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    Google Adsense making huge deductions.

    Since the last update by Google, I am noticing huge deductions by Google in Adsense earnings. Almost half the earnings got deducted from the last 2 months and this is not just with me but I just cross-checked with some more people and they also responded the same.

    I know that Google is very strict in matters of invalid clicks and traffic and can even disable one's Adsense account, so I always stick to Google policies but yet these deductions bothered me.

    Have members also faced such deductions by Google in their Adsense earnings?
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    I think you major traffic comes from Tier 2-3 countries. Hence you may be getting lot of invalid clicks which google is deducting. How much you made last month and how much was invalid clicks?

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    This issue has been raised by other members as well earlier, more than once. One of the earlier threads is this one. Nobody really knows why this has happened. It is happening to everyone, including the admin. At month-end, we are all experiencing a drastic cut, with the balance left over not matching what shows in the month's earnings.

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    If my response was deleted and found irrelevant then the question itself a repeated one to which none has the answer and why my content was deleted which had some stuff to convince the author.
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