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    Indian ancient temple with mystery - Reciprocal Image

    India has many mysteries in their temples built by many kings in those years. Many scientists wonder by seeing such mysteries. Almost all parts of our country consists of such mysteries.
    Among one is in Hampi, Karnataka state on the banks of Thungabadra River. Virupaksha Temple constructed by Chalukya Kings during seventh century.
    In this temple we can see the image of the temple tower as reciprocal one on one of the walls of the temple. It is said that the same is viewed as the shadow of the temple falls on the wall inside through a hole/gap between pillar.
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    True. There are many temples in our country and each temple is having its own speciality. We know about the SUN God's temple at Konarka.
    In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, there is a village called Ryali. This is about 6 KMs from the town Ravulapalem. In that village, there are two temples. One temple is for Jaganmohini Chennakeswa Swamy. In this temple, the main idol will be Visnu Avatar from the front side. But the same idol backside is that of a lady and the name is Jaganmohini. The speciality of this temple is, between the two feet of the Idol always some water will be coming from the earth. Even though we dry the area immediately it will get wet. Water will be continuously oozing out from the earth.
    The second temple is of Siva. Here whatever amount of water you pour on the idol. it will get into the earth immediately and will get dried. Many people visit these two temples.

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    It is the fact that ancient temples of India are the creation of Alwars or the disciples of the Gods and thus there would be total sanctity and belief in every work they have done and that holds good even today. For example the Garudalwar sannidhi in Sri Rangam temple is very big and the Garudan is growing every year. Probably this is the biggest garudan can be seen anywhere in the world and the history says that it is growing every year. Though it is made up of stone and the mystery could not be revealed. One more mystery of Lord Lakshminarasimha at Mangalagiri in AP also called as Panakala Narasimha as the main deity is offered liters of sweet jaggery drink called Panakam in Telugu and we can actually hear the drinking sound from the deity. And where the lakhs of liters of jaggery drink goes is the mystery even today.
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    The secret of these amazing feats lies in the geometry of construction of these amazing temples. There are temples and darghas that stay submerged for centuries and sometimes pop out of water. They're considered as amazing marvels too, the secret again lies in the material used and the way they were constructed.

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