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    How best you are accustomed to events organizing?

    In our house or the relatives house, the events do take place as it may be birthday bash, cradle ceremony, naming of child event, engagements and even marriages. All these are small and big events and not everyone are accustomed to get the things done in most systematic way so that none would complaint about shortage or missing programs and invite. If you are the habituated organizer of such celebrations and functions, then list out the action plan program and that would be a ready example for those who want to pursue the same flawlessly.
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    I have organised many functions. Some small functions and some big functions also I have organised. I have also organised seminars and workshops during my career. Very good planning is required for making these events successful. In our house, we have performed 8 to 10 marriage functions where the gathering somewhere between 700 to 1000 members.
    We will sit together and discuss and make a programme. In this, we will decide who will be responsible for each action and we will decide the sequences of actions also. Arranging for accommodation to the guests, deciding on the list of invitees, and so on so forth. There will be many activities and each action is to be performed as decided.
    We performed all the functions well and we received appreciations from all the guests.
    Budget is also very important. For each activity, we have to decide how much we have to spend and we should not go beyond that.

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    Rao sir from your submission it is clear that team work would bring in best flawless planning for any event.
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    I have organised a few small functions in my own house as well as in my relative's house and in the beginning I found that there were so many things which were not covered during planning and we had last minute difficulties and even had to arrange some items and things at the last moment. But after getting some experience now we write down all the things beforehand and allot the responsibilities to the people with clear instructions and direction. I have seen that the younger people obey us if we give them clear and precise instructions. Organising and managing a small function is also equally difficult as a big one.
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    I can organize. It requires good planning. All you need is to prepare a check list covering every aspect of the party. Know the budget and keep the budget money in hand. Know the venue, know the number of guests, comforts required for the guests. Keep a coll head and don't hurry up. Have a sincere assistant to assist you, and ensure he reports to you. All would be fine.
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    In my family, we organize such events from time to time, mostly my father organizes the whole event and then everyone is assigned their tasks accordingly. Like women themselves will decide what will be made in the food. Even today the serving system is considered in our homes, so we serve food to all the relatives on our own, for this, all the sons and daughters of the household are involved. Other relatives are also very helpful. In this episode, all the members enjoy this reconciliation, helping each other.
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    During my student life I was not a good organiser and I used to see the fellow students organising everything so nicely and meticulously and I always yearned that one day may be I would also be able to do that. It happened when I joined a job where in the beginning itself we were given a big responsibility to go out to another town and participate in a science exhibition with our model that we prepared and then remain there for 3-4 days and explain to the visitors what was that model and what it conveys for a layman. There were so many things involved and we were only two people and though other one was 2 years senior but was not very confident and I was the novice one. Anyway, somehow we managed it and got an appreciation letter also from the Project Manager. That incident taught us so many things as we found that when responsibilities are forced on people then there is no way except learn and do it. That was the beginning and then I got so many opportunities to organise and manage and gained much experience and managed many events later in my career.
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