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    There should be a limit for everything

    We eat. We work. We play. We spend. We earn. Like this, we will be doing something or other. Many of us will not be wasting our time sitting without any work. We will be utilising the time the way we wanted.

    But we should always balance our actions and there should be a limit for everything. Without taking rest if we work 24 X 7, we may not have the required energy and we may suffer. Similarly, if we overindulge in eating we will become sick and we may have to visit a doctor for getting well. If we spend too much time on mobiles or laptops we may have problems with our eyes. Like this, if we overdo any issue we will be left with some problem.

    So we should be within the safe limits in any aspect of our life. I hope the members of ISC will agree on this point.
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    Rightly pointed out by the author. Many of us thinking two extremes but not the limits. Many advised children not to eat chocolates instead they can limit the quantity. Many youngsters advised to stop using junk foods but without setting limitation.
    Diabetic patients advised by many doctors not to use '4Whites - Rice, milk, salt and sugar' instead to limit the usage of them.
    One doctor advised a diabetic patient to take three chapathis each for lunch and dinner. Patient asked innocently,'doctor whether this is before food or after food?'.

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    Rightly summarized by the author that anything taken in excess or done in excess would have the negative effect. When the nectar was churned during the Sagara Madhanam, there was virtual fight between Devas and Asuras to have the drink and some made attempt to have two times because there is no death after having that sacred drink. But the cheating process of Rahu and Kethu who wanted to have the drink for second time was detected and noticed and thus given punishment by severing head and body. This mythological happening is the best example of anything expected more would gives rise to confrontation and punishment. Even between human beings if someone aims for the share of others bring in quarrels, court cases and even murders. That is the greedy type of character to have more.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Extreme of every thing is bad in our lives. There should be a balance in our actions. It is said that we have to break in all our activities for a short time to relax and give rest and movement to our body parts. This is very necessary for those who have a sitting job like a bank employee on the customer counter. In our career making pursuit or other competitions in our lives we simply forget that real is a must during our activities as that works like a tonic.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true that If we stress too much on mobiles and laptops, it will affect our health and can cause problems, difficult to overcome in our life. When we eat or doing exercise, there must be a limit for everything we do or else we have to spend most of the time in hospitals. Getting too much addiction to the Internet and mobiles can cause problems to our relationships and get disordered. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important according to current situations which we are facing in our life.
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    There should be but many of us tend to forget it. Anything in excess is going to spoil the charm. Many of us cannot gauge properly when to stop. Actually, we do not understand how much we require. If we do not know our requirement we will keep on asking for more which is happening in many cases. That can make a person greedy and others deprived. We must know when and where to draw the line and that will reduce a lot of problems.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author is absolutely right. This nature has taught us to live in a limit, which almost all the creatures of this earth follow, except us humans. As we became knowledgeable, we increased our limits. The effect of this is that today there is no end to our borders. It is very important to include the art of setting boundaries in the art of living because at times due to extreme we also damage our society as well.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    The author is absolutely right. When any thing is done in extremes, it will have its impact on our body. This may be the excess consumption of food, sitting ideally for a prolonged time, streaming TV beyond two hours or excessive usage of mobile phones and so on.
    Our metabolism is strong having enough endurance and tolerance for any excess done but there is a limit and stretching that limit for a long period would cause severe breakdown. Healing would take its own time and we should be cautious enough not to overdo any thing for which our body gets derailed.

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    Many times while working, I have found that I continue for more than needed in the hope that it would save me some time if I do the work in instalments. Unfortunately though it appeared a good thing but following that method I felt exerted and lost and was not able to take up the next important activity. So extreme involvement in a process or work is not a thing that I now recommend to others.
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