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    Country's capital is again surrounded by pollution.

    Once the cold starts in the capital of Delhi, there is a call for increasing pollution once again. The PM2.5 level born on Saturday due to stubble was the highest increase recorded this season. A 19 percent increase was recorded in this pollutant.

    In neighboring states, incidents of stubble burning were identified in 882 places on Friday, while on Thursday it was 583. The winds coming from Punjab and Haryana are bringing a large amount of pollution along with them. Due to the low wind speed, it comes to a halt over the city of Delhi.

    Air quality in Delhi is a yearly problem to reach the critical category and is responsible for wind speed, fire in the neighboring states, and local pollution sources. After all, why is there no solution to this annual problem of our country's capital?
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    The traffic on the streets is increasing and slowly reaching its original level. There was a reduction in this during the last 6 to 7 months due to COVID19. But people started coming out and started going out for their works. City buses and metros are also started functioning. So the emissions from vehicles will automatically go up.
    The biowaste open burning in the neighbouring states is another problem that is being faced by this city in this season. PM2.5 pollution will come from burnings and emissions from petroleum vehicles. More than 95% of emissions from diesel, petrol, and natural gas combustion, open waste burning pollution, biomass burning pollution, and coal combustion falls under PM2.5. There will be an increase in this category in this season due to burnings in the neighbouring states. A suitable solution for this problem is to be arrived at. Otherwise, the daily life in this city will be a big issue.

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    This is very tricky situation for the country capital New Delhi which is surrounded by many states and also big cities and naturally the pollution levels are great. Not only the vehicle emission pollution but also sound pollution, waste pollution and above all agriculture residue fire or staple fire pollution which is really toxic and create health hazards for the Delhi people. Normally agriculture waste are turned into manure and again recycled to the farms but the Haryana and Punjab farmers are putting the staple or the grass remains from the wheat to the flame and that the smoke is emanating from those states becoming more strong and if the wind is towards the Delhi, the smoke would turn as the black sheet and hover over the capital and thus making darker during the day and not giving chance to breath easy. The farmers should realize their mistakes.
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    The present pollution of Delhi is due to a number of factors such as increased traffic on the roads and the surrounding industries. Industries nearby Delhi have geared up their production and the smokes ejecting from the chimneys are responsible for adding pollution. There was reduction of the pollution level in the past due to the lockdown situation but the same has been relaxed as of now.
    In the nearby states such as Punjab, Haryana etc are resorting to burning of bio wastes causing air pollution of Delhi. This can be contained only after mutual discussions with the different states so that they could reach some consensus to control the existing alarming level of pollution.

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    Increasing traffic, smoke emitting industries, urban waste burning, smoke from grass and agriculture remains, all are the source for this high level of pollution in Delhi. Pollution control is a herculean task as there are so many industries which are to be sternly regulated for taking up pollution control measures which are of course expensive also for the industries. A large scale governance on the pollution control in industrial working and vehicles plying on the roads is the need of the hour and requires a lot of efforts by the administering agencies. These efforts are difficult but necessary if we want to get rid of this huge pollution in the national capital.
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