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    What is behind mysterious deaths of nuclear scientists.

    All the countries consider their nuclear scientists as coveted assets which they do not what to let go of or protect them in every possible way.

    In India, in past, a lot of nuclear scientists have either murdered or found dead but none of the murders have ever been solved, which shows a very deep conspiracy which has been kept out of public eyes.

    Interestingly as per the Indian Government data during a stint of 3 years a total of 9 scientists and engineers have died only at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) out of which 2 have been termed suicide and the rest remain 'unexplained'.

    Even Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha also called the "father of Indian Nuclear program" and founder of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research also perished in a plane crash, just after 13 days after Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri demise. There are theories that the CIA was involved in both cases of eliminating Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Dr. Homi Bhabha, which is never confirmed.

    What is more bothering is the unresolved cases of nuclear scientists murder and the silence of the Government and media over such cases. These scientists are the most prized assets any nation can have but the way their lives are handled is a matter of deep concern.

    A simple Google search will show stories which one may not be able to digest as to how and why our scientists are treated this way.
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    A simple but bitter truth. People who stand for truth and truth alone, are not accepted well by the ones in power. They crave nothing but truth, but the ones in power do not want this. They wish to exploit the talent for their own selfish gains. Regardless of wether the community benefits from it or not.

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    True. We are losing many scientists especially in nuclear field we are hearing many such cases.
    When I was working for my PhD, another two were also working under the same guide. All the three of us got our degrees with in 6 to 10 months difference.
    After that I joined industry, one person went to the USA. The third one joined in a government organisation where he has to work with nuclear science systems. After 3 or 4 years working there, he died. The reason for the death is not known. But some close family members told me that his blood got reacted with nuclear radiations and resulted in death. As a matter of fact when a person is asked to work with radiations he has to undergo some health checkups. Only persons suitable health wise only to be continued. If there is any gap in this it may result in death. My friend's case is one such case. Like this there may be reasons which can't be divulged to public.

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    Until unless the real reason for the death is confirmed and found out by the investigating agencies, it is difficult to conclude anything in these matters. It is not only the nuclear scientists but there are many educated people who are dying in mysterious conditions and we do not know the real truth behind that. In many industries and research organisations we have heard the stories of suicide or unnatural deaths but we do not know the actual reason for that so till that time only conjecturing would be there to speculate whatever one feels right.
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    As said by the author and other members the nuclear scientists are the asset of our country and they need to be given highest security even more than the politicians. They should be kept under the Z plus security and no body should be allowed to intervene and discuss with them except the Defense Minister and the Prime Minister. But it is astonishing to learn that many nuclear scientists are either murdered or killed and the real reasons not yet established. Surely it should be the handiwork of the enemy countries which are surrounded by our country and they are having sleepless nights as to India is having nuclear capability and though we are saying that we will not use the nuclear power as first and that cannot be hard and fast rule when our country faces the hostile and urgent actions at the border abetting enemy countries.
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    This should not be a surprise. Wherever the ground and access is willingly provided to USA and their masters, there are always such things happening. Anyone who dares to stand up against their greedy motives face troubles. I am not saying this, they themselves say it openly. Obama said they would twist the arms of those nations who don't do what they like. Trump says he has got control of the oil in east Syria, and will not give it to the Syrians. His FM says they lie, cheat, steal. Time to wake up!

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