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    In future do you believe bilateral talks create new ambience of peace?

    The world is going through seek and pardon sort of behavior from member countries and there are demand for talks to end the impasse and go for bilateral relations to improve the trade and economy. But egoistic leaders at the helm of affairs are not ready to budge but interested to over power with military strength and thus future seems to be bleak and cooperation between countries would be distant dreams and self safeguarding would be only way left for some countries which spoiled their every chance of good relations.
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    Faith and belief between the countries are important if peace is to be established between the two countries. But that is lacking these days. Even though discussions are going on, one can't keep silent. The nation has to make its arrangement for improving its military strength. Deceiving nature of nations is more these days. Political differences among the parties in the nation are also helping this. The political instability in the nation is also another factor for this. The party today in power is making an agreement and then next time another party may come into power and the party may not respect the agreement and may go for amendment. This uncertainty is making the situation uncertain.
    Actually, if we go for solving the problems with talks and maintaining peace. a loof money will be saved as there will not be many expenses on defence and those funds can be utilised for the development of the country and the nation will see new heights of development.

    always confident

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    We were in the habit of respecting the agreement if the same was the ultimate result of the talk between the two countries. However, this appears a thing of past and we can no longer believe such agreement because any point of time, a breach may take place causing instability of peace for both the countries. This situation allows us to strengthen the defence preparedness to tackle the situation. This can push up our expenditure relating to defence which could otherwise have been utilised on some constructive fronts for the better management of our economy.

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    Fools, must learn the definition of what truly defines a nation. It's people, and what defines a people their family. Unless we treat everyone as part of a larger family. Keep fighting and killing each other for the sake of your own poor egos. Peace is gained not granted. To achieve the true dharma one must work towards it not against it.

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    Peace can be achieved through bilateral talks only when intentions are honest and there is no element of greed underneath those talks. If someone is trying to grab something illegally and unethically from the other party then truce cannot be established. Both the parties should come down to same level of genuineness and openness if some good results are warranted. If there is no genuine will then even a large number of rounds of talks would not be of any avail.
    Knowledge is power.

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