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    What is India? Write in your own words.

    We are proud of being Indian and we love our country. What would you tell a foreigner if they ask you "What is India? Tell me in simple words."
    This is a question to answer. Your answer should be with words between 50 and 75 only.

    This is a competition entry. The best entries will be suitably awarded from ISC's virtual gift shop.
    Be proud and showcase your patriotism.
    Last date for the entry - 27th October 2020, 1200 hrs IST.
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    India is a place where we can find unity in diversity. Different religions, castes and creeds move together without any rivalry or enmity. They always move in a very cooperative mood. India is a country which is having very good places which are historical in nature. Kanya Kumari in the south to the Himalayas in North we have many places to visit and enjoy. Our country is very good for visitors. We treat our guests as Gods and we try to make them as much happiness as possible.
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    I am proud of Indian because here, we live with harmony and peace amid rich culture and tradition of various religion, caste and creed and yet have the wonderful understanding of one another and that is the reason being so on every festival other religion people also participate and exchange the pleasantries. There are occasions when Muslims donated for the Ganesh Utsav and even done the Annadaan. Likewise Hindus participate in organizing Iftar for the rozadars during the Ramzan festivities. Only India can give this sort of sight to any foreigner and they would be stunned to see such unity in diversity
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    We are citizens of that country, which is more than the entire country, that country is India. India is a secular country. While every country in the world runs on its religion or national religion, India follows its secular policy, people of many religions and castes live here. Yet Indian citizens are symbols of unity and united India. It would not be an exaggeration to say that being an Indian citizen is a matter of pride but at the same time, every citizen needs cooperation and dedication to maintain this spirit.
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    I love my country. I am not so sure about being proud of our country. There was unity in diversity but fissures appear to be developing. I do not call our country secular anymore as many happenings point to the contrary. There is overall development in all the fields. The Armed Forces are making us proud by safeguarding our borders and helping people in calamities.
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    India is one of those privileged countries in the world who have their own ancient culture and heritage. We can talk about our glorious scholarly past where the wise and prudent postulated spiritual theories and principles to lead a happy and satisfied life. The invaders who came to India and attacked it time and again for materialistic pleasures were astonished to find the knowledge of all the world packed in our Vedas and scriptures. I feel proud to be a part of that culture.
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    India is our motherland and it is the land where we have got a safe and secure place. Why we wanted freedom from the Britishers? Just because we wanted to live in our land in our own ways and that is the meaning of independence. So my concept of India is that only and I would like to add further that we have to do anything for keeping it protected from external forces and make it a powerful entity in this world.
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    India is my pride. India is a country which has the largest and written constitution. Unity of diversity is found in India. The people of India have different cultures, religions, languages, etc. but all are Indian and ready to sacrifice for the nation. History is the proof that whenever foreigner visited India, it is not easy for them to leave India. I love my India.
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    It is a matter of pride to be an Indian. India is a vast country where people of different religion, different language and different culture are found. Despite the cultural variation, unity in diversity is seen. Here, people celebrate every festival with peace and harmony. India has its long glorified history. I would like to pay salute to our dedicated Indian army due to which we are living safely in our country.

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    Good to see Eight (8) patriots from ISC writing about India. Would like to see more patriots from ISC to write "What is India?" Another 27 hours left to post your responses and showcase your knowledge on India.

    A real patriot is he or she who love to write about India without any hesitation when asked for.

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    Contest closed. My thanks to all the eight participants.
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