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    All plants cannot be strong trees of future

    While going through the main roads of Hyderabad, I could witness many plants which were planted few months back in the road meridian has grown to a respectable height as trees were uprooted or fallen flat due to heavy winds and wind. The soil grip in the road meridian is not that strong to hold the tree from the vagaries of nature and thus the very idea of having planted so many trees during the green Hyderabad program seems to be farce. Therefore I felt all the p;ants cannot become strong tree in future if the soil is loose.
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    You are right Mohan, all plants can't be trees. All persons can't be great. There may be many reasons for this. There are some plants which will be like plants only and they can't become big trees. That is the nature of the plants. Many flower plants will be like plants only and will not survive for many years. Some plants will become trees and live for years together. We have seen some trees which are more than 100 years of age and no cyclone can uproot such trees. But some plants will get uprooted easily. The condition of the soil, the type of the plant and its structure will decide this. A banana plant will give fruits one time only and then it will die. That is the nature of the banana tree.
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    The author is absolutely right that all plants can not be as strong as trees in the future. There is no set time for the tree to become huge. Sometimes some trees take more time and some become trees in less time, it is determined on the species of that tree. Some plants grow quickly and some very slowly. The order of growth is decided by many factors, but the price is both for the trees and also for the plants. In the same way in human life, every quality has its own value.
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    The plants which are sown in road meridian grow fast as trees and also gives good oxygen cover but they are not strong to withstand the wind.
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