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    Does 10,000 rupees for each affected house in flood ravaged Hyderabad suffice?

    The devastating flooding of old city in Hyderabad is still continuing while five lakh exgratia has been announced for those who lost the lives and just now the TRS govt has announced 10000 rupees to each house which were damaged and in the slush of drain waters. While the deluge of big rain is yet to be cleared, today again big showers for hours together experienced and the people are having much more fear of increasing in water level into their homes. Do you think the mere 10000 would actually mitigate the people problems as many lost valuables, cars, two wheeler etc.
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    True. Rs.10.000/- is not sufficient for facing the problems that are experienced by the people of Telangana. But where from money will come to the government. But why the government failed in maintaining the infrastructure properly so that the city can withstand heavy rains. That question is to be answered by the government. Today giving some money and forgetting the development is never advisable.
    No improvement after TRS has taken over the ruling for roads development. Similarly no help to the poor to improve their lives. But only local political leaders developed more than anybody else.

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    The Govt will generally give some grant to the affected people and try to show a gesture to help them. The loss is much more and this little grant would be a small support only. The crux of the problem is the ill maintenance of crowded cities where there is no drainage and even if it is there it is clogged. So during rainy season in many cities we are having this type of problem. It is unfortunate that our municipalities are neither equipped to deal with such situations nor they have any willingness to keep the things in order. So the common men are suffering and Govt gives a token of some money to please them.
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    It is not sufficient, but nothing much can be done by the government. What I strongly recommend is - Every individual residing in their own house or in a rented house should have their house insured. It should be made compulsory like vehicle insurance. If done, in the event of natural calamities, the insurance company would pay for the loss of home and properties. This is the only way. All of us should think about this.
    The insurance amount can vary as per the area of the house. For one square feet Rs. 1/- per annum can be applied. Or as per the amount insured. Our government should start with a new insurance scheme to meet such natural calamities.

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    Drainage and its periodic cleaning is a big problem in our country specially in crowded towns. Many places there is no planning and town comes in existence before the sewer line and drainage are laid. Actually first of all the roads and other infrastructure should be prepared and then only people should be allowed to construct their houses. Town planning is an essential element in providing good infrastructure. Providing some monetary help is no solution.
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    In case of Hyderabad and old city the lanes and by lanes made the system worst as even rescue operations cannot be carried out due to no vehicle can go inside.
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