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    Do not say there is no time when you are not utlizing the present moment

    We some times say we have no time to attend the works or do the pending tasks citing that the time is not spare to finish the unfinished works. But why we are not considering the present time as the boon to finish the same work instead of seeking the other time. There is a good saying in Hindi that "Kal kare so aaj, aaj kare so aabhi' that means do the tomorrows work today and do the today's work just now and right now. If this is followed by all and everyone, there is nothing like pending works and the chain of actions would go on productively.
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    A very good suggestion from the author and we should not postpone our works unnecessarily. We may be having many works in our hand. We should make a list of priorities. Which work is to be attempted first is to be decided based on the priority. Some times we may be able to manage more works at a time also. So all these issues are to be taken into account and make the programme. Adhere to the programme and complete the works. But without making a proper plan, doing works with random selection will make you lose time and important works may not be get finished on time. Please keep this in mind.
    Many people try to postpone the issues till the last minute saying that they are busy. Generally, VIPs will be always behind schedule only and that is why they might have become VIPs. I have seen many top employees of Organisations who think that all others should wait for them. Then never feel that the time of the juniors is also important for the organisation.

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    If we manage our time properly then we would find we have enough time to perform all activities. Whatever is the work of today, we should try to finish it as soon as possible, if we leave today's work on tomorrow, then when will we do tomorrow's work again, if we do not do tomorrow's work the day after tomorrow, The list of pending works that we have will increase a lot and at the end of the year we will see that after seeing so many works we can be shocked that when I will complete my pending work, so today is the day to complete it so that tomorrow we are free to start fresh and tomorrow if there is any work, then we should try that tomorrow work also complete tomorrow It means to say that what we feel today is such a work, it may be complete today, try to complete it today so that next day, next month, next year, we are free and fresh.
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    When people say that they have no time then actually they mean that they do not want to undertake that particular activity for which others are insisting or directing them and instead of telling that they do not want to do it they simple make an excuse that they do not have time. It is very difficult to get anything done by these people as they would always make some excuses. The author has rightfully brought out that if they are interested they can avail the present time or current time for doing that so that their present life becomes engaged and they get some job to do.
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    Lethargy is the main reason for deferring the jobs but publically they say that they have no time to undertake any job this time. Once somebody has the habit of interpretation in the similar way, it would be difficult for him to start his job. Hence the old saying is very apt that the jobs to be done today is to be started immediately and once the momentum of carrying out a job is picked up, it will go smoothly. We need to change our mindsets first and then only we can tackle situations effectively in terms of volume of accomplishment of jobs.

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    The author's view is exactly correct. On any situation, we should not say 'I / we have no time' Time is not given short to one and more to others as everybody have 24 hours commonly. There is a story. A king offered feast to a poor person on some occasion. The poor person ate well till he said, 'Enough. No place in my belly'. Then king came there and gave one mango to him to eat. As the person is fond of mangoes, received the same and start eating. Astonished king asked him,'you said that your belly is full but you are eating this mango, how the space is available in your belly for this mango'. The person patiently ate whole mango and told the king, 'Oh king! In a hall there was full crowd without any space. But if you came there, you will, however, get a space amidst the crowd. Similar to that the mango is the king of fruits so, it have the space in my belly'. By hearing this talented reply, the king offered some gifts also to him.
    Similarly, if we try to do a thing the word 'have no time' will automatically get vanished. If we do any work without intention or interest, we have no time to do though we total free.

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    Time is a very valuable entity and if we are not able to utilise the time in hand then how can we hope that we will be able to utilise the time in future. So, I agree with the thought presented by the author that instead of telling no time we have to utilise the time whatever is there available to us.
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