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    In Tollywood all rounder heroes are there but in Bollywood such heroes are there?

    In any language various spects of movies are created like romantic, social, mythological, comedy oriented, janapada, historical, etc. Usually artists are meant for certain genere of movies. But rarely there are artists or heroes who have the capability of acting all kinds of above mentioned roles. In Tollywood there are great actors in the past who have excelled in all kinds of roles like ANR, NTR, SVR, Nagayya, Kantha Rao etc. who acted variety of beautiful roles in different varieties of movies. These movies still remain all time greats of Indian cinema. Even with great technology at present creation of such a movies impossible at present. In those days, producers and directors with great zeal and hard work for years together have created such master pieces. Mayabazar, Nartanasala, Lavakusa, Veerabhimanyu, Bakta Tukaram etc. are such movies from Tollywood. Now also in Tollywood there are actors who can act all kinds of roles. I don't know much knowledge regarding Boolywood where such allrounder actors are there? We have seen Dharmendra, Anil Kapoor, Amitab, Sharufkhan mostly in social movies only. In Kollywood also all rounder actors are there where mostly the same Telugu movies are created in Tamil by the same banner.
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    Nice post raised by the author. We cannot compare the acting caliber of South actors with that of Bollywood and in fact Tollywood is one step ahead of other South Indian cinema groups. The greats like NTR would could easily done the role of Lord Krishna, Karna, Duryodhana, and even as Rama. Like wise ANR was also good in mythological of those days but I have not seen mythological characters played by the past or the present genre of the Bollywood. It seems Bollywood producers and directors are more interested in masala films and they never done the mythological films as there are no right cast available. So the all rounder actors are available only in Telugu cinema abundantly then and even now and that is the reason being so the films are churned at fast and also make good money at the box office.
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    Basically in Bollywood historical movies and mythological movies are very few I think. This is what I know with the little knowledge I have about the Bollywood industry. Dharmendra, Amitab and other heroes acted in many social and romantic movies. But I never saw them in mythological or historical movies.
    In Tamil also there are heroes we acted in almost all types of movies including mythological and historical movies. NTR the superhero of Tollywood forever is a great actor who acted in almost all types of roles and got the appreciations of the people. His performance as Bruhannala in Nartanasala is excellent and no one can match him in that role. He acted the roles of Don in many movies remade from Hindi and Amitab acted in those roles in Hindi. He never hesitated to accept any role and once he accepted he has seen that he will fit into the role. Even today also the younger generation know about his actions because of his excellent acting skills. ANR and SVR are also managed many roles in various movies and successful.

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