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    Out of 16 hours daily how many hours you meddle with cell phone?

    In 24 hours we are giving chance to take rest and sound sleep for at least 8 hours in a day and that makes 16 hours remaining for attending office works, transport time and house hold works and time spend with the family. But all these are happening and we meddle with our cell phones for long hours and even have the power bank back up as the battery should not discharge. I am not that addict and hardly used one hour daily in all. But I have seen many people are listing, chatting, talking and watching movies continuously and what about you?
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    I don't say we are meddling with a cell phone. But I say we are using a cell phone. Meddling means unwanted interference. But we are using cell phones and we are not interfering. I may be wrong in my interpretation of the meaning of meddling. In such a case correct me.
    We can say that we are wasting our time by spending our time on cell phone unnecessarily. Some people use these cell phones for time pass. They chat or see videos or a hear audios or make phone calls without any specific need or necessity. Such activities are waster. We should not waste our time for unproductive works like this.
    I will not be using much time on my mobile. Maximum an hour I may be spending on my mobile. But I never give separate time for that. While travelling I try to use this mobile phone for the works I have to do on that. Generally, I have no habit of overusing my mobile. I use it when it is necessary only.

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    I use my mobile phone roughly an hour average for making calls to my relatives to know their well being and any important news to be conveyed. I keep this thing in mind that my message should be precise and not lengthy so that the other party looses interest.
    Lingering the talk unnecessarily would make the communication dull and boring.
    My initiative is to restrict my mobile talk to average ten minute unless there is no urgency to extend the talk.

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    Rao sir I used the word meddling intentionally as I have seen people using the mobile to avoid their attention on us.
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    I have two Mobile phones. One Nokia 2.1 (4G) with BSNL (postpaid)and the other Lava A67 (3G) Vodafone(Prepaid). BSNL is primary and Vodafone is secondary. I don't meddle with Mobile phones. I use them only when required. I keep them ON from 0600 hrs to 2200 hrs only. I switch off both my mobiles during the night (2200 - 0600 hrs). During the day, I use BSNL mobile for about 15 minutes to receive and respond to Whatsapp messages. I pay about Rs. 600/- for phone charges. During bus/train journey, I use my BSNL mobile to get connected with ISC.
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    I mostly do my online work using a laptop and use my mobile very sparingly. Everyday may be I am seeing WhatsApp messages for half an hour and then making a few calls another 15-20 minutes. So in total I am using it for one hour per day.
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    It depends upon how we use mobile phones effectively. For me, I use mobile phones for 1 or 2 hours for taking calls from the company or having a meeting with the staffs. For most of the time, I am using my laptop to get work done. We are now struggling to overcome a pandemic situation, so most of them will take some time to relax from their overstress they take in work. Now we are staying from our home and doing work, so the family relationships have been strong during this time.
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    To me, using the Mobile phone is not a compulsion but a necessity. I use the phone when it's necessary and I do not spend much time with the smart devices. It's true that for many using the smart mobile devices is a habit and they constantly tap on their devices to check the latest updates. I prefer to keep the data off when it is not required and I do not remain very busy with my devices since there are many things to do.

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    I use it frequently for various purposes other than calling people and I think I am using it for at least 3-4 hours in a day. I feel handy to work in mobile rather than a desktop or laptop. It is convenient.
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