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    Be with Peer to steer your performance

    Whether in school, college, or even at the office, moving with peer group would facilitate much and we would be in the company of performers through which we get immensely benefited either through their knowledge transfer or through their experiences. Peer group would not waste time, would not talk negatively, would explore new avenues to increase the performance and progress and above all they are cool and believable. All these good traits make them most sought after and if we are with the peer group surely we can steer our performance.
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    Be with the right people and you will become the right person. Yes, it is important to spend your time with the peer comrades that would not only add to you knowledge and wisdom but also help you develop a better personality. Teacher or a mentor always shows vision to the students. They instil the confidence in people who then spread the message of peace and prosperity. If one has to become a better person, he has to spend some time in the peer groups to reflect how these people look at the different aspects and solve the problems of life.

    Living with drug addicts or those who do the immorality and steep low in society, such people can't make the life of a person happy. They will only fetch disappointment, dismay and defeat in life and curtains their self-respect.

    So, you are right, peers steer the life of an individual in the right direction and help him sail successfully all the difficulties.

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    Peer group through their experience process do guide us during difficulties and thus disappointments avoided.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If we move with good people, we will also learn good habits. If we move with people who are having bad habits we will also get bad habits. This is a very well known fact.
    If we are in a group where the peers are involved. we will have the chance of observing them, their moments and their thoughts and we will also learn from them. When we associate with such people we will get very good hints from them and we will know how to tackle a problem. We will also know troubleshooting and trouble solving also.
    They will manage time more efficiently and if we move with them we will also understand how we can efficiently use our time.
    Instead of that if we move with people who never know the value of the time we will also never understand the
    time value and we will also start wasting time in gossiping and chitchatting.

    always confident

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    Peer group would be having different kind of people and there would be competitive feeling in between. So, one has to select those who are like minded and ready to help on mutual basis and then only a mutual learning relationship would evolve between the two. In some places the peer group might a large group and there one has to be choosy in making professional relations with a few of them.
    Knowledge is power.

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