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    Trusting someone is a big decision specially in todays greedy world..

    It is said that It is very easy to break someone's trust, but it takes a long time to win that trust.

    To whom the most a person can trust in life -
    On god? There is no measure to measure that trust!
    On parents? Who can be trusted more than them? They give birth, nurture, read and write and prepare to enter the battlefield of life.
    On the doctors? Whenever someone gets sick and goes to a doctor with intense pain, who trusts them more than the doctor? It remains in his mind that the doctor will do his checkup, prescribe medicine and after taking the medicine, all the disease and pain will disappear.

    By the way, there are many more relationships and professions tied to the door of trust, such as the relationship of husband, wife, siblings, and deep friends… teachers, etc. But if this belief is to be broken?
    In a world full of greed, how can we trust in others?
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    This entire world will be conducting on the mutual faith each of us having on the other. We sit in a plane having faith on the pilot whom we never know. A child eats whatever the mother feeds with a trust in her mother. Like this many things will happen with trust only. But these days trusting others is becoming very diff Inuktitut.This is due to the actions some mischievous persons who deceive the public. This process of deceiving will start with the politician who make unreliable promises and deceive public. When we witness many unwanted occurrences we will loose trust on the system itself. To build faith trust takes a long time but losing it is instantaneous sometimes.
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    Trust or faith is the most important thing in a relationship and if it is not there the relationship will be ruined. At the same time we cannot have blind trust on anyone however near and dear that might be to us. If someone is extending a friendly hand towards us then we should know the motive behind that. If there is no hidden motive and it is only for a good friendship then accepting that is no issue. The world is full of greedy and cheats and we have to identify and ignore them when they try to be friendly with us. Sweet words are not to be taken as granted for the sweet character.
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    Author has touched a very relevant topic which remains unanswered and will remain so for a long time. Greed is such a mischievous emotion that it takes over every other emotion we have. When greed captures your mind it does not see any ethics, morals, relations, or any other promises or trust. Even written documentation fails when greed is ruling one's mind.

    Greed always arises once necessities are met and mostly those with enough resources are more greedy about having more than those with modest means.

    It's not only difficult but impossible to trust anyone with their promise. Trusting someone to do their job is one thing but reposing one's trust in them fully is a foolish thing to do. My own personal experience is a bitter one and I trusted a friend whom I knew for over 15 years but everything went down the drain once greed took over. Once things took a good shape and inflow started the friend showed his true colours.

    My experience is a bitter one but still I expect better people to exist in this World. So, you should do good and leave the rest for the almighty to take care of.

    Keep your trust on others but never blindly, even your own blood relatives.

    Live before you leave.

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    Trust and belief goes hand in hand. We have to trust someone or the other so that the process of life goes on. Trust is the biggest challenge for everyone . We say God is there or not, but we have immense trust in God as we are benefited through the sooth saying and good happening during the bad days. That is the trust in God. We trust our parents immensely and take their word for granted because no parent want their child to be backward than others and that compromising quality of putting their wants next and child wants first itself proves that parents have to be trusted for our goodness. Coming to the doctors, they are God to us. If a doctor attend to our ailment and make us good and going, we feel he was God sent and the trust reposed was immense. And lastly teacher, as she not only gives the best education but also shows the way of life and that is great trust build.
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    Trust can be built mutually but many times in life, we are bound to trust others. Doctors are the most common example. If we go for treatment, we have to trust the concerned doctor and follow the procedures whatever is asked by him or her. In the case of relations, trust is something that built up gradually by the time we spend with another person. We learn about them, their habits, their thoughts, etc. That made us trust him or her. In Hindi, there is a phrase, "Hum Bhale to Jag bhalaa", which means, we are good, the world is good.

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    Trust is not the one way process but it is established on mutual basis. Once such a relationship develops, it becomes difficult to discontinue the same. Relationship between the child and the mother, relationship between the doctor and patient, relationship lawyer and client etc are some of the best examples indicating the best bondage. However, we have seen some fatalities due to some prescription of the doctor resulting in loss of life. Such a consequence was not perceived by the patient. Similarly the child does not mind the quality of food offered by his mother, though the food create food - poising. Relationship is due to their mutual trust without having doubt of betrayal from the other side.

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