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    Are we living in a polarized world?

    Whether you are staying in a small village or in a renowned city, you will find a peculiar phenomenon – things are mostly discussed in terms of us and them. The same thing is visible in politics and there is very less harmony among the groups. As if two forces are always at loggerheads and opposing each other. Politics all over the world is also the same. Things are decided by a few powerful nations and the rest are either their followers or oppose their moves. It's even visible in many families and it may look like people are engaged in a game where there are two teams and the rest are supporters. There is always a polarization and people will either go for one group or the other. I wonder, instead of 'we' why it's always us and them? Is it so difficult to understand that it creates a division among people which is not letting us live in harmony? When we talk of peace and stability, when we talk of equal rights for all we should not encourage any kind of division in any aspect but what we experience is just the opposite. Members, what do you say?
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    There is no doubt that we are living in a polarised world. Everywhere, we find division on the basis of religion, region, and color. Unfortunately, the divisions are increasing. This is a new normal and we have to live with it.
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    The world was like that from day one. Only thing is that in earlier times people were living in their own areas and were not interacting with the outside world as there was no communication between them. Some kingdoms having good army and resources went to other lands and invaded them and made them slaves and looted their property and forced their culture on them. This way some cults became powerful and those who were week surrendered to them. These powerful kingdoms were also having differences among them in terms of religion, culture, and other life style related things. Those differences are still there and though we are technologically advanced but from that matter we are still as barbaric and shrewd as our ancestors were. So the world was polarised since beginning and it is still maintaining its diversity.
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    The world is getting polarized and it is the fact that even big countries like America only two groups would be there and people have to chose between them. For example in politics India has been witnessing two groups essentially. One lead by BJP and its allies, and the other group held by Congress and its supporting parties. And one more thing to be noted here that even the third force was started and tested, it was not liked or supported by the people and thus in future the elections would be held with this polarization happening. There may be splinter and dissent parties which may walk out of the two big opposites, but the fact remains that these two big parties can alone prove to be alternatives to each other and the tiff would be always be going on between them to assert their supremacy in many issues of national importance.
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    Due to different religions, ideologies, and background, different groups of people think themselves as different from other groups. This creates a situation of conflict and confrontation and two distinct groups are apparently formed. As people have no patience to live cordially these groups fight with each other and the irony is that each group feels that it should be the leader and other group should follow it.
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    Polarization is something very natural, even the earth has North and South pole. Humans are polarized because their mind is nurtured in that way. Only a child and some realised person may show equality to all but rest will always be biased and divided in their opinions, likings, thinking, taste, language, behaviour, culture, religion, upbringing, demography and so many more factors.

    We are complex and our understanding of ourselves is very limited. Whatever we achieve, we start to compare it with others and believe ourselves to be better or worse from others. Creating a difference by comparison is what is taught to us from childhood. Till the time we are believing that what we know or have us better than others, this fight and division will remain forever.

    Polarization is not going anywhere, we will come and go. It's now more evident as we have means of communication as well as World wide reach in an instant. We want to use each and every one for our own selfish benefits and for that we divide and create difference.

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    It is correct. The ruling party and the opposition party. Some minor parties support the ruling party and some may support opposition party. Always the discussion between them will be we and they only. This is ours but not theirs. This is the discussion that goes on always. This is the beginning of differences. If all are on one side' there may no be any difference of opinions and there may not be any wars. The work wars also happened like a hat only. It is an ideal situation to have a uniform thought process and all will. Work without any differences. But practically it may not be possible. At least if people adopt live and let live police it will be good for the nation. But even that is also not happening. One will be always thinking about showing his supremacy and making the other side weak. This attitude should go.Then only we can see a better environment here in the world.
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