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    ISC is an educational and career selecting site for students

    Dear Members, yesterday I was going through some articles in a website which is a popular site and known for its vast number of articles on various subjects and topics. I saw one article mentioning top 6 educational sites in India and was happy to note that ISC was one of them. It was also mentioned there by the author that ISC is mainly meant for students who want to make a career. I thought to share it here just for information. We always feel good when the site where we are working is seen with such distinction.
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    Very happy to note that ISC is in the list of top 6 educational sites in India. It is really a matter of pride to the stakeholders in this site will feel elated for this. I should congratulate the webmasters for this achievement. I wish and hope that this site will further prosper and reach new heights in its journey. I wish to ISC all the best.

    I want to read the article and tried to open the link. But it is giving the following error message.
    "404. Page does not exist
    The article you are looking for is not published right now. Please try again later.
    If you are the author of this page, sign in and you can edit or republish your Hub."
    I think there is something wrong happened while linking the article. I request Umesh to see once and give the correct link so that we all also can read the article.

    I hope all the members will contribute their best for the better performance of the site.

    always confident

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    Thanks for sharing this information and it is the matter of pride that our members are writing good articles on education, career guidance .and above all job opportunity details are provided through our jobs section. There are occasions when members thanked the information gathered here and that proves how authentically the articles and contents are submitted here. One thing is sure given the vast membership, ISC could grow further and can be every page of Google search indexing and I want to see such day when the first page of any search matter should have ample information submitted from our site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The page has been removed, likely for being plagiarized or not adhering to their policies. It is advisable to check after submitting the thread if the page is active since it is an external link (I have removed the link since it is not providing the information on which this thread's topic is based).

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    Dr Rao:
    I checked it and found that as the article was of shorter length and had limited content so it was not featured there which means that it was not selected for a global audience so only members of the site can see it. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience but being a member there as I read it yesterday, I was excited to share it. I will again check and see why non members cannot view it. If it is removed or deleted due to article quality assessment then that could be a different thing altogether.

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