and has the basics count. Why the actual cases are decreased because the testing of cases has been decreased and those who approach for the test are being carried out and the positive cases are dipping. For that matter India is now the second most affected as our position fallen from 1st to 2nd since four days. The first country is the US with most affected patients. Moreover India has been successful in treating the positive cases and sending them as cured to the home and India boasts of good recovery rates. So these things attribute to less cases these days and that is the reason being so you are noticing less cases in your home town. Moreover it is said that good rains also washed away virus along with it in many places across the country.
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    The data from a government source in this type of calamities will be never reliable. When there is a cyclone, the government will assess the damage and come out with numbers. But when you go to the ground level and observe we will understand the actual damage or loss.
    In the last cyclone some years back in our village there are many deaths. But the number given by the government was very less. Like this, I have seen many instances where the actual loss or damage is much higher than what the government agencies reported.
    There are many reasons for this. The government may do it intentionally to avoid unnecessary tensions among the people. There may be some calculation errors. There may be some political reasons also. All these reasons will influence the outcome. So the decrease in Carona cases is noticed not only in MP in many other places also. Even in AP, we are observing some decrease. A better study of the situation at the ground level will help us in understanding the reliability of the data.

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    It depends on the source from where data is collected. Dr Rao has rightly pointed out in his reply about the reliability of data provided by government sources. While there are many factors due to which the numbers are manipulated, an election can be a crucial factor. Whether it's the government or the opposition, most of the time they do things keeping in mind the political aspect. The intention is to stay in power for any ruling dispensation or to snatch power by the opposition and that is creating a lot of difficulties for the common men. Nowadays, we cannot trust anything so easily because every now and then we hear conflicting reports. Those who are working on the ground are aware of the real situation and they can only give the overview.

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