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    Gossiping is a bad habit, it is good to stay away from it

    It is generally seen that there is a bad habit of gossiping from children to elders. This habit completely separates the person from society. The habit of gossiping is bad, it is best to stay away from it. Such a person always discovers the shortcomings of others and causes a fight or estrangement between two people, but he does not know that by doing so, his own image in society is damaged,

    Gradually, the person living in the company of such a person becomes aware of his habit, no one likes to be in his company and he falls alone. If this habit of gossip is eliminated soon in childhood, then it will be beneficial for everyone's family, or society. Otherwise, this habit will increase so much that it will not be under control.
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    One should be a straight forward - be a constructive critic or simply encourage people but one should avoid speaking badly of others. A person can not be perfect and often commit errors knowingly or unknowingly. Errors or mistakes can't be made the basis for insulting others.

    A person gossiping badly about people always dwindle his status in society. If one feels bad or have differences with the other person, gossiping can't be a solution. Gossip those who are frightened and shrewd, and don't like what others are doing. If one doesn't dare to appreciate others, he stoops low to speak badly of others.

    People often separate ways from others over little differences and when such differences become shriller, we see conflict in our ideas and deeds. Talk straight to people even if you have differences but never take to the degrading tactics that not only curtail the status of a person but other people in society also understand that the person is playing mischief.

    So, Always be humble and human!

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    There are many people who are interested in gossiping and killing their time with this negative activity. It is a habit but it is very irritating for those who do not like to pass their time in such an inferior way. Gossiping is very delightful and entertaining for some people who can talk continuously about others, criticise others, use whatever offending language they can, and will repeat their points endlessly. Once they get addicted to gossiping, they cannot control their urge to talk and always search someone to whom they can share their talks. There is no way to escape them accept avoiding and ignoring.
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    The most time pass activities of many Indians is the gossiping and it attains more interest when group of people discuss issues about others. That is the reason being so even separate section for gossips dedicated in the news paper. But gossiping is very worst habit and it degrades some one so badly and the insult cannot be described in words. If the gossip is between the friends it is ok because we tend to give long rope to the friends to take on us. but if the gossip is on unknown person and that could lead to greater problem in future. Some would take the gossip as their character assassination and even sue for the damages. That is the reason being so wise people stay away from such actions which demean the freedom of expression that is made with wrong taste. Gossip mongers are no more tolerated in the society.
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    Spending time in chatting and wasting time in unnecessarily in gossiping is not a good trait. Some people will waste time in talking about somebody who is not present there. After hearing there talk if we also say something, they will carry those words to them. It will create an unnecessary rift between people. Always such rifts are not desirable.
    Whatever time we spend in such talk is a waste. There will not be any useful outcome out of such talks. Talking about somebody in their absence is also a bad issue. We have no right to talk about somebody's action. They will have their own explanation for their way. We may not know the reasons for their deeds. So why should analyse their actions? If there is something which is to be analysed discussed should be done openly in the presence of the concerned. In such a case, he will also participate in the discussion and tell why they behaved or acted in a particular way. Then there will not be any problem. We can come to a logical conclusion.

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    We teach our youngsters to stay away gossiping since that kills our time gaining nothing out of such gossiping. It is easier to preach them but is equally difficult to follow it when we are in the midst of our friends. The most interesting point of gossiping is that it is shared by all present in the gathering and the subject of gossiping is the one not present in the circle and no one is any objection in extending such session. Some day it may reach to the man for whom we had some derogatory remarks. The consequence of such talks may even lead to break up the relationship. Though it appears that it is the best indulgence for passing the free time, the end result is disasterous.

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    Gossiping is common in this world. That too gossiping news about cine personnel is more since many decades. In those days the gossip news about cine personnel were come in magazines with hints instead of mentioning names. During 1960, there was a separate magazine in Tamil for cine gossips named as 'indhunesan' and a good demand for that in those days

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