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    Starting a new Competition thread here on ISc

    Hello members, we wish to start a new competition thread the best winners will ofcourse be rewarded. Will the admins clarify under which category will this competition be posted in.
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    Who is going to organize the competition Ryyu? Is it you, the Admin or the Editors? It's better to be specific about the idea.

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    Rewards by the admins tho!!!

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    ME means Managing Editor. If it is organized by you, it should be - Me.(All capitals is not encouraged by ISC).
    I have organized many contests at ISC. Generally, as experienced by me, for contests organized by individuals, ISC Admin won't reward or award. You can try your luck.

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    You can organise. SUN will be organising sometimes. Recently Umesh also started a contest where ISC told that they will consider points and CC for the best entries. The organiser may give virtual gifts to the winners. The same way you can do. Interested candidates will participate,
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    If good ideas come out of the mind, surely it can be implemented as contest and that can be converted in to competition with prize and rewards announced by the ISC. For that first discuss with the ME about your idea and then proceed upon given the nod.
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    Generally, contests would be organised time to time by ISC itself. Occasionally members would also add some contest from their side. If the contest is good and interesting and attracts many members then ISC in its discretion can convert it into an official contest also or just award some points and cc but it would be occasional and not as a routine. Sometimes, ISC will allow it to run but would not do any thing from its side and the member who has posted it has to send the virtual gifts or accolades from his side. Keeping these basic premises in mind one can definitely float a contest remembering that it should be creative and educational in its nature and should be a learning experience.
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    Place it in the appropriate category as per the concept. We do have a category of Competition Entries as well. Editors will check if it is appropriate and within the guidelines of the forum. If not, it will be deleted. There will be no rewards by the admin. This is done only once in a while for exceptionally good quality activities that a member may put up.

    Also, you have been instructed earlier to avoid short forms of words (tho, fem). The forum is not merely a platform for discussions but should be used in a constructive manner to improve writing and English skills. Using short forms of words the way it is done in WhatsApp messages, social media, etc acts as a hurdle for such improvement. Kindly avoid, too, using exclamation marks needlessly, that too multiple ones.

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