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    The value of Books in today's digital era.

    It is said that 'Books are our real friends'. But this is not visible in the current scenario. We are so lost in the use of mobile, TV, social media that we are far from our best friends. No one can lie about this fact that in the last few years the demand for books has decreased wildly.

    There could be two reasons- the first is the declining book love of readers and the second is the demand of the market. If I believe both the reasons are related among themselves. The book love is decreasing only then the market is lacking.

    Nowadays mobile phones, tabs, computers or the Internet have taken the place of books. Today everything is being found online in one click, even more than what is required, why would anyone look at books? Obviously, books are losing their relevance.

    But we must also believe that erasing its existence will not be so easy. No matter how much we become dependent on online or Google, but books will not leave us. Technology may have revolutionized it, but even today it is the most powerful medium for the exchange of our ideas.

    Elder elders always say that a human being should always read something and must learn something every day. Books are a companion of solitude even in the era of the Internet.
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    Books are very important. These days also we use many books. Of course, we may be using a digital version of the book rather than a physical copy of the book. These days we will have copies of many important books in soft form and many may be using those digital books.
    Yes. As mentioned by the author we slowly reducing the usage of the physical form of books. That is one way good. The consumption of paper will come down and that will help in reducing the cutting of trees. That will lead us to a better environment and we will be safe here on this earth.
    But some people are not getting adjusted easily to these digital systems for reading the books and that is creating some problems for them. But slowly the percentage of such people is reducing and in a few years, we may find a further reduction in the usage of physical books.
    But we should not give up reading habit and we should continue and improve our reading habits. You may read a physical version of the book or digital version, but reading is very important.

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    Rightly said by the author. To some extent, we have forgotten to use books in the digital world. Due to pandemic, the consumption of paper has become very less for the last six months. Most of the people using computer, mobile and tablet for fulfilling all requirement. They have gone far away from the use of a physical form of a book. Only a few old people prefer to read books. But, books are important and we should not forget its importance.

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    Book reading habits are on a decline and there are many reasons for that. The main is that people are getting all their answers in the internet earlier which they were searching in the books. Second point is that very few people have patience to read a book completely. It requires time as well as inclination. I remember, there was a time when we used to yearn and crave for books as they were only available in a library and everyone was not able to afford them to purchase and read. Today many are available free and for some cheaper kindle versions are available. So, facilities have increased in this area and one can get the digital form of book easily specially the classics which are absolutely free. Despite all the points we have discussed, I personally feel that a physical book has its own charm. You can read it anywhere without bothering for the battery of your mobile or other such constraints.
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    In this age of digitisation when everything is available on our fingertips, people are losing interest in books and instead, gadgets are preferred for seeking information and knowledge. In the technological world where information is easily available, books can't be ignored.

    Books become companion when no one is around. They fill us with information and enlighten us with knowledge and wisdom. Taking book into the hand, turning pages and marking your interesting lines is something that only books provide. Feeling the enticing design and cover page of a book provides a different sensation. One doesn't feel the threat of radiation while going through a book.

    One can't ignore the importance of electronic gadgets and the information receiving through the internet but we should develop the habit of reading books despite the fact information is 'bombarded' through the internet.

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    Even though we are in digital world, there is still good demand for books and book reading. Though online books are available to be read, the satisfaction of reading the book on hand is always enjoyable and cherished. But more than that what I feel that if we read a book again and again, we not only read it fast but also get to know the meaning differently and that would be very enchanting experience. I bet many will not go to the internet and read the books though much publications and periodicals are available, But when a book is kept in the shelf, we are always tempted to read it again and again. Books are the treasures of our life and understanding and those who have the books of collections, they gain wisdom of good understanding others because the contents of thus studied would make them behave.
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    The use of books has been lesser and lesser during the recent times but still whenI have to see some authentic resource I prefer books. My core subject was psychology and if there is something that I want to refer I go back to my old text books.
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