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    Fruitless efforts for cricket

    From children to old aged people almost all and sundry seem to be crazy for cricket and are involved in it either actively or passively - some of the new comers are aspiring to have a career in cricket or some of them watch it for passing their time or some people play bet for fun or even gambling.

    I have also wasted my time in playing cricket and the result was big Zero. I, often, think if I had done so much hard work in any other game as I did for cricket I would have excelled a good leap. Time has taught me this lesson that today's youth should focus on other games/sports than cricket and should try their best to play, at least, state level games if not able to play at national level. They will secure their future easily, however, those who have extraordinary talent can try in cricket too but there is a cut throat competition at every level, only lucky players or having solid source can go forward.

    Since cricket is on top on priority against rest all games, even ministry of sports also prefers cricket to other games, so yourh don't go in other sports but in small number and this is why us despite having big population fail to win medals in Olympic games. Winning two- three medals is nothing for big India in comparison with several small countries winning many golds. India does not lack in talent but chunk of talent which can create history in other sports is lost in fruitless efforts for cricket.
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    It is the fact that cricket game is the craze of the nation and every one wants to play for the country and hardly 11 players are selected to the national team and those who are seniors and making performance would be retained anyways and thus there is nil scope for new comers. Having realized this the smaller format cricket has been introduced in that new faces are tried and tested. From the college league levels to the Ranjit trophy matches the local players and their immense talents in various fields of cricket watched. One thing is sure there has been too much politics in this game and those who are close to the ruling party and the powers that may be are likely to be benefited and we playing the game in the gullies are nothing but giving satisfaction of promoting the game in our own way and nothing more than that.
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    It is true that Cricket is the favourite game in India and many youngsters follow cricket as they would like to make it big in it. We know that the "Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI)" is the governing body for cricket in India and the richest sports authority or board in our country. When we compare with any other sports federation, it is very superior and rich that can help players, coaches, stadium, etc but when it comes to other sports, we have heard that they find it very difficult even to buy the very essential things like sports kit, food, travelling expense and even some who have won medals or cups for the country are left with nothing but have to struggle hard to make both ends meet.

    If the sports authority or council of our country do distribute funds equally or help other sports in the same way, many young talents will emerge, put in more effort and bring laurels for the country. What is the state of our national sport"Hockey", do they have good sponsors and other facilities? and other sports like Athletics, Football, Chess, Badminton, Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling, Volleyball, Gymnastics, etc where many have displayed their talents and won medals but does anyone remember them or know about their whereabouts? Until and unless our sports council allocate and give importance to other sports, we will find many youngsters focusing only on one sport and that is cricket and for the known reason - fame and money?

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    In India, there is a big craze for Cricket. Many young people want to get into this game. Many of the students will have a favourite cricket player and he will his motivating factor. They waste money and time on this game and finally, they will be lost in the competition somewhere. That will be a big blow to them and they may not find any alternative field for succeeding.
    There are many other areas and games which are not having competition. If we develop an interest in that area and work hard and focus on learning, you will be successful and you can grab the chances that will come in your way. The secret always lies in selecting the field which is having less competition.
    But in India, that attitude is not there in the youth. They always feel that cricket is the only game. That is why many people are wasting their time in this area only.
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    Cricket is an useless game. It does no good to the player or the viewer. It is rightly said that we Indians are spending our time wastefully in playing/watching games like cricket. Only a few people flourish and earn lavish money.

    Major countries like United States, China, France, Russia, Japan, Germany don't play cricket. We should follow these countries.

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    There is a craze for cricket in our country. It is not a recent phenomenon. I remember that when we had test matches then also people were crazy and that time TV was not there and radio was the only means to hear the commentary. At that time there was a good sale of small pocket transistor radios because of that craze. People had it in college, office, park, or anywhere they go and they listen to what happened in the game that day. So, this is an old addiction and now it has become so much commercialised that celebrities are connected with it in one form or other and it has become a much bigger craze for the young people. Commercialisation has brought much glamour to the game of cricket. There is so much money coming from the companies as advertisement charges and crazy people are even flying to different countries to see the match. For a common man it has nothing but he is glued to it because of his addiction.
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