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    Do you visit your profile on India Study Channel?

    Our profile is displayed on the India Study Channel (ISC). The profile is created by us. Whenever there is an interesting post by any member, some of the members are likely to visit the profile of that member to know about him. The editors and management also visit members' profiles on some purpose related to ISC. Longtime back, I happened to visit my profile for some reason and was surprised to find that some members who were never active on ISC on the list of visitors. This created some interest and I was visiting my profile regularly. Recently, I found that one peculiar member not active on ISC visiting my profile for his or her own reasons. Members, do you have any such experience?
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    After postings and responses done in this site, I would visit my profile and refresh the points and earnings to find any changes or additions. Then I go for the people who visited my profile and found that new members, editors do often visit my profile for their own work. But it is the fact that we have to keep a eye on our profile as who is visiting and for what purpose. As regards the author apprehension that some one who is not a member of ISC has been visiting his profile and that proves the author has been making some mentions in critical matters to which heated discussions are going on and since our writings appear on the internet, probably some one interested in the author would have been checking the new contents about them. This could be the valid reason for someone unknown person visiting the author profile.
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    Can a non member visit the profile of the members? I am not sure on that. Anyway, occasionally I visit my profile for my updates on payments and my contributions etc and then I find some known members and editors visiting my page, which I think is a normal thing but I have not seen any unknown person visiting it. If an unknown person or non member visits it then we do not know what is in his mind and what information he is after.
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    Yes, I do visit my profile once in a while and see visits by members and editors. Usually visits are by members who respond to your threads and by editors to know your joining and contribution status to this site.

    Many times se totally new members do visit as the thread posted may arouse a interest in their mind to know more about the author and his/her background. Yes profile visit by members in case of any heated exchange on any thread is for sure as mentioned by Mohan sir. It's usually the human curiosity that compels us to know more about other and new members are the most curious one. So any random visit is not actually random but your contribution pulling attention.

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    I have not mentioned that a non-member visited my profile. A member who is not active at ISC.
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    I rarely visit my profile and sometimes I visit other's profile when they win any awards or badges. I don't feel excited when members visit my profile.

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    I am not a regular visitor of my profile page. Even though I visit my profile page I never viewed the list of visitors. For the first time after reading this post I have seen my profile and he list of visitors. As mentioned by the author some unknown members visited my profile. One new member who joined the site very recently also visited for profile page. The list is showing the names of the visitors during this month. I noticed many familiar names also in the list. But many new members who are not active on the site also visited my profile.
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    I visit my profile regularly to update my earnings. Other members visit our profile pages whenever they find something interesting in the author's message, or if there was any controversial issues from that member. Mr. Timmy John regularly visit the profile of members who are in receipt of RSB and Monthly payments to add money. Whenever a member receives some awards, their profile is visited by the Editors.
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    Only members can visit our profile on the ISC. I can understand active members visiting other profiles. A non-active member visiting the profile is one thing I am unable to understand. Probably as Mr. Mohan suggested, they are interested as my comments attracted their attention. There is nothing they can learn from visiting one's profile.
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    I visit my profile on a daily basis, I found some author who visited my profile mostly every day, some new members also visited here. When I visit my profile I used to check each and every tab like - contribution, visitors, messages, etc.
    I believe we should check our profile at least one time in a day.

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