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    Find your own qualities.

    God has given many qualities to all people. Except for certain qualities, all remain in a sleeping state. We do not know about the qualities that are awakened. Yes, sometimes these qualities are revealed in childhood, but it does not happen in everyone. We need to get information to find out about our qualities. While getting information, a topic will come where your interest will be awakened.

    Understand your talent and practice in it, because talent is useless without practice. As you practice, your talent will grow.
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    Nicely said by the author as we have to constantly explore our own hidden talent and qualities to our own use or for the purpose of others. In this regard I wish to bring the greatness of Lord Hanuman. He has the boon to get stronger, taller, shorter and even broader at the very thought. But he has the curse and that makes him to forget his own great hidden talent and strength. If someone praises him or rake him up to pin point that he can do it, he can achieve, surely he gets into bigger mode. So his entire achievement during the Ramayana proves that he is the strong person be believed as the great friend, he is the strong person to lead a army towards victory, he was the strong person to be right and left of Rama and Lakshmana. And above all Hanuman was articulate in talking the sense with limited words and great meaning and that was greatest talent.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One should realise himself first. Self-realisation is very important. What are our strong points? Where we have to work hard to improving our expertise? These points are to be understood and we have to act accordingly. Sometimes we don't know what are our plus points. When an occasion comes and we work positively only, we can understand the same.
    A good example is Hanuma. He never knows what was his full strength. Somebody has to remind him about his strengths. Then only he used to understand. When the army of Sugreeva came to the seashore and decided that one has to cross the sea, there was a big discussion and finally, all believed that Hanuma was the correct person. He was mentored and he crossed the ocean and met Sita and conveyed the news to Rama. We will have many people like this who never know what is their plus or minus points.
    So we all should take some time and analyse ourselves and decide the areas where we a strong grip. This will make us successful in our lives.

    always confident

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    In this regard, I would like to say that psychological tests play an important role here. It is especially the responsibility of our education system to identify the qualities in the person from his/her childhood. But the problem is, counselling like programs have not yet been given the priority in the Indian education system. As we know that demand creates supply as a simple economic rule, therefore if the demand for such tests increases shortly, the more standardized and quality increment will be observed.
    I tried to turn the direction of this discussion from philosophical to psychological aspects to give it a new dimension. Hope, it was worth discussing.

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