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    How to change stubborn attitude in children?

    As we give much pamper and importance to the first child the stubborn attitude also develops side by side as the child knows that the parents are habituated to listen to the tantrums and surely abide by what ever is demanded. This highhandedness would continue even if other child is born and the parents are now more concerned as the attention as to be increased on the first child than the second child. Some parents unable to contain the stubborn attitude of first child and what are the tips and suggestions to tame the child without beating or scolding methods.
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    The parents should explain to their children how they should conduct themselves. They should explain what is good and what is bad. We should not pamper them and at the same time, we should not put them in a very strict environment. Then only they will behave mature way as they grow up. What is the position of the family and how important is to treat elders respectfully etc., should be taught to them so that they will behave decently. Then only they how have to control themselves.
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    Once the children find that there are certain things that the parents agree after their insistence, they try those things repeatedly in future. It is human nature and children are no exception. They would try their best to get things done in their terms. At the same time if parents get tough the children would also change their ways. The main problem in this comes as to the affection of the parents towards the children and once that comes in between the child wins in the game of insisting and getting his demand met. So, parents have to make a balance of affection and hard hands in the family life.
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    It is very true that because of love and affection for the children, parents often loose the games and for the children it becomes a win - win situation. In order to tackle the stubborn child we should neither be too rude nor to lenient. We have to go in depth of the problem and without carrying any emotions, the stand taken by the parents should be made clear explaining the reason why such a decision is fitting in the present scenario. Not every time, their demands are to be met explains the specific reason for not acceding to their demands. The children would understand that moods of the parents if they are not flexible and such steps of the parents would surely help in managing their stubborn issues.

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    According to me, the stubborn attitude in children is coming only because of some continuous irritation advises and when somebody says often 'Don't do this, that'. In many houses either father or mother or both are by thinking themselves as strict, extracting the children, the children in turn got frustrated and irritated. In some houses parents feeling themselves as busy and no time to spare for children they left the children freely and they instead develop themselves in other manner.
    For developing stubborn attitude in them, some parents buy and give whatever they want. But according to me the stubbornness can get vanished by talking to them politely and with love.
    Over strictness leads the hiding, lying, stubbornness, adamant attitude in children. It is not controllable once created by us in them.

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    Ramachandran you made great observation that when we impose too much restrictions the children prove to be more stubborn.
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    Many parents are upset by the stubbornness of children and many do their hard work to correct them, but their stubbornness increases day by day. In such a situation, parents need to know why their child is stubborn. The main reason behind the child's stubbornness can be any physical problem, hunger, or drawing attention towards him. Apart from this, the stubbornness of the child can also be due to family surroundings, pampering, scolding, reprimanding, etc. All these reasons affect the mind of the children, due to which they start becoming stubborn. At the same time, some children have mental development so fast that they feel that they can do everything. Because of this, they insist on every small and big thing. It is prudent to understand the child based on his mental capacity because both more love and more restraint can make the child stubborn.
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    As per my view, this kind of behaviour develops due to either more pampering or more strictness in the children. First, Parents should try to know the reason of stubbornness. They should behave politely to know the reason of stubborn. To overcome stubborn, parents need to make understand their children. Oftentimes, children become stubborn because of loneliness as working parents have no time to take care of their children. So, children attitude like this. In such a situation, there is a great need for all parents to behave with children love and affection.

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