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    How to calm down when we get angry?

    Everyone tells that anger is bad and we should avoid it as it harms us in many ways mental as well as physical. I also agree that we should avoid all such situations and causes that create burst of anger in us and try to think coolly about the issues cropping up in our lives time to time. But we are humans and it is very much possible that we get the bout of this evil sometimes in our lives. If we do not control it the things would deteriorate and then we would not be able to patch up or repair the relationships or undo the other downsides which are created as a consequence of it. So logically we have to calm down and come out of that situation as quickly and as effectively as possible. Can members suggest ways to calm down quickly and effectively?
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    There are many ways to calm down when ever we get angry. Suppose the angry is with some person having sighted after long time and we have want to burst our anger on him, deal with politeness first and give him a chance to say his version, and warn him, just leave from that place , surely you will cool down. If you are angry with a person, then better to avoid the confrontation when the situation is not ripe for even having a tiff. Sometimes the tiff may otherwise aggravate the good relations existing, and by avoiding the eye contact you have the chance to meet again when the things are conducive. Some would drink the water so that the body and mind cools down and then talk the sense. And some one would have a close person of the anger person with him so that he will not get angry in presence of so much liked person.
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    To calm down anger should be our first priority since it is not harmimg the other party but we are affected ourselves with the undue stress. If you have any point to tell or you want to clarify something, be polite and instead of deviating, be straight forward and put forth your idea in nut shell. Leave the place so that he may think over the same. It is not a good idea to be entangled with the hot controversy raising your blood pressure.
    You would have enough time to discuss the issue at the later stage and can be sorted out amicably.

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    Our anger is our own enemy. That will spoil our health, moods and disturbs our life in many ways. So we always should try to keep anger in our control. Sometimes, when we see something which we don't like may make us angry. Sometimes, some people talk irritatingly and we will get angry. In that anger sometimes we talk which will spoil the situation further.
    We all know that sound will come when the hands hit each other. If one hand moves in the air no sound will come. So if the other person is angry we should keep silent. But we are angry we can't ask the other person to keep silent. We should search for our own way to maintain peace. If the other person is shouting, you try to disappear from there. If you are not able to control your anger, try to divert your mind on some other issue. You can start reading a book may be a fiction so that you will forget the topic which is making you angry. Once you become normal, you can start thinking about the issue which made you upset.

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    Leave the site
    Drink a glass of cool water
    Sit or rest comfortably
    Close your eyes
    Relax for a while
    Think about God and meditate.

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    We've had this discussion many times on the topic of controlling anger and also have relevant articles related to it. Let's avoid repeat topics, at least those which have been discussed in-depth.
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