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    What are the benefits of Mars and Moon mission?

    The space missions all around the globe are timely conducted to get the technological up-gradation in the terms of network, mapping, defense, and many other such works for the nation's importance. Amidst such programs comes the Mars and Moon missions that are not only the subjects of scientific curiosity but of the nation's pride and prowess too. I don't have much knowledge of the subject but keeping launching satellites program aside, these Mars missions are mainly performed for the signs of lives over the planet. In the quest to find the new planet many million dollars are being spent all around the globe and India is not an exception too. I don't know for sure if these programs are beneficial that much the preferences are given to them mainly for developing countries. Yes, India has done some tremendous work, and due to its cost-effective programs, she can be a market leader in having other nations launched their spacecraft. But having said that, as a world community whole, should we deploy so much money to the programs to find a new planet, or are these programs having some long term benefits I am not aware of?
    Kindly discuss.
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    This is mainly due to the urge to quench the scientific curiosity specially by the countries which are prosperous and can deploy resources for such explorations. The scientific community is always struggling to get answers to some of the mysterious questions which are still posing a challenge and are under the scientific quest. These questions are - Is there similar life on any other cosmic body specifically planets some of which are thought to be conducive for some life form, not necessarily like ours? Can humans survive on some other planet where situations are more and less favourable or can be artificially created with the machineries taken from Earth? What is the size of Earth and till how far we can access? So, all these programs are only to know these things and are strictly of research and scientific nature. The question whether it is worth to spend so much on it instead of improving the conditions or poor and downtrodden on Earth is a social question and a conscious decision can always be taken to stop all these expensive and long term expenditures.
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    The main aim of mars and moon mission which currently being carried by many forward countries across the world proves that there is shortage for land in this earth and need for housing and infra is growing. Besides the forests and water bodies are enroached to pave way for housing projects and in this situation there is a need for alternate source of living and thus scientists want to know how the mars and moon would be suitable for the human being living, whether the planets has the oxygen, water and construction material as sooner or later a colony would be set up to start a new way of living. But that would be distant dream for the common man as the space travel upto moon and mars would takes many days and we are not habituated to such space borne for long days without meeting anyone,
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    It is a fun doing such things to keep our scientists busy. It creates lot of employment to Scientists, Engineers and others. It is a criminal wastage of the tax payers money on such things that is not going to help the mankind in anyway.
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    The Scientific community is always struggling to know whether there is life on any other planet like that is there on the earth. Many experiments and explorations are being carried out by this scientific community. The aim of these studies to establish their supremacy there also. They feel that they have a good grip on this mother earth. Now the same grip they want to get on the moon, Mars and other planets. If they find an atmosphere similar to earth and if there is any water on any of the planets, they will try to establish a life there. I feel this is one of the major points of their study. Another point is to know whether they can understand anything about the other planets by establishing a space centre on the moon or Mars. They may find new angles of other stars and planets by establishing new space centres from there.
    One thing is true that there is no end for the quest of the human being to know more and more about the universe. They may try their best to know whether there is any human habitation on any parts of any other planet,

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    Sun how can you say that it is the fun activity for the scientists to keep them busy. By the very character they are supposed to invade, intrude and make find what is happening in the world not visited by anyone so far.. And the space scientists are having immense pressure from the developing countries to look for alternative stay for the mankind once the world would become brim full and no more staying possible. So the space mission is one of the high profile work of scientist who sometimes work as the group from all the countries and sometimes work on their own to break the ice in the field.
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    The single largest proven benefit from these programs are the sustenance of livelihoods of the many people associated with them. There have been many theories and ideas about various space programs and there are hardly any validated proofs from the science side. For example, water on the moon and Mars. All this time there have been speculation about the presence of water. Now that news of exploration to those places are confirmed, the water/ice disappears somewhere and they don't seem to "see" it anymore. But the "good news" is that is highly possible in Venus, and on some moon of Jupiter, where no exploration has been done.

    One can predict the disappearance of water/ice from those places too, when the space organizations supposedly send spacecrafts there. All we will get is computer generated graphics instead of any real camera footage. And a lot us just accept it simply because we can't verify and have to take the word of agencies that are not mandated to put out the realities and truth.

    Another one is a Nobel prize winner claiming that the there was another universe before the present universe expanded out from it little, tiny dot size. Karma for the universe also? There is only assumption and fertile, vivid imagination that produced the politically accepted evolution theory. This is in direct opposition to the presence of a Creator and creation in 6 days evidence to that being preserved in scriptures and confirmed by archeology and by creation scientists.

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