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    BrahMos missile test-fired successfully.

    These days DRDO has become very active under the leadership of Dr Satish Reddy, the chief of DRDO and Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister. The defence establishment successfully tested various missiles and the results are very satisfactory.
    On Sunday the 18th October 2020, DRDO test-fired the supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos which has been developed jointly by India and Russia in India and the performance was very encouraging. This test was carried out at INS, Chennai. This 290 Km range missile is having three varieties that can be fired from land, air and water.
    I congratulate DRDO for its achievements and I hope that they will continue their excellent work and bring many more weapons to the defence of India. I hope all the members of ISC will join me in congratulation the Scientists of DRDO for success.
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    This is the good news that India has been embarking on such mission and needs which would keep the country safe from external forces and for that new technologies need to be tested and kept ready and good that Brahmos test fired successfully. As the threat from China has been very nearing and India needs to brace up the Military preparedness amidst the corona infections spread across the country. Nevertheless India already have strategic partnership with US, France, Australia and Japan and these countries are readily doing the military exercise at the Arabian sea and thus China has been put under constant check. Over and above US top Ministers are coming to India next week to sign defense pact so that India would be made much stronger and more confident in terms of dealing with China in case of war erupts.
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    Yes, this is a moment of pride for India and Indians. BrahMos will ensure the invincibility of the battleship by hitting long-range as a 'prime strike weapon'. BrahMos is jointly designed, developed, and manufactured by India and Russia. In times of border tensions with China, India is strengthening its powers. In this episode, the country has got a big success on Sunday. The BrahMos will ensure the invincibility of warships by aiming at long-range naval surface targets as prime strike weapons. The naval indigenous stealth destroyer INS was targeted from Chennai in the Arabian Sea. Earlier, the Defense Research and Development Organization test-fired the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile on 30 September in Chandipur, Odisha.
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    Any news that is related to the defence of our country and showcasing its strengthening position in South East Asia region is a welcome news. We have to periodically do these military exercises and tests to show the world that India is not a meek and tolerating country but it can also strike back against any aggressive or offending move towards its boundaries by any external force in the region.
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    While we think and talk about love and peace, I don't understand why should we think about Missiles and firings. We are wasting our time to create destructive things. Why not we try hard to bring love and peace to everyone's mind. Let us invent something for the betterment of humanity, not for the destruction of mankind.

    However, I am happy that our efforts never failed to achieve success. Testing and firing a missile successfully has become a way of life.

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