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    Age and retirement life is no barrier for learning

    There is a general concept and feeling in the minds of the people that once one is retired from active service then that is the end of one's professional and active life and after that learning anything is not of much use as it would be no way connected with any promotion or raise in the career. Most of the people would say that now they are retired and getting aged also and hence they would take rest, pray God, and pass their time like that. So far so good but if one is keeping a good health then there is no reason why one should escape from new learnings and adding to ones knowledge in that phase of life. Everything we do is not for making money or getting a raise in life. Sometimes we also do some activities out of interest and curiosity for learning new things. What do the members think about this?
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    Retirement is for work but not for learning. There is no age where we can say we can't further learn. We can learn till the last breath of our life. This is the fact and we have many instances where it was proved. In Kerala, a lady who is aged more than 90 years attended the Class X examination and passed successfully.
    My father is 88 years and now he is translating SundaraKanda from Sanskrit to Telugu and he is writing one poem for every sloka in Sanskrit. Like this many of us may have many examples to believe this. One should not think that he/ she is aged and there is no further chance to learn. We can read books and we can learn new points from those readings.
    We see many old people who are handling smartphones very happily without any problem. That indicates that they have an interest in learning. My grandfather started writing poems in Telugu at his 60th year and he published 4 books in a span of 4 years.

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    Nicely said by the author. as age and retirement should not deter anyone to learn further and explore new avenues of life. One has to learn something, just because it may interest to know new things. Normally elders have the inclination to learn new things either to benefit them or to help others. They will not feel shy to learn something new and would ask for clarification and how to go about. I have seen many elders who have not seen the computer in life has now started typing letter by letter and trying to communicate with their grand children abroad and thought they are not good at using the smart phones, they do feel accustomed to use the desk top computers. So learning is the continued process for everyone and elders have huge opportunities as they have plenty of time and patience to go about.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Learning means not only education but any topic or matter we can take here. Avvaiyar, Tamil poet said,'Kalvikku karaiyila' which means no banks for education. Poet Kabirdas told ,'I have many Guru in my life'. Replied to people asking with wonder as,'I am learning
    many things from many persons daily'. Nowadays many small children know well to handle mobiles than elders. So for better learning a thing interest and involvement are necessary rather than age.

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    Learning is not restricted to a certain age group. Anyone can learn things interesting to a person. Retirement is only for dull people. People retire from departments, not from the work they are interested in. There are endless opportunities for a retired person where a person can serve and keep working and gaining experience.

    The trend to retire from work is outdated and those who love to work always remain active for the new opportunities. Retirement is not the end of life. It is the new innings to prove one's capability that one has acquired through years of experience serving in a particular department. Those who retire from departments can serve people in different ways.

    Suppose a retired teacher can help students and teach them as a senior faculty in a private school. He can also serve as a counsellor and guide students for prospects in different academic subjects. An only positive approach is needed to set the passion rolling.

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    Learning process should go on even after retirement and this process would help them to pass their time without any stress. Instead of gossiping with their friend circles, hobby of indulgence with a new assignment would provide them thrills. If they have strong fundamentals in Physics, they can go ahead with such hobbies and they can take up coaching in this field clearing the concepts of learners. This will provide them immense satisfaction apart from generation of money proportional to their efforts. Not necessarily, it would be a full time engagement, they can devote their time to the extent they are comfortable. Similarly any work can be persued for which they have inclinations. Even they can try cooking so as to have a thrilling experience in cookery.

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    Passion for a particular field and humbleness creates a great impact to enhance one's knowledge at any point of time during the lifespan of any individual. We may not know when the clock strikes twelve, to bringforth fortune and fame into our paths of life. Attempt is a necessary action to be followed by every individual, come what may. Yearning to quench the thirst for knowledge can never be a single person's asset. It is spread around the world like the fragrance of the flowers. Keep learning, enjoy life.
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    Rightly said by the author. There is no age bar for learning. Everyone can learn till last breath. Retirement means you are retiring from work, not from learning. Learning is a lifelong process. I heard in the news that 80 years old people got PhD degree. I also started learning a bicycle at the age of 35. Learning has no connection with age. People should have interest and curiosity for learning something. Age doesn't matter. It completely depends upon you in what way you would like to spent your retired Life. There are different notion of people about retired life. Some people take it as a rest in life whereas, some people take it as an opportunity.

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    People have set the age of learning anything themselves. Such as studies - writing, driving or cycling, learning swimming, etc. For all these, we have this belief that if we learn them in the initial stages, then with the increasing age, the scope of learning them decreases. But still, there are people in the world who do not let the desire to learn inside them die and learn new things at such a stage of age which becomes an inspiration for others. He/she learns who considers himself incomplete. No one knows when the need for which knowledge is required in the path of life. There is no need to find a learning opportunity. The one who has the hunger to learn learns something from each person and every event. Knowledge has neither a limit nor an en
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    Most of the people stop learning when they are in their mid careers thinking that they have done enough and now that is the end to it. But professional people generally learn throughout their lives as they also have a choice of becoming consultant or something like that even after their retirement from the active service life. So it varies from person to person but it is true that if there is a will there is a way. Age is no barrier.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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