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    Our earnings are like Baba Black Sheep.

    I was observing the broad categorisation of my earnings and expenses and somehow 'Baba Black Sheep' poem came to my mind and the earnings and the expense are categorised as below:

    One for my master (Government)
    One for my dame (Family)
    One for the little boy who lives down the lane (Me), if anything remains.

    What poem you can relate to when it comes to earning and expenses.
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    Nicely compared. If you divide your income into three parts maximum up-to one part will go as taxes in different forms. Got high income group it may be a little more than one third of the total will go as tax.
    As mentioned by the author another part may go for the expenses in which our personal expenses may also get covered. If we stay in a rented house or if we have pay EMI for house that third part may go for that. Otherwise from that some portion will go for other expenses and the remaining will be a saving.
    This classification will be more pertinent to salaried class or middle class people. For rich people the allocation may be different and for poor there may not be much towards the master. Master will give them some money from what he gets from the other people. They may have family expenses and expenses for self from their earnings or what they received from government.

    always confident

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    So nice and it happens to everyone. The earnings does not suffice the need of many and expectations are more of good earnings and for the salaried class the expenses are ready to be met even before the salaries given in the hand or through the bank transfer. The taxes to government goes automatically, the provisions for grocery, medicines has to be kept and little provision for contingencies has to be kept. Nevertheless the middle class in India cannot save money for future as the existence is hand to mouth life with so many children and their studies literally make the parents run for loans and other adjustments. So the rhyme song suits to everyone irrespective of region or state as everyone are sailing in the same boat. Only a windfall gain would bring happiness and saving for future to us. And that will not happen at all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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