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    Why is it difficult to make everyone happy

    This situation is quite fetching when you try to make everyone happy but leave making a dozen others unhappy in the process. I feel it extremely difficult to amuse everyone. Making one happy infuriates others. And disappointment is the only thing one can face in such a situation.

    Why do such things happen? It seems the connection or the emotional bond that we share could be the reason for this upsetting scenario. When one tries to make one happy others get offended. It is not only in the family or in a society, such incidents take place when one tries to animate the atmosphere but people end up being disappointed with the reaction of a person.

    Positively it is something that lifts the soul of people and fills the company with energy and enthusiasm but in a bid to encourage others and make people happy, many become unhappy. Not offending others should be our main quality but here I am only talking about why we fail to make everyone happy. When you appreciate one others feel depreciated.
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    Making everybody is not practically not possible. In our house, if we have two persons, making both of them happy is not an easy issue. I have two sons. Both of them have different attitudes and thoughts. Both of them are good and they are in good jobs. But their understanding of various issues is different. So I and my wife will feel that making them both happy always is not possible. We both will decide and go ahead. Sometimes, one person may be happy and the other time the second person is happy.
    The same may be the case in many issues. So we have to have our own of moving. We should keep in mind that our actions should not harm somebody. If we ensure that we need not worry about their happiness or unhappiness. When there is a difference of opinions between the people, we can never bring them on to think alike. When they think different, the situation making one person may not make the other person also happy.
    Think about the issue and if you want suggestions you can ask the people who are having some idea about the issue and take your own decision. Your actions should not spoil the chances of others. Once you keep this point in mind, you need not think about the happiness or unhappiness of others.

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    It is not easy to make everyone happy. Because the wants are different, the expectations are high and above all different people thought process are completely opposite and would not match with others thought. Only food can make everybody happy and even in that case also some wants tasty non vegetarian food and if we offer them the vegetarian food, they are not happy from the inner heart. Money wise we cannot satisfy anyone and that is the reason being so the beggars always beg irrespective their good income daily. Likewise if we donate daily and absent for one day, the people would scold us for not caring for that particular day.
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    We can help people in some way or other but making everyone happy seems to be a distant possibility. The reason is that the aspirations and requirements of different people vary from each other. It is not feasible to talk and act in such a manner that everyone becomes happy and everyone pleases with our behaviour. One might try but it is not possible to reach that level in our relations with people.
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    When we make one person happy with our deeds, the other person will have problems. Most of the people will be having different attitudes and mentality, so convincing each person personally is a difficult task. Either we prefer to talk to the person whom we care more or act as our friend in life. Convincing each person or making them understand the issues is a difficult task and more probably we are working in a stress-related field of work.
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    I think we have to tackle with different people differently and should not unnecessary try to make them happy. It should be done in a contextual manner and not in general. Once we talk with others in a rational and logical manner, generally it is seen that people would agree. At the same time there are some adamant types of personalities who will never agree with us and first thing they would do is negate what we say though after some time they might agree with us also. So, these typical people are to be treated in a normal way and there is no need to make them happy rather I would like to make them to understand the point I am making.
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    You can make everyone happy but you can't make everyone happy in the same way. A toddler might feel happy if he is given a toy or chocolate but he won't be happy if you give him a hundred rupee note. Similarly, a hungry person will be happy if you offer him food but the same won't make a person who has already had his fill happy. So you see, it depends because happiness is a state of mind and is changeable. It is not a habit or a characteristic. The person, the situation and so many other factors determine when and how can a person be happy.

    An act of yours may make your wife happy but the same act may make your mother unhappy because their thought process is different. Same may be the case with two relatives or friends or whosoever. It is basically the emotion of possessiveness and a bit of ego or jealousy that stands as a hurdle in most of the cases. You can make a group of persons happy if they are similarly placed- mentally as well as emotionally. Otherwise, there ought to be differences due to the factors I have mentioned in addition to others.

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    What makes each happy is different. So there cannot be a formula which makes every one happy. As they say one's medicine is another's poison and vice versa. The same thing can make one happy and another unhappy. When the cause is not same the remedy is also not same.
    Happiness to each person is like a custom made lock for which there is a unique for that particular lock. If we know what makes each happy and are able to provide that particular to each then we can make everyone happy. In the case of humans, in this regard,I think even God has also failed

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    A person cannot keep everyone happy because then he has to live his life according to the humans whom he wants to make happy and a human cannot live life according to everyone, anyway, why should he live his life according to everyone There should be freedom to live life. The one who keeps 100 percent of people happy has not yet been born into the world. Yes, the only way to make a lot of people happy is to act flawlessly as everyone's benefactor. But a person can definitely try to keep everyone happy on his behalf, and there is no harm in trying, even we should do as far as possible, but we should not lose our existence in this.
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    Why do we need to make everyone happy? Does everybody around us tell us to make them happy in some way? Our happiness is a consequence of some actions, especially actions of others, and that's why it is creating a problem. If one can remain happy without any interference from anybody there is no question of making a person happy. What is discussed here is mostly related to pleasing someone with something the person likes and since the choice of people varies you cannot think of pleasing everybody with the same thing. If we remain happy with ourselves do we require the help of others to stay happy? So, it's better not to depend on others to be happy.

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    In today's life, it is very difficult to make everyone happy. Everybody has a different lifestyle and way of thinking. Everyone wants to spend life in their way. In such a situation, following others rule to make them happy is not easy. Generally, I have noticed that same thing makes happy to one person whereas another person feels sorrow due to this. Thus, different people have a different attitude. So, we should not depend on others for seeking happiness.

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