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    Is the education system in our country going in progress

    Is the education system in our country is going upward or it is still depressing the creativity of young and little minds. In our country where there is given a stress on students till now for studying the limited subject will there any growth in mind of young and little minds. The child in our country is still bound by his/her parents to choose his/her career. The admission are further given only on the basis of marks. Less use of cretive activities isn't depressing the future of our country.
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    Education is one area where we have gradual progress and newer methods are being incorporated in it. I think our present system is far better than the earlier and the new syllabus are technology and science oriented. There is still much to be done as this is a big area and there are implication of doing certain reforms in education sector and only after considering all pros and cons changes are introduced.
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    Surely the education sector in our country needs total revamp as the child studies routine things which are no way connected to the career in future and even in the college the courses offered are not Industry friendly and thus for the sake of having a qualified degree parents seems to be sending the wards to the educational institutions but expect good campus interview recruitment. The curricula designed were old and not even changed periodically. The new activities, the new rules imposed and experienced by the people does not have the mention. For example the demonetization was the biggest challenge and chance taken by the Modi govt to cleanse the system from black money and how far it was successful and succeeded need to be mentioned in the present school studies.
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    Sahil, welcome to the ISC forum and wish you a nice creative journey here. You have raised an interesting issue which of course we have discussed umpteen number of times but it deserves a fresh look every time. We all know that education is the core of a society and nation. It is a necessary thing for the growth of the people and development of the country. The question comes as what type of education we should provide to our young generations that they become an integral part in the nation development. We require all sort of people to run the systems and it is imperative that all sort of educational courses are required. Further, the children are to be exposed to the basics of many areas so that they can select later something of their choice from it to make a career. The problem today is that though we have a robust educational system in place but we do not have a commensurate employment opportunity for that and that is the greatest challenge today. Education is only a path for making a carer and livelihood but unfortunately that is not happening.
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    Education system in our country has to address the needs of the industry in the country and the educational institutions should supply properly trained manpower to the industry. It may be service sector or manufacturing sector, it requires manpower for manning their works. They look for people who are suitably trained. Unfortunately the present education is not training the students in that direction. The new education policy that is in offing may be a little better and may address the needs to some extent. But the question is how strictly that system will be implemented.
    As a matter of fact there is a large distance between the hand and the mouth. The food in the hand is not sure of reaching the mouth. There may be many spillages. Similarly the system proposed and handed over may be good. But how strictly the system will be executed is to be seen.

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    I think our education system is improving but it is still not in its best. Today, there are still many issues and concerns that fail to be addressed. Although there is progress, I still think that more work can be done to make it better for the future generations.

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    With the introduction of NEP, probably it's going to change. But isn't it something which we have been hearing since the last few decades? We surely don't know 'when' its gonna change. The future of NEP being ' implemented ' in schools is not known yet. Overall, I think people should stop hyping certain streams and certain entrance examinatons. let the child find where he fits the bits well.

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