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    Navaratri festival in started now

    Navaratri is a festival celebrated in our India during the month of Badrapada (Puratasi) month of every year. But this year the festival falls in Ashvina(Aipasi) month. Started from 17th of this month the Navaratri festival begins and ends with VijayaDasami on 26th of this October month. The same festival is celebrated as Dasara in Karnataka State especially in Mysore in a great manner. In Northern parts of our country it is celebrated as Durga pooja.
    This, according Hindu Mythology, festival is celebrated on the winning of Mahishasuran, a demon, by Parasakthi. The first three days Parasakathi is worshiped in the form of Durga, second three days in the form of Lakshmi and last three days in the form of Saraswathi. Dasara can also be understand differently removal of ten bad qualities within oneself - Dasha hara. That is we, human, should remove bad qualities from ourselves - such as Ego (Ahankara), Cruelty (Aamanavta), Injustice (Anyaaya), Lust (Kama vasana), Anger (krodha), Greed (Lobha), Over Pride (madha), Jealousy (matsara), Attachment (Moha) and Selfishness (swaartha). The last day, Vijaya Dashami is signifying the victory over the ten bad qualities.
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    As far as our Telugu States are concerned two times in a year Navaratri will be conducted. First Navaratri will be conducted in Bhadrapada Month of Telugu calendar. It starts from Vinakaya Chavathi day and goes for nine days from that day.
    Second Navaratri will be celebrated during Vijayadasami. This will start from Asvayuja Sudda Padayami and will be completed on Vijayadasami day. This time Navaratri started on the 17th of this month. Today is the 4th day and will be up to Vijayadasami. This time Vijayadasami is on coming Sunday dated 25th October 2020. These nine days the Goddess Durga will be worshipped in different forms each day. Mahakali, Maha Saraswathi and Maha Lakshmi are the three main Goddesses and each will be worshipped for three days.
    In Andhra Pradesh, in Vijayawada, Kanakadurga temple is very famous and these nine days will be celebrated with a lot of devotion and special poojas will be performed. This year no direct poojas due to the pandemic restrictions.

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    This time the festival started late, the dullness in the face of people could be seen as many lost the jobs or doing the work with half salary. Normally the Railway employees used to get 78 days salary as bonus for the festivities and this is not happening ever since Railway budget mingled with the union budget. Many private companies have cut down the staff and those who saved money for purchasing some home have been sustaining the Pandemic loss and they are not ready for the festive extravaganza and therefore this time Dassera and Deepavali would be of no mentions from the people of all sects.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Happy Navratri to all the members from my side. This year, Corona is affected by festivals everywhere. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, nothing is common this time. Durga Puja is world-famous, grand Durga Puja pandals are decorated every year and Maa Durga is adorned with new experiments. In such a situation, this time a unique idol of Maa Durga is getting a lot of headlines on social media. In the idol, a doctor is shown injecting a hand instead of Goddess Durga. Mother Durga is shown in the guise of a doctor and she is killing Mahishasura in the form of coronavirus. The idol has injection in the form of a trident in the hands of Mother Durga, killing the Coronas. Apart from Mother Durga, all the Gods have also been shown as Corona Warriors. Lord Ganesha is shown as Police Officer, Goddess Lakshmi as Nurse, Goddess Saraswati as Teacher, etc. People have faith and trust that now Corona will also end with Ravana in this Dussehra.
    Swati Sharma

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