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    Is there a doctor without MBBS in your home too?

    This discussion is not related to any deception or a fake degree, but it is a discussion for that special person who is often among us, sometimes in our own family, whenever someone is sick or feeling weak, the doctor hiding in them Wakes up and starts giving various advice.

    In my knowledge, a lady is like this, she will tell any sick person before going to the doctor that what is the problem, for example, if anyone ever has pain in the head, they will believe that due to a gastric problem or lack of sleep, etc. and then she also starts telling medicines, many times she is to be right and sometimes wrong.

    Sometimes it is also right on the basis of the knowledge of the elders, but some people do it to prove themselves right in front of others without any specific knowledge, which could be risky for the front one.

    Are there such people around you, if there is, how should they be dealt with?
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    My father is a doctor without any medical degree. He is not MBBS or he is not an RMP. But he is having a piece of very good knowledge about the ayurvedic medicines and home remedies. For common cough, cold, body pains, headache and fever etc., he suggests home remedies and ayurvedic treatment and many times the problems are sorted out with those remedies. He worked in an Ayurvedic formulations manufacturing company for about 60 years in the accounts department. He used to discuss with his technical colleagues who work in the manufacturing department for costing and other purposes. He picked up some knowledge about the medicines those days. Then he started reading some books in which the information regarding these medicines was given. That made him understand the medicines and their uses very well. Many times for small issues we will use medicines as per his advice and definitely there will be a positive result.
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    I am from a family where my grandfather was a native doctor. I was not fortunate to be with him. He died before my arrival in this world. My father and mother used to talk about him. He was not only a doctor but also an Astrologer, Mantrik , Tantrik, Magician, Musician and a good farmer. He was an all rounder. He used to take cash or in kind from the rich and give to the poor.

    An interesting event to prove his worth. Once a guy came to him with pain in his ears. An insect that went into his ear was troubling him. It was not possible to take out the insect out from his ear. My grandpa asked him to go to a butcher and get a piece of goat liver. He obliged and brought. My grandpa kept the liver at the entrance to the ear and tied it. The guy was told to relax for a while. Meanwhile, the insect was attracted by the smell of the liver, and it fell prey to the liver. The insect could not get away from the liver. The guy was relieved from the pain. When he untied and took out the liver, the insect was found sticking to the liver. What a native medicine!

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    For that matter the elder people of those days are doctor in their own style in the sense they got the legacy of getting immense knowledge passed from their elders and acquaintances about any disease and its household treatment. Once I had been to a deep Tamil Nadu village to see our relative and at that time there was severe headache for my wife and she could not withstand the pain even after smearing the Amrutanjan and also pain relievers. All the through the bus travel she aggravated the head ache pain and unbearable. And on reaching the village house, that house hold could understand my wife's pain as she took one brass plate, then took a paper, made it cone shaped and put it on fire on the back side of the plate. Once the cone was fully burnt, a layer has formed beneath the plate and that was applied on the forehead and within few minutes she felt alright.
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    My mother in law was also a very good doctor without any medical qualification. She knows many home remedies for many small health problems. She was not going to the hospital for any problem and treating herself with home remedies known to her. She was very healthy and never had any severe health problem. She died when she was 85 years old and she was sick for a week only before she expired. She lived a very healthy life and she used to advise all the family members about the home remedies when were any chance comes.
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    Once a King asked his minister which professionals more in his reign. Minister replied instantly as doctors. Astonished King asked how he came to that conclusion. Minister asked the king to come to the courtyard on the next day morning with slightly struggled legs and to tell as he got sprain in leg to those asked him. King though initially puzzled later accepted. Next morning King did as told by the minister and replied accordingly. Everybody advised the king with some medicines or treatment but nobody told the king to consult palace vaidya. King realized that everybody acting as doctors as told by the minister.

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    During 1965's there was a person in our area at Madurai, who used to give medicines to ailing persons without charging any fees. He was not a qualified doctor actually but experienced as a compounder under a famous doctor. A huge crowd we can see there till he is closing the clinic. But there was no complaint on his treatment but many people got cured within two visits.

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    Some people in the house who have some knowledge of natural remedies become very excited and offer their knowledge when someone in the house falls ill. This is a natural reaction as they think that if the person gets cured by those basic remedies then they would get credit and the hassle of going to the doctor will also be not there. But we have to be very careful in seeing the condition of the person as he or she is seriously ill or has some little discomfort which can be tackled by household remedies. The best course of action is to go for these home remedies but take the advice of the doctor also at an earliest so that the condition of the patient does not deteriorate. One has to take quick decisions in such cases and should not be waiting for the results of home remedies only.
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    Some elders in the house are well experienced in these things and from their experience they tell some home remedy with much confidence but it is also true that we have to be careful in these matters because many times some serous ailment might be there which would not get cured just by home remedies. So, while we have to respect to the suggestions made by elders as that had cured many people many times, we have also to use our wisdom to distinct the situation case wise and rush for the emergency if such a thing is required. Normally we all take home remedies time to time and are benefited by it. To that extent we all are doctors in ourselves for such petty affairs.
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