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    What is the condition of J&K after all these swanking?

    The last year was the time when certain proclamations were framed amidst the people that abrogating article 370 was in the best needs of the state and nation in the terms of progress, security, and oneness. Bypassing the Constitutional framework the article was abrogated and like the other such stints the long prospects were shown but the results were anything but substantial. The longest duration of internet services being banned and for us, though it doesn't seem to be a much of a problem it is violative of Human rights convention to UN according to the right to be informed. The terrorist attacks as claimed are nowhere diminished in size but after the status of the state is changed the neighboring rival, China has been showing us the aggressive posture in everyday security measures. I don't want to comment on whether the decision was right and wrong without getting the full information about the constitutional ideology behind the article itself. I just want to draw the attention for which the media and we have got numb.
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    Maybe the expected results might not have come. The main reason is again COVID 19 only. The whole world is suffering from this pandemic and there is no development activity anywhere. All people are restricting themselves to their houses. Once the problem vanishes and routinely starts definitely we may see good results as expected. This is my personal feeling.
    Denying basic infrastructure like the internet for many months is not in the best interest of the people. But the government may have its own explanation. I hope now this facility has been extended. Coming to the threats from China. I don't feel that these two issues have any relation. J&K is an internal matter and why China should come into the picture? No nation except China and Pakistan criticised our actions and we know the reasons for the criticism of these two nations.
    However, let us hope that the government will do all required and see that the people there will also live happily.

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    The abrogation on Jammu and Kashmir was good decision as normal things are happening slowly as the people are getting into the working mode. Since it is the valley and has the vulnerable points from the attack of enemies, the caution of people is understandable and they are accepting the new reality slowly and it would further take the time. Now the BJP has posed a real challenge to Congress to revoke the abrogation and mention the same in the manifesto of the party in the coming elections. Surely people are now habituated to the freedom and would not be interested to be fallen back again. Nevertheless if the Corana was not in place, many from across the country would have visited Kashmir for tourism and improved their economy. But pandemic has stopped the venturing cine producers and directors aiming for shooting resume in that state.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For so many decades the conditions in J & K were not conducive for growth and prosperity. Terrorists, their well wishers, local conflicts, Pakistani insurgencies, Chinese eyes, and many other things practically ruined this serene and picturesque valley. Some religious leaders simply misled the common people and took advantage to safeguard their own position and status. Now some changes are made but how can we undo the things that were done in so many years. People want facility and help from the Govt but what the people are giving back in exchange is a very important matter. It should not be a one sided affair that the Govt will go on doling out help but there will not be a single word or gesture to acknowledge it. The welfare of a state does not depend only on the Govt, it is the hard work and national pride of the local people which sometimes takes it to the apex of progress and prosperity. The time has come when the people of J & K should awaken up from their deep sleep and work for the progress of the state working shoulder to shoulder with the Govt.
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