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    Active GD- The freedom allowed to the media must be retained- If Yes, why and if No, why?

    It was Thomas Carlyle, the famous British historian and essayist who coined the term 'the fourth estate' to refer to the press. In the Indian context, it has been reworded to read as 'the fourth pillar of democracy'.

    The main purpose of the press has always been considered to be like that of a mirror to the public where they can see the factual and actual reflections of all the happenings around them. The media is supposed to be the eyes, ear and mouth of the general public. They are supposed to make the public aware of the happenings around them. To cut it short, the media is supposed to act as a watchdog of the other three pillars, that is, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. And it is with the intention of keeping them free from any kind of interferences that their freedom of expression is protected by law though with a few restrictions like in matters related to national security etc.

    But is the media fair to their basic purpose? Are they carrying out their responsibilities diligently? There may be differences of opinion. It is in this context where the fairness of the media, their business interests, their responsibility to the general public and the way they are functioning has become a subject of debate that we have decided to conduct an Active GD on the topic 'The freedom allowed to the media must be retained- If Yes, why and if No, why?

    We did have some related topics coming up for discussion in the Forum but let this GD be a compilation of various points related to the press like their freedom, the importance of the media as the fourth pillar, whether they are exceeding their limits, how such excesses are reflecting on the general mindset, possible reasons for the media going overboard and so on but finally culminating in the main point of our discussion, that is whether the freedom of the media need to be retained or should it be restricted/ curtailed.

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    Let us have a healthy, active and fruitful discussion. The GD will close on the 25th of October 2020.

    Best participants selected will be awarded a cash reward of Rs 150/- each. Other participants will also be considered for cash rewards if found eligible.

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    I am against the topic 'Freedom given to the media must be retained'. Every news we hear or listen are coming and reported by the media. If an issue happens within the government or any other agencies, will come from the media channel. Since the Covid 19 pandemic broke out, we got the news through the media channel and are getting the reports and cases in our state and overall the world. For an extent, we must encourage the media to report incidents which happen to us and also for the public. Healthy conversations and discussions must be the main moto of the media channel.
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    I strongly go with the idea of freedom given to the media should be retained. In my opinion, the freedom given to the media will help to reap the benefits and fruits of it to the society. With restricted freedom, the media persons cannot bring out the issues and problems faced by the society to the forefront and also to bring out the true solutions for them. Free discussions without any restrictions in media is needed for the healthy progress of society. In my view, media need self discipline and self control instead of imposed restrictions to work to their potential in a free and fare way. Thinking imposed restrictions on media will keep the society in a healthy condition is a wrong concept. Freedom to the media persons will help them to unearth ill practices and unlawful activities freely in the society.

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    Looking at the present condition and the state of affairs by the media in our country, I would strongly recommend that the media should not be left free completely, but should have certain restrictions imposed on them as to what is to be reported and what is not to be reported. With too many parties in our country and with media favouring the parties, the health of the country is affected. For the personal interest, the media goes overboard and take the issues in a wrong direction with false propaganda. Media should be under control, not free in free India.
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    I am in support of freedom given to media should be retained because media is considered as the fourth piller of democracy and we can rely on media because:
    1) It tells truth and aware people for their basic and legal rights.
    2) Media creates awareness
    3) Creates awareness among peoole about loopholes of government .
    4) Media can insist general public as well as government to follow/ work according to rules and regulations.
    5) media raised issues of general public infront of Government and also protect persons as well as well as Government to violate Rules.
    6) Media educates people and generate confidence to that they can raise their voice if anything happened unlawful.
    A controlled media will not able to work freely. I think with proper supervision and regulation, credibility of information can be maintained. Media itself should follow standards while claiming for any information.

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    Though the freedom allowed to the media is retained, the way some government agencies are behaving one sided force the media to act against them and chose their own investigative actions thereby earning the wrath and media is being sued and harassed. Media is here to bring the truth and not to hide the govt misgivings and if some media are working overtime, they are branded with TRP scam and so on. But people of India wants to know the reality as most of the media are taking sides with one political party or the other and when people want to know the reality, that is truly missing and there comes the investigative journalism which is not liked by leaders and law enforcing agencies in some states. Nevertheless on the part of media they should not misuse their rights and power and behave sensibly for public cause.
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  • #712992
    I am with Mr. SuN on this. The media should not be left completely free but rather there should be some reasonable restrictions on their freedom.
    It is visible that the current state of the media, especially the electronic media, needs to have some changes. I am sure all participants here know how in the aftermath of the alleged murder of Sushant Singh Rajput, certain individuals were targetted and unverified information about them was constantly publicized. These sensational media trials show that some restrictions should be imposed. Even more dangerous is when the media propagates ideologies that can potentially divide people based on religion, caste, etc. In this case, also restrictions are needed.
    It is very hard to expect that the media will exercise "self-control". The reason is that the business model of the media houses thrives on sensational reports. If they constantly broadcast reports like the ones I have mentioned, their viewership will most likely grow. Growing viewership will attract sponsors. This will enable the media house to grow larger and spread their toxic reporting even further. Therefore rather than expecting the channels to change on their own, some limits should be imposed on their reporting.

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    The media should be given freedom but can't be left scant free. In a democratic country like India freedom to media is very important. But how media should conduct? There should be some guidelines and somebody should be monitoring the activities of the media and erring people should be punished. Then only media will work as is has to function.
    No doubt media is the fourth pillar. In fact, I say the media should be the centre pillar even though it is the fourth one. The media should act as a watchdog of the functions of the other three that is, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Initially, after independence, many of the publishing houses of newspapers were doing their duty scrupulously and people were believing them. But slowly many changes are taking place. The men in the legislature and the men in the executive are trying to utilise their power and position for their selfish motives and missing the power. Here the importance of media and press will be increased. They are supposed to act without any bias and bring out the facts so that people will understand what is wrong and what is right. But here the media and press failed. So I feel there should be freedom with some guidelines and restrictions is the need.

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    The mentalities of people are changing. Same is the case with the persons who are manning this media and press. As a matter of fact, the media should be a supporter of rules and they should protect the interest of the public as our democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people. The media should not have any affiliations to any political party. But today every member of the media is belonging to one or the other party and supports that party only.
    The media should work as a protector of democracy and if any foreign country is trying to influence Indian Politics and trying to take control, media should go against such countries and see that our independence is intact. But many of the media companies these days are having foreign funding and they are protecting the interests of those companies instead of safeguarding the Indian democracy and the Indians. So I afraid how the freedom given to them will be used. At the same time restricting the media fully and not allowing them to function the way that wanted is also not correct. That is why freedom with some guidelines and making them answerable for diverting the public from the facts should be the best way. How best it can be done is the question?

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  • #713001
    I opine that the freedom allowed to media should be retained. Media is a very powerful entity and every one thinks about it time to time in case one does something dubious and questionable which can be exposed by the media quickly. What we require today is an honest media responsible for all the things what they are talking or propagating. Media is not to be pardoned if they spread fake news or wrong information. They are supposed to authenticate the news and information before passing it to the common people. Media has to work in a very responsible way and if media is not able to perform correctly then there is a great danger of people just getting misled by the wrong and crafted information. So, freedom should be there for the media but they are to be watched by the authorities and judiciary both as not to allow them to misuse their inherent strength in any negative or destructive ways.
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  • #713020
    I am against the GD topic, 'The freedom allowed to the media must be retained', and would like to put forward my point of view. Well, before I go into detail, I must clearly say that I am not against the freedom of media to an extent, but I do not favour the unlimited freedom they enjoy these days.

    I have observed that the print media, especially the reputed newspapers, maintain a journalistic decorum. They hardly hurl abuses and present the fact in a respectable way, which is grossly missing in the broadcast media, mainly the television media. The reputed channels presently do not believe in telecasting news while they prefer to conduct a media trial. Their job is to find out the truth and bring it in the open, but they start scoop journalism. They begin investigating every hot news and make a circus out of it, which is highly uncalled-for.


  • #713022
    Dear all,
    While the three strong pillars of democracy, the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary works on some basics like the constitution, the so-called fourth pillar which is a weak pillar has no basis for it. Its foundation is not strong enough. It gets the jerk and changes. It is left scot-free to work in whatever manner they want to work, which is not good for the nation, especially a nation with secular principles. The media should be taken care and controlled.
    Media has become a business house where the journalists wish to roll on money.

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  • #713024
    Imposing restrictions on media will curtail the efficiency of its functioning. Some members are talking about imposing certain restrictions on media is nothing but mending the media to work to the terms of government. For example , AP government introduced a bill of imposing certain restrictions on social media and press. By using that orders, several well educated elderly civilians were arrested stating that they are working against the government by using social platforms. The truth is, these civil people have shared their views on certain mistakes done by government actions on certain things. Courts also commented the restrictions imposed by government will take away the fundamental freedom of expressing their views by public and press. If governments restrict people in such a way how the faults and mistakes of government actions will come out and they can get corrected. Similarlry, AP government banned TV5 and ABN channels in the government run AP Fiber government cable services to people. The reason for that is the government is thinking these channels are working against the government. So any government don't want the media to work against them and always tries to restrict them by imposing certain laws. All governments to heed from the impact of media always tries to stop them in different ways. This type of restrictions never be good for the media to bring out the true facts of issues or problems and their ill impacts on society. So freedom allowed to media should be retained with no restrictions inorder to allow it to work in a full fledged form and the society to reap and enjoy its benefits. There are specific restrictions with respect to the security of Nation and laws that protect the misuse of media are already there to provide immunity to public life in general from media.

  • #713028
    I agree with Ramakrishna that the restrictions can be used by the government for their benefit. The restrictions can't be imposed by a State government or the Central government. There should be a body which will be reporting to the Judiciary and the decisions of the judiciary should be final. That way some new model is to be worked out. SImply the ruling parties can't be allowed to decide what the press should do or shouldn't do. A lot of homework is to be done. Otherwise, there will be a problem.
    The restrictions should control the media from canvassing fake news and biased news. These days we see many media agencies belong to a top leader of one or the other political party. So the reviews, news or articles they present will be always supporting the party to whom the promoters belong. A very undisputed example of this is Sakshi in Telugu. This channel and newspaper always give information biased towards YSR Congress which is the current ruling party in AP. A media agency which is doing such wrong practices should be banned. This power should not be with the government. That should be with the judiciary.
    But when the mentality of the channel promoter is not unbiased giving them full freedom is a big issue. They will misuse. A common man will be in a confused state to understand the facts because of different news from different channels.

    always confident

  • #713031
    Once the media channel becomes big and wanting through their scoops and investigative stories the rival media has the eye on their progress and try to stop their ratings and earning spree. This is was happening in our country. But what I am very much annoyed is the fact that some media are concentrating on just one news which is not relevant to the public and growing the story to more than 130 days which is too much testing of patience from the channel. People can tolerate investigative journalism and inside scoop of what ever i s happening but that should not be at the cost of boring same subject again and again leaving the national important news to the wind. When the media would understand their responsibility to the society and when they would change their attitude. There is a need for total control of media from nodal govt agency.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #713035
    The term "media" refers to television, newspapers, radio,etc. used as a means of communication. This helps the people to become aware about what is happening around the world. It is the right of every person to the freedom of speech and expression which is the interchange of ideas and information among human beings and for mass communication under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. Media is doing the same. It should be free from any kind of restrictions then only it can deliver the news in its original form. But one thing should be kept in mind is the kind of freedom one enjoys. Limitations regarding hate speech should be considered. Media should be given freedom but it should not misuse that freedom in order to propogate some agenda. Media should be clear in their fundamentals i.e. to act as a "watchdog" to protect public interest against mal practices and act against the injustice, oppression and misdeeds of society.
    Free media helps to ensure that democratic principle of transparency is intact. It helps to scrutinize the matters of public concern in a transparent manner.

  • #713039
    #713022, The author is talking about the three pillars of democracy are strong and the fourth pillar is weak. In Indian democracy, in the last elections NDA got 45% of votes while all other parties together got 55% of votes. Even in that, the NDA government can pass any bills of their wish and can buldoze the Parliament with their majority. Do we think our democracy is a false democracy because 55% peoples majority is not there with the ruling party in power. Similarlrly, our judiciary is getting negative comments from the people who are involved and they are a part of their system itself. Executive part of our democracy is the one which is mostly failing in providing the benefits approved by legislature. But the fourth estate pillar is one which is helping to clean the various systems of organizations of our governance filled with filth, dirt and dishonesty. It is giving hope and helping hand to the public with its freedom and go to any extent to solve the problems of public. If its freedom is curtailed, all the benefits that the public get from media will be impinged. A famous quote on press freedom says, "Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy itself".

  • #713042
    Some members are advocating for applying a control or limiting the freedom of the media. In this aspect I want to say that curtailing the freedom of the media would lead to removing a control on the Govt, authorities, and any project being taken up or introduced by the current Govt. If we see the History of the world, media had always a pivotal role in aligning the people in a particular direction and a strong and honest journalism had done it time and again. So let media work independently but as law is for all they cannot be above the law and cannot behave in an irresponsible manner. We have to inculcate a clean media and encourage honest media people in their approach because they are the game changers in a healthy democracy. Curtailing their powers or making the legally handicapped would not solve the problem.
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  • #713055
    Media has a meaningful role to play in building a strong nation, which no one would deny. The fact is the media must learn to draw its limit. It cannot spread venom. Just take the example of a family where every generation is equally important. Each generation has its responsibilities which one has to fulfil with utmost sincerity. Unwanted backlashing in a family of one section by another spoils the relationship among the family members. So, everyone must be within a limit and exercise their freedom within a particular context of harming no one.

    A country is also like a family. It properly runs when all the pillars and the general people respect their respective roles. During the general election, the citizens get an opportunity to vote in favour or against by evaluating the ruling party's performance. So, why the media would enjoy a free run? When the media freely abuse their freedom, then a curb is needed.


  • #713058
    Social media is the only platform where anybody can express their views, exchange ideas, discuss their problems and also get their solutions. Some countries regulate social media like China. But in these countries, people see and do online as per the government's regulations.

    Enforcement of restrictions on social media will only benefit powerful personalities and ruling parties or those who are in close relation with them. And they want to regulate media according to their need and to get political mileage by influencing innocent public for a short time.

    However social media plays a vital role to inspire our youth and help then to find clear direction. Media develop their thought process/ thinking. People start following successful personalities in their field and prepare successful business leaders, educationist, Scientists, Officers and philanthropist etc. after watching positive and inspiring speeches, their tweets and messages on Instagram and Facebook inspire them and have the power to change their mind in a positive direction.

    There are several examples where media has helped people in many ways like Baba Ka Dhaba (a food stall run by 80 years old couple at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi) got popularity after a video went viral on social media which helped them a lot to fight with poverty in this pandemic situation; Jakhmi Juton Ka Aspatal (a footpath shop run by a shoemaker Narsi Ram at Jind, Haryana) got popularity after tweets of Mr Anand Mahindra a renowned Businessman of our country. In which he appraised his creative thoughts and Jyoti Kumari, who cycled 1200 Km from Gurugram to Bihar carrying his injured father during the lockdown. Mr Anand Kumar owner of Super 30 offered free coaching to the "bicycle girl". These are some example who showed the inspirational power of media. All these people get popularity within hours due to social media. So media is the most powerful way to disseminate the information among public and any restriction on it may hamper its working and reduce its effect.

  • #713059

    As far as my understanding goes, the topic of the GD is related to the media, which means print, broadcast and digital reporting. Social media does not fall under the media category because anyone on Facebook or Twitter can write or share video irrespective of their profession. One need not be a journalist, but the topic refers to full-fledged journalism.


  • #713060
    I do not say anything against the freedom for media. I too agree that the media should have freedom. But in India, the media plays a different role. The media is not genuine. We cannot trust our media completely. Media tries to divide the people. It tries to create hatred feelings. The chief aim of media is to make money. Look at the great journalists for the wealth they created through journalism.

    In India, the media needs a change. It needs to be controlled.

    No life without Sun

  • #713063

    Media covers means of communications (broadcasting, printing, and the internet). And as far as GD topic is concerned it is on media and in my understanding press. Press media mainly refers to print media like news paper or digital publishing.

    In the response #713020 television media was discussed. As per the Press Release dt. 14-04-2020 of Press Council of India (PR/9/2020-PCI), PCI has clearly mentioned that Electronic media, TV news channels, social media i.e. Whatsapp/ twitter/Facebook do not come under the jurisdiction of the Press Council of India.

    So from the above circular it is clear that if we are talking about press media it is only print media.

    But I want to clear here that all the news channels (ANI, ABP New, Aaj Tak etc.) have their online social media accounts and publish their news there. If television is included in this discussion then internet must be included here.

  • #713069
    Most of the members here have reiterated that imposing regulations will lead to the destruction of democracy. The regulations should be reasonable and should only aim at ensuring limits on fake news (especially news items which can cause enmity between different groups) and ensuring that certain broadcasting standards are met, especially in TV debates which (since the last couple of years) ceased to be "news items".
    There are already certain regulations, for example, the Program Code (for the cable TV networks). There is the NBSA as a self-regulating body for the TV media. Several recent incidents prove that these are not enough. The NBSA should be given statutory powers since, without sufficient powers, a self-regulatory body can not properly impose fines (there was a case almost a year back when Republic TV refused to apologize even when asked by the NBSA to do so).
    Further, in the case of potentially sensitive TV news shows, there should be a mechanism for pre-certification. Sudarshan News could air its toxic TV show on alleged UPSC "Jihad" only because there is no mechanism to pre-certify TV news shows. All of these incidents are clear proof that further regulations are needed. Either the NBSA guidelines can be given statutory force or a new independent body can be set up for the purpose.

  • #713072
    One particular television channel, which carries many a report about everything that is good about the ruling dispensation in New Delhi, attempts to crush any possible dissent from even anyone participating in any debate. This channel is now in the news for the wrong reasons, as it has been abused of rigging the process of what are called TRP ratings, by actually paying money to slum dwellers, who do not watch any English channel, but had kept their television sets on, even in their absense. Police are investigating.

    Be that as it may, one big reason of any restriction on the media, in whatever form, is not healthy at all. Decades ago, corruption in the ruling party was exposed through superb investigative journalism, done by Arun Shourie of the Indian Express. Even the then mighty Indira Gandhi had to sack her own Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the late Mr. Antulay.

    We need the press to inform and to reform. Readers need high quality news and journalism of a very tall order. The English press in particular, is doing a commendable job of educating the masses on global developments and allied matters and this is missing with the vernacular press. However, local language channels serve another important purpose. There are at least two or three serials that carry good messages, and in this present situations where the theatres are still closed, television has indeed made a big difference.

    We need total freedom of the press. The State and Central Governments should totally keep off the electronic media and the print media. Even if a small section is virtually controlled by New Delhi, the inform and reform job is done superbly by the media. There should not any attempt to control the media, even to the minutest extent.

  • #713076
    In my opinion, freedom should be given to media but there should be some restriction also. We have seen in the present scenario that the media has misused freedom. I also believe that the media is the fourth pillar of democracy. We should not forget that the media has played an important role in the freedom struggle of India.

    So, freedom should be retained but there should be some strict rule or restriction if they misuse this freedom. The news and issue should be authentic. If media published inauthentic news or issue, then strict action should be taken against them.

    Sometimes, due to inauthentic new, unpleasant condition arises in the country, at that time the news channel or newspaper which is responsible for these type of inauthentic news, should be punished and banned for sometimes.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #713078
    Mr. ABS,
    What are you talking about? Be clear with your words. On one side you are blaming a TV channel for supporting a government. It is because the TV channel you are talking about has its freedom to support or not to support and do whatever they want. And you have concluded saying there should be complete freedom for media.

    No life without Sun

  • #713084
    Some members are feeling that there should not be any controls and full freedom should be given to the media. Yes. There should not be any controls to media to report the facts. Facts will be same and will not differ from channel to channel or paper to paper. If this fairness is there in all the journalists I 100% advocate freedom without control to press.
    During my career, I came across many situations wherein I have to deal with different reporters from different news agencies. These journalists are not like our good old journalists who report the facts and highlight the faults. They try to take advantage of the situation. They come with a request and if we are not able to fulfil that they will come out with news against our organisation. They never think that their personal requirements should not come in the way of reporting the facts. How to deal with such journalists? They will have the back up of local politicians. In such situations, a common man suffers.
    As long as journalism and politics are interlinked and the media personnel are greedy, there are chances for the media to spoil society. What is the remedy for this? How we can see that the media will give facts only? What is the mechanism? This point is not coming out so far in this discussion. How to see that news will not be tampered by the media?

    always confident

  • #713085
    Media helped people. No doubt? But the same media is spoiling the people also. In a democratic and secular country, the media should be impartial and should be always with the people who are losing because of certain prevailing conditions and politics in society. But some media houses are trying to take advantage of their closeness with the politicians and exploiting the people sometimes. When we see such attempts we get irritated. We know media collecting money from the public to help the victims of natural calamities and faced allegations regarding the misuse of that money. When such issues come to our notice we will lose faith on this media.
    always confident

  • #713092
    Every agency is regulated in the country by the rules and regulations specified for the category under which it is operating or is active. So, to that extent regulating is alright. Here we are talking of freedom to put forward the thoughts percolating in media or converting the public sentiments to a presentation so that the attention of the Govt can be brought to the seriousness behind such gestures. So, we are talking about this freedom and not the freedom to abuse others or spit venom on others. We are talking of constructive media power which requires freedom as well as public support to show its effectiveness. I strongly opine that such media is to be given adequate freedom of speech if we really want to take mileage from it for a better governance.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #713094
    Yes. The media has to be given the freedom for constructive actions which will be good for the public. Already that freedom is there and there are many examples where the media misused that freedom and tried to get extra mileage. But it all depends on how sincerely they are doing their duty within the framework given to them. Now media is also working for making profit only. They want more income for which advertisements are very important and for that TRP rating is very important. So their focus is always on creating tension or suspense among the people. For that, they make stories which are far from realities and confusing the people. Is this the freedom we are talking about? A media house should be given full freedom to work and report facts and to bring the problems of the public to the government. But today no print or electronic media is doing that as far as my knowledge goes.
    always confident

  • #713097
    In every segment of life there is some good and there is also some bad things prevail. To correct badness in some sections of media, the honest media will suffer in fullfilling their duties due to the restrictions imposed on all the media. Already the media has certain norms and regulations in reporting news and if such norms are followed deligently evrything for sure is in right condition. In my opinion, it is the self discipline and self control of media persons is what it is required for the efficient functioning of media. Those media which work honestly only will get name and fame in the people. For example, certain news papers like Hindu or Indian express got good name and honor in the minds of people because they are honest in their duties. The AP present ruling party has its own news paper and TV channel. In this the ruling party trumpet themselves day and night and they never a give a news item that goes against their party or leaders. So such media's news is never believed by the people or even by the leaders of their own party itself. So media get trust in the people only when they act honestly. Without trust or respect of a media house in the people, it become useless.

    Dr.Srinivasa Rao mentioned that facts should be same in all in vestigation journalism. But every journalist will be unique to themselves and each journalist will investigate the same issue in different angles. So in such investigations they draw different facts. If such freedom is not given, the journalism become dead. If freedom is not there for media, politicians will never care to any body in the society.

  • #713099
    SuN Sir, the law will take its own course. Let the so-called ruling party puppet channel do whatever it wants. If the police are able to do something and dig out the truth, let the concerned authorities of the particular channel be punished. But that is not a reason for the media to be controlled in any way. Let the channel go on doing its pro-Govt propaganda. Let the CEO, who acts like a dictator continue to do what he wants to do. He should be arrested only when he crosses the line or does something to disturb public peace.

    Yes. The media should be given total freedom. Recently, a private channel was fined Rs.2,50,000 for airing a totally objectionable scene, and this Tamil channel is the number one in India and the whole of Asia. It reaches everywhere in the world. The law took its own course. Let the Government not decide what the media shoud do.

  • #713101
    Sivakumar, the discussion is not about any particular channel or channels. It is the freedom of the media in general that is being discussed. Please do not narrow down the scope of the discussion.
    'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'.
    Lao Tzu

  • #713103
    I think the discussion about freedom of the media and whether the Government should control it in any way has grown into a burning topic only in the recent past. The answer is NO. It should never ever control the print or electronic media, or even social media. Yes, social media is actually not part of the media at all. But YouTube, for example, is a rather explosive vehicle that has a big say in influencing the trends in print media and so on.

    Let us take one example, One former IPS officer was inducted some months ago, into the ruling party in New Delhi. The Tamil Nadu unit has always had a bunch of jokers. These people are the subject of many thousands of times and a large number of articles in the local Tamil print media as well. This is mainly because even this former IPS officer has no answer to burning questions. Let the people decide what they want, how they want it, and how the standard of anything should be in our State. Not the bunch of these useless politicians.

    The best example is the reaction of any average Tamil citizen to the NEET examination. This has effectively taken away the rights of the rural population to study medicine, purely on the basis of the plus two marks. The late Jayalalitha had obtained a stay order and there was no NEET in Tamil Nadu. She died and the thugs in the ruling party of New Delhi have taken over. They talk rubbish day in and day out. The people are not so foolish. The media in its present form is able to report everything that every single politician talks about.

    Yes, we are able to get a glimpse of whatever the former IPS officer has to say on various issues, only because the media is free. It if it's controlled, the people will suffer, as they will never ever get to hear the actual and factual position. NEET is just one issue. There are so many burning issues and the Tamil media, both print and electronic, has been able to mirror whatever has been going on. This should continue.

  • #713108
    There are four reasons why the Governments at the Center or the State should not touch the media at all. The first main reason is that the media will become puppets of whomsoever is in power and all atrocities made by the ruling class will never reach the public. Already, sections of the National Electronic English Media are reportedly controlled, directly or indirectly by the Mukesh Ambani group, and this is not healthy at all.

    The second major reason is that there will be an unholy nexus between the owners of the print or electronic media and the ruling class. This nexus, based on compromise, will mean that the media will never ever enjoy the freedom that it should enjoy, under the Constitution.

    Thirdly, as I had already pointed out, the role of the media is not informed. It is also there to reform. For example, the fabulous reporting of excess in the midnight arrest of the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the late Mr. Karunanidhi, by the imperious Jayalalitha, a few days after she came to power, was widely reported in the media and it reached the international media as well. The court came down heavily on the State Government and he had to be released. There was no case at all, as the o-called project was executed by L&T, one of the best ethical companies in India.

    Fourthly, the media i8s the only hope for the poor. When the electronic media shows the sorry state of affairs about any aspect of society, the entire official machinery wakes up and does something. At least some action follows. If the media is controlled by the Government, this will never ever happen.

    We already have the control over media, indirectly. Let us not allow things to go very far.

  • #713110
    Media is the backbone of any democratic society. The media watch all the activities of governments, corporate and others and ensure their performance and duties and interpret and disseminate the information and hence called accountable. In this course of dissemination of information sometimes they may behave in some manner which may be felt as rude, irresponsible. And everybody knows a toothless lion cannot fulfil the intended purpose. Self-regulation of media in India is already there and statutory regulation will only obstruct its activities. Media in real means is the voice of the public and any statutory regulations and restrictions will serve as a hurdles in their work. Besides, there must be some healthy discussion between government and media owners so that nobody will bother from the dissemination of information.

  • #713124
    Dr. Gangwar has talked about the self-regulation of media. Yes, there are already certain self-regulatory bodies with the News Broadcasters Standards Authority (NBSA) being the foremost among them (in the case of the electronic media) as already mentioned in my previous post here. But the self-regulatory mechanism has not worked because even if the channels blatantly refuse to follow the NBSA guidelines, there is very little that the body can do. The example of Republic TV was already given. Republic TV even exited from the NBSA and went on to form its own broadcasters association, the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF). There were also similar cases with India TV in 2010 and Zee News in 2017 where the NBSA appeared utterly helpless in implementing its guidelines.

    I won't talk much about print media here since the standards of journalism in print media are still relatively high and there is no need to bring in new regulations there. But the abysmal standard of the electronic media today has to be because there is no force behind the guidelines of the regulator. The NBSA guidelines should be given legal force so that they serve their purpose. That is why there should be some statutory power behind these guidelines so that they can act as a deterrent.

    Mr. Sivakumar had raised a valid point about the government turning the media into its puppet if more regulation was brought in. This can surely happen if a government agency was the enforcer of the regulations. This is the reason why an independent body should oversee the implementation of the guidelines. There can be an autonomous body (appointed on the same lines as, say, CIC to preserve its independence) that should have the powers to step in if a channel repeatedly goes against the NBSA's norms. This would ensure that broadcasting standards are met and also the media doesn't turn into an arm of the government.

  • #713129

    Earlier it was only print media, but gradually electronic and digital media came into existence. Yes, I have discussed the news channels, but in my opinion, social media such as FB and other such sites are not news channels. Giving reference to ABP and other news sites is fine because those are not social media. It is a fact that the Press Council of India does not consider any other news medium other than the print medium. Well, the present world believes in getting instant news so, radio, television and digital news portals play a vital role. Presently, we don't wait to get information from a newspaper the next morning because we get updated through electronic media at every minute. Thus, when we talk about some news regarding any field, no one can ignore news channels and portals. Journalist and reporters gather information and accordingly prepare a report. Is it the same with social media? Well, I am no one to say that you should not include social media. It's entirely your choice.

    Coming to the actual discussion, I would reiterate that the media should not be free. They must remain accountable to an extent. Some members have rightly pointed out that governments do use some media houses according to their convenience. That's the moot point. Why do media owners lack journalism integrity? They must remain true to their profession. When they get sold, then freedom of the news agencies is meaningless. They should remain accountable, and the judiciary must have the power to evaluate the performance of the media houses.


  • #713132
    It is not a joke, in India, for the media to play a very neutral role. The Government's do threaten the particular newspapers that it will not give any Government advertisements.

    To give a simple example, the best English daily in India, THE HINDU, published from Chennai and many other centers did not budge an inch and published several articles on the Rafale Deal, raising several uncomfortable questions. It is only because of its reach and reputation that this newspaper has survived the critical times.

    If the Government is allowed any power or enacts any law that controls the media in any way, in a democratic society such as ours, we will have deeply polarized opinions. For example, one is given to understand that a vast number of Hindi print newspapers have closely aligned with the agenda of the party at the Centre.

    We are also given to understand that every disastrous decision of the ruling party is not fully discussed and, more so, the discussion on economic blunders is either zero or inconsequential. In this situation, controlling the media will make the situation even worse. We cannot have a vast section of the media singing praises about any leader, whose actions have done more harm than good. So, we need total freedom for the press to voice its opinion without fear of being punished. This is vital for the survival of our democracy. Already, millions of people have bestowed upon one leader, a status equal to a demi-God. Those who dare to even raise the minimum voice are called urban naxals and anti-national.

    We are at a crucial tipping point. We need freedom of expression equal to what is there in the USA. Sadly, we have miles to go before we can even get to 50 % of the US situation.

    Let us not give any room for any control of the media. Never ever should this happen at all.

  • #713136
    I would put up an important issue where the media goes wrong. Defence of a country is very important, and its affairs should be secret or Top secret. But to my utter surprise, our media is playing a dirty role by leaking out our defence information. Especially, the movement of troop movement in the border and other plan of action.

    Would it be right for a media to go behind the defence authorities to question what is happening, what is their plan of action etc. The newspapers publish the photograph of our military movements and their preparedness. Is it right?

    Do we get any such information posted in the media of other countries? They maintain the secrecy of their military movements, plans etc. They keep utmost silence.

    But Indian medias cannot maintain secrecy, and I consider them as internal enemy and more dangerous than the real enemy.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend that media should be controlled irrespective of print media or electronic media.

    Can anyone respond to my question?

    No life without Sun

  • #713144
    Dear Members who are favouring complete freedom to the media,
    Please understand the following before you recommend complete freedom to the journalist. Have you gone through the constitution of India. Know it now.

    In the Constitution of India, freedom of expression is allowed but it is not absolute. People can't say everything. They are bound by reasonable restrictions. This is more applicable to the press or media.
    For Indian media also, they can't be completely free. There must be reasonable restrictions so that media can't create problem in the society by their irresponsible reporting.

    We cannot ignore the constitution and go against it. What is happening now is - The media has been let loose to report whatever they feel. They do not know what is to be reported and what is not to be reported. Hence it is necessary to take charge of them and guide them on the right path of journalism.

    Give a second thought to your false opinion about the media. Is there anyone to deny or oppose my recommendation to have strict control over Indian media?

    No life without Sun

  • #713146

    Your observation is correct absolutely. As you said that if media is not left free, then the government will misuse its power by utilizing the media house. Yes, it's happening but the members who opined that there should be some control over the media, they do not wish the government to have the controlling power. It should be an independent body, or the Judiciary can have controlling reign.

    Recently, there was news that the Delhi High Court has ruled against the Republic T.V. for using the trademark, Newshour, of Times Now, but allowed to use the tagline, Nation wants to know, only as a part of speech. In the same profession, one channel is trying to copy another news channel, which is ridiculous. They do not have honesty towards their work, then how can we expect the media to be honest in news reporting? Thus, a check on the media is essential.


  • #713147
    Media/journalists raise voice for a common man. They fight for them for their basic rights. And sometime they may be threatened by the powerful peoples. Actually liberty of public depends on the freedom of the media.

    Many times when any powerful man harass any poor /weak, only media is there to help them and when anybody cannot do anything or not able to do anything, only media comes forward and raise their voice and ignite the issue. If freedom of media is curtailed then who will help the public?

  • #713148
    #713136 and #713144

    The viewpoint shared by the author is highly appreciable. The media must learn to be within a limit. Coming up with the country's defence strategy can cause harm to the nation. Should we believe that the media have all the knowledge regarding the country's defence? If we praise the media for disclosing the country's defence secrets, then the countrymen are ruining our defence system by supporting the limitless interference of the reporters.

    Unlimited freedom of expression is always harmful irrespective of any individual or an organisation. Those who enjoy such kind of free run take everything and everyone for granted. They become authoritative, and there arises a whole lot of problem. They lose reasoning and make a habit of raising a finger according to their benefit. It's not called impartial journalism. Such kind of news reporting spoils the system and the country's structure. Media must be answerable, or else their biased journalism will spread dissatisfaction among the countrymen.


  • #713156
    Even within the ambit of the existing laws, there is a provision to file FIRs against any member of the public or the media houses that rake up issues such as defense. This does not mean that the Governments at the Center and the States should be given powers to control the media.

    Let me give instances of such high-handed behavior. THE HINDU had given an accurate picture of what happened during the arrest of the then former Chief Minister, Mr.M.Karunanidhi, in Chennai. The then imperious dictator, Ms. Jayalalitha, made the police go after the Management of the newspaper, reputed to be the best in terms of journalistic excellence. When the matter went to Court, the dictator had to give in. Instances such as these will happen with monotonous regularity. Already, those in power, more so, in the BJP States and the Centre, are behaving like the Zamindars of the old times. The best example is the horrible rape case in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

    Let the people decide. It is not for the Government to control the media. If they are given even limited powers, they will misuse such power for their own selfish ends. Even now, a vast section of the media is engaged in building a big image of the leaders of the ruling dispensation, when they have actually not lived up to such an image at all. We hence need the absolute freedom of the press. If there is any excess, that can be done within the ambit of the existing laws.

    Now, let me discuss some more reasons why the freedom of the media, in whatever form, is very important. The media and the existing reach of the media remain the only source of encouragement and hope for the masses. A massive number of good things can also happen, only when the media is able to mirror the actual state of affairs. Everything and everybody cannot be controlled by money and by the Government. People at various levels have a right to live and they are entitled to education and some minimum support for a decent living. We have had very good success, at least in Tamil Nadu. The sections of the press that expose the corruption of the ruling party, the most corrupted party of India, have been able to do so, only because of freedom. A particular Tamil magazine, that actually helped the Government to take action in several cases, is a classic example. Common people need to know what is going on -- whether right or wrong. The press, particularly the electronic media, can play a vital role in really getting at the truth. In the 2015 Chennai floods, the local television channels actually helped in saving thousands of lives, through accurate and bold reporting of ground realities. There was nothing political about it.

    In Tamil Nadu, we have successfully implemented the 69% reservation for the backward and most backward classes. The realistic narrative that the Tamil press has successfully built around the logic of this fabulous policy has ensured that, for example, sons and daughters of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, sweepers, cobblers, and such marginalized people have become engineers and sometimes, even doctors. This classic example of social justice has been well documented by dozens of sociologists and economists. The vast service sector that supports the continuous GDP growth of over 7%, year on year, is possible only due to this policy. We do not want someone from New Delhi to come and tell us what to do.

    Several hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from the freedom of the press. The youth also deserve their voice to be heard. We had the classic case of Jallikattu, which became a people's movement. The Modi Government had to give in, as it realized that the people were united as an entire race. The accurate reporting of the press enabled the agitation to garner international attention. The Marina was converted into a place for mass movements. Since then, the second largest beach is under the control of the State and the Centre, and they are constantly on the prowl, to ensure that no other mass movement takes place.

    The situation in other Staes could be similar. The giant of a leader, Chandrababu Naidu was defeated only because of corruption in his party. I was told by my friends from AP, that the media had a big role in exposing corruption. Similarly, the case of the gold smuggling in Kerala, where too many people were involved, has been highlighted in the public domain, only because of the freedom of the press. Even within the existing laws, the goonda and jungle raj in UP, for example, has muzzled the media. The rape incident would not have been known to the world if some bold journalists had not acted in time.

    The number of instances where the press has done such a fabulous job is too many to be repeated here. Let the media be given total freedom. Within the ambit of the existing laws, the excesses can be controlled. I cannot accept the views of any Member who has argued against giving total freedom to the press. I have forcefully argued in the above threads of mine, why the press should have absolute freedom. The inform and reform agenda is impossible without a totally free press. Period.

  • #713157
    This is one topic on which there is so much to talk about. Every excess of the ruling party, whether it is in the Center or the States, has to be accurately reported. One leader of one of the Opposition parties has effectively stopped the implementation of the needless eight-lane Highway, that was proposed between Salem and Chennai. The existing Highway and the alternate routes to reach Salem have already been highlighted by the free press. The actual reason is the greed of the present CM, who wants to loot money through the contract. That his relatives control every major contract in Tamil Nadu is not a secret. It is there in the public domain. And true to its games, the BJP has raided the premises of the contractor to seize all-black money and only threaten the CM, even further. How will all this happen and the people know the actual truth, without a good free press?

    On the outskirts of Coimbatore, a lady was reported doing a fabulous social service by selling idlis, for just Re1 apiece. The local Tamil press first reported this and then there were so many videos. Anand Mahindra, the noted industrialist, donated a gas connection to the lady. The hydrocarbons issue was reported widely in the Tamil press, and this is exactly why the mass movement against it was ensured. We need a totally free press to report on such matters.

    A free press will effectively touch the lives of people like never before. The Governments everywhere will do precious little for the poor and the Dalits and those who are economically very poor. Only a free press can ensure justice for the people at all times. As I have already stated, the press and the media in whatever form is nowhere near the levels that obtain in the advanced countries, more so, the USA. In these circumstances, the Government at the Centre, and the States, will only misuse any small power that they have and use it to control the media totally. This should never ever happen. Anything good or bad comes to light only when the press and the total media is totally free. Our existing laws are enough to control the excesses.

    We had the glorious example of the migrants walking thousands of kilometers during the lockdown. It was only after the Supreme Court intervened that the Government allowed the special trains to run. And worse, the Railway Ministry lied that it bore maximum of the expenses. This was nailed by the media. We need totally free media. Those who argue for control should first go through every instance of the worst horrible excesses since 2014, of the Government, and then talk about realities. A section of our Members has already elevated one leader, who has not even condemned the UP rape case to date, to a demi-God Status. Yes. He is not corrupt. But that does not mean he is a God. Unless we have a free press we will never ever be able to control the shades of grey we see everywhere. If such shades of grey directly affect the nation, as it often does, we do have a case for total freedom of the press. Even if there is an independent body, the members can be easily purchased. Look at how the former Chief Justice of India was given a Rajya Sabha ticket. If this is not an excess, then what is?

    Our dear Members who blindly support one leader and go about happily talking only about his pluses, need to touch their hearts and feel where the minuses are. There are thousands of minuses everywhere. The sheer nonsense uttered by several members of the ruling dispensation is all far above the normal limits. One fellow has become BCCI Chief, only because his father is a great man!! Where are we, as a nation, headed to?

    Only a free press will at least ensure that the future generation is alive to whatever is going on around them. This is our only hope.

  • #713161
    Mr. ABS,
    You have said a lot about the freedom to media with events that have attracted the public. This is what is the duty of media. Media should publish information gathered for the benefit of everyone, may it be the government or the public. The media has no religion or community. There is nothing special about it.

    But what is required is - Media should not become parallel to the government. If this can be understood well, all your above writings become useless to the readers.

    Media should not go behind something. Let the concerned deal with it. Media should not rely on problems and questions only. They should suggest remedies too.

    When there is a problem, I see hundreds of mikes becoming active on the sites. It is only to become popular with the publication of information first. Media is crazy to get messages, especially of negatives. Medias have their own competition to become great among the medias. Therefore, they do not think well before they publish.

    Media should not only mean an authority to Question.

    No life without Sun

  • #713165
    Media is nothing but a thing that is used for communication to convey/update news and general information pertaining to an individual/people/group/gang/government/place/country /activities etc. The print or electronic media should gather information and pass it on for the government or public or the parties concerned through Paper/TV/Radio. The media should not try to shout, but cool. The media should be a neutral body not to favour or harm someone.

    Should a media person shout "The country wants to know it" and allow others to shout or abuse, and make a fish market with many windows on the TV channel. No. You pass on the report/ information/ message what you have seen/received/ heard. Leave to the party concerned to deal with.

    If the media is let free to behave and take charge of the Legistative, Executive and Judiciary, then the media cannot be the fourth pillar of democracy, but would be the central pillar surrounded by three pillars of the democracy. There would be chaos in the country. We don't want that to happen.

    We have the freedom of expression, but should know what to express and how to express. This is lacking in India's media. Hence there is a requirement of effective management of media in our country.

    No life without Sun

  • #713169
    SuN Sir, the channel you are talking about has a CEO who assumes that he is the official ambassador of the ruling party. One understands that the owner is from the ruling party as well. Our great friend never ever allows anyone to talk. He expects everyone and anyone to merely agree to whatever he says.

    He has now lost face; he is trying to cover up the allegation that his channel has bribed viewers to watch his channel. The police and perhaps the CBI will also investigate the allegations.

    Let this mad fellow go on shouting; nobody is going to give him any respect. But that is not the issue at all. Since we have the market forces now acting like never before, people will form their own opinion about what they want to see, when, where and how.

    Take SUN TV for example. I think you know Tamil well. Inspite of the fact that these days the channel is showing a lot of rubbish, the pull of market forces and the urge of viewers to see the religious serials has forces the channel to also have one or two such serials. This is exactly what am talking about.

    The rival Vijay TV still has the Big Boss program with the brilliant Kamal Hassan. Sun TV now is thinking of its own game shows. It's serial Nayagi, in its second Avatar, is very good. It has a social message. Such things will continue. They should continue. The same Sun TV has a news channel and many social issues have been discussed at length. The atrocious crimes against women, done by youth with active political support from the ruling party, in the lovely town of Pollachi was brought to light only through the continuous exposure in Sun news.

    If the Government tries to control media, it will misuse it for its most selfish ends; at present a good section of the media is seriously supporting the political agenda of the ruling dispensation; this is even harmful to the nation in its present form. Let us not disturb the apple cart in any way. Media should always have total freedom.

  • #713170
    Mr. ABS,
    You are mixing up entertainment with news and information. We won't mind the TV channels telecasting any serial or mega serial or big boss or small boss.
    What is essential to care and restrict the freedom is the spreading of false news on politics, false propaganda, false investigation and reports, pro or anti government discussions, religious/community/caste issues.

    No life without Sun

  • #713171
    Dear SuN Sir, the freedom of the media also extends, by natural extension to such serials as well. Do you know that the director of one serial shown on Sun TV, was fined, after someone lodged a complaint against the content that showed a horrible rape scene with the offender removing his clothes? Well, it was all suggestive, but the scene itself was obscene and had to be punished. The fine was Rs250000 rupees. The director paid up the money.

    I really do not think that the Tv serials that aim at entertainment, can be a separate entity by any stretch of imagination. Serials also have a big influence on people. They have indeed had a terrific influence in the past seven months of lockdown. Of inactivity and a massive increase in the work from home arrangements.

    Now, the more important and vital question of freedom of the media. Only after almost a dozen of world-class economists advocated a demand push, the great Finance Minister is trying to get this done through the Government servants. Official records do not give an accurate picture of those employed through the MANGREGA scheme, a fabulous scheme introduced by the then Congress Govt. The great PM had criticized this scheme long ago. Yet he is now using the great scheme to some extent.

    What is needed is a big push to revive employment opportunities. For example, bags, toys and the like, done with dried palm leaves has tremendouus export potential. Those abroad will readily lap up such products, as the products are big substitutes for plastics. All that the Government has to do is to involve some NGO that is already doing some work and entrust the task of online marketing to that agency. Now, the social media may speak about it, but only the print media has to make it very popular. Only when the press is free, it can promote such causes.

    The print press has to continuously report on such news. Only then can we hope for some change, howsoever small that can or maybe. Controlling the media through the Government is akin to giving a garland of flowers to a monkey. Please note, our monkeys are very cunning and ruthless. It can mean the end of dissent in any form. In a democracy such as ours, we do not need to have such monkeys.

  • #713172
    Indian constitution guaratees the freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the media, which also includes the right to dissent, protest, criticise the policies and freedom of press. Some member says that the media has freedom of expression, but should know what to express and how to express. But this doesn't mean that their should be some restriction on it or new should be pre-censor because if it will be like that then public will never know the actual facts due to the effect of politicians and ruling party. When media praise the good acts then constructive criticism of wrong acts is also very important.

  • #713173
    Mr. ABS,
    Other than the media, there are many agencies to deal with problems. There are film censor boards that take care of irrelevant scenes. Similarly, there should be a board to censor the TV serials. There are CBI/CID to investigate offences committed. Media is only to publish reports. They should not try to become detectives and investigators. There are many areas where media should not interfere. In India, media has a free hand to poke into every issue of privacy. This should be avoided. Hence, there should be proper regulations for the media.

    No life without Sun

  • #713176
    When we talk of giving freedom to media it does not mean unlimited freedom. It simple means freedom in accordance with the fundamental rights and directive principles. No one is above law and no one can cross the democratic boundaries under which our constitution is enacted. So, media has to be given sufficient and ample freedom to do its corrective jobs in a precise fashion and with utmost efficiency and if it does so it is good for the society and also good for the nation. A free press is always a main building stone of a healthy democracy.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #713177
    Delinking political parties and the media is very important. Today one party is in the ruling. Tomorrow another party may come to rule. So the governments can't be in power always by suppressing the media. We have seen in Telanagana after KCR took over as Chief Minister, he tried to suppress some channels which are going against him. But those channels approached the courts and the channels are again in operation. I don't feel that the government can suppress completely the media.
    Contrary to this media is having the power to change the governments. There are many kingmakers in print media and electronic media. In the united Andhra Pradesh, a new party started functioning and came to power within 9 months of its inception. The role played by a newspaper in the victory of that party is known all the people in Andhra Pradesh. Later on, when the same party divided into two parties and the same paper played a very important role in stabilising one of the two parties.
    If such media functions with malefic interests, they can misuse the freedom given to them and they can spoil the country.

    always confident

  • #713180
    Now the trend is changed. The channel is purchased by the people active in politics and that channel will act as an advertising agency of their party. Such channels say that whatever their party did is correct and whatever other parties do is incorrect. This tendency is very dangerous and people are getting poisoned by these channels.

    A journalist has to bring out the truth and facts should be published without any hesitation. Journalists may go for investigation. But the purpose of the investigation is to find out the facts. The paths may be different but the destination should the same. But how many journalists are doing this? What are the ethics for the media these days?
    After seeing all this, I strongly feel, the freedom should be given to press and the press should use it for the welfare of the public and the country. If there is an erring channel they should be punished and that can't be by the executive. The Judiciary should do this. Then only media will get back to the old standards and see that the democracy is on rails always.

    always confident

  • #713190
    Putting forth the role of the media in a positive way is well accepted, but that does not mean the journalism is free of disgraceful reporting. It is the news channels which are ruling the 9 P.M to 10 P.M slot. The people interested in the news are glued to the television during the above mentioned time slot. Most of the news lovers have their choice of channel and newspaper. Thus, whatever they print, or telecast becomes Gospel truth for them. That's a big problem. No one tries to cross-check, and polarisation takes place.

    Recently, we have witnessed what happened in the case of SSR's death. A section of the media defamed the entire Bollywood industry. They declared the culprit as well as converted suicide to murder and so on. The media is neither the police, doctor, nor a court. Let the respective departments take a call on the happening then the media can report it in details, and later create awareness among the people for the future. The media has crossed its limitation, which is very harmful to the country.


  • #713194
    Dr. Rao has raised an important issue regarding the nexus between the media houses and politicians. The problem is extremely pervasive. From Assam's Himanta Biswa Sarma to Odisha's Jay Panda, several politicians have direct or indirect links with different media outlets.

    The only way out is to reform the ownership of the media outlets. No one with any direct or indirect affiliation with a political party should be allowed to hold any position of ownership in a media company. But as can be imagined, such a regulation would be very hard to implement. Nevertheless, this is also an important point of reform.

  • #713195
    In India, the media try to steal the information and documents by hiring or bribing someone to get the item for publication. Especially from the departments of national security. Who will control such media? Should media have freedom to access data from defence illegally?

    No member has answered my question posted in my responses 713136 and 713144.

    No life without Sun

  • #713197
    Freedom of media is Very important for many reasons. Freedom of speech, freedom of individuals, freedom of press is absolutely necessary to articulate their opinion without fear of retaliation, fear of punishment or censor ship. Members who are talking about the restrictions to media, don't you know from history how emergency and censorship on media brought about by Mrs.Indira Gandhi left a black mark on Indian democracy in the past. The right to freedom has no value if the government has the right to arrest or put restrictions in some form in whatever they think it as right. Members who are talking about imposition of certain restrictions on the freedom of media have to tell what restrictions you want to suggest to impose on them and how that restrictions will help them to full fill their duties to their utmost satisfaction? Already there are some legal implications are there in the constitution to check if the media person cross the line.

    Freedom expression is necessary for strengthening of democracy. An independent and free press will help for checks and balances of powerful people and institutions. Intensive media activeness even may be sensational will bring alertness in public to check corruption practices and human right violations.

  • #713198
    Some members are talking about certain media owners are linking with political parties and are working for a political party. Think in this way that an individual has a freedom to choose and support any party they like and then a media CEO may has the same freedom to support one political party or oppose any other political party. The conflicts between the media portals bring more and more truths into public domain that will help our democracy to flourish. At present our voters are mature enough to distinguish between good and bad of political parties irrespective of the trumpets blown by media to favour the political party of their wish. Because of these debates, discussions, political analyses brought about by different media with various flavors making our voters more matured and our democracy getting more strengthened. This is all because of complete freedom of media in India.

    Mr.Sun, if some documents of important security of Nation leaking means it is the fault or defect of ruling government. It is the duty of government to protect the secrecy of these documents. If the persons in the government itself are the culprits for leakage, what the media persons can do? Is it not the weakness of government?

  • #713199
    The journalists / news channel who report the facts and publish the news, are responsible for the credibility of informaion. But any other statutory regulation for media is not right. Though if any news channel violates the law and misinform the public, then the Ministry of information and Broadcasting handles the issue. As media is self regulatory and themselves is responsible and there is no need of any statutory regulations.

  • #713201
    Here I will explain about my personal experience about how media will bring political maturity in people. In my childhood, in AP Only Congress party is the winner and no other party people know . What ever changes occur people never gave importance to it. People never thought about politicians and political parties and the politics are always in silent form. There is no alternative for the people to vote any other party other than Congress. But once the popular film star NTR entered into politics, the poltics became more talked about subject in AP. What ever move he makes became big news for people. NTR used to take care about to groom even an elected Panchayat member in his politics. This initiation of different politics of NTR got wide spread advertisement in media made the people to follow politics and from there onwards . This political awareness and maturity in voting is still continuing in the people of AP. This all because of the influence of media only.

  • #713203
    The media should be like this .

    Consider ISC as a country. The Webmasters are the Legislature. The Managing Editor is the Executive, The Editors are the Judiciary, and the members are the media.

    Just look at the system as to how it works. How the members behave and conduct themselves following the guidelines of the ISC. This is what should be the media with strict ISC control over them as to what to post and what not to post and discuss.

    About the defence information leakage, the media is the culprit joining hands with the opposition to defame the government. They involve in illegal activities.

    No life without Sun

  • #713204
    #713177, Mr.Rao, In a democratic system you can 't stop a media house to support a political party. Till they cross the line of their limits, no one can stop their freedom to support a party they wish and desist a party they don't like. In democratic system it is the prerogative for any one to support any political party?How you will object that freedom? The political parties have to take care about such difficulties in a sportive way and have to win the hearts of the people to get the votes of voters in their favor.

  • #713205
    Here I am sharing one recent example where media ignite the issues and help the peoples. In New Delhi some famous hospitals were not admitting the COVID patients for immediate treatments. Similarly, some hospitals were not taking care of the patients and no one was there to attend them. In an current incident in Lucknow, two hospitals were alleged that they were doing organ trafficking under the guise of COVID 19. These information are disclosed only after the efforts of media. In these cases when no relative was allowed to enter the hospital premises but it was the media/ reporters who entered there and gathered information and disseminated to the masses.

  • #713207
    Mr.Sun, the same system is running in the public-poltical-media system also. In ISC all the members including editors have the freedom to compose and post anything. But any indecent posts are there the editors (judiciary) may object or even reject. Similarly if the media crosses the line of decency they have to face legal battle and in which they may win or face punishments. Similarly in ISC , members start heated arguments in forum if they face some rejections of their posts. Even though media has a complete freedom to carry their duties in India, they have self imposed restrictions from media organizations and legal obligations from judiciary are there to protect themselves from crossing the line of decency. Like ISc the media individuals also have the comfort to argue themselves to protect their rights.

  • #713217
    Many members have repeatedly expressed that there should be some control over the media and they should not be given unlimited freedom. So in todays perspective where is the unlimited freedom? If they go beyond their power of expression and start abusing or using indecent language then authorities would nab them. So, media should understand their limit as well as fight against anything which is harming the common public and then they should not feel afraid of anyone. To that extent they should have freedom to operate.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #713220
    Dear All,
    It is time now to conclude. I conclude saying "Media in India should not be left absolutely scot-free. They should have freedom of speech and expression, but not freedom to affect democracy in India. As far as possible, the media should be kept away from politics. The media should be a neutral body not affiliated with any political party or institution. Media should concentrate on issues relating to the welfare of the people and the country as a whole.

    My recommendation is to have restrictions imposed on media as to what to report and what not to report. Especially, the media should be kept away from defense-related issues.

    Jai Hind.

    No life without Sun

  • #713221

  • #713223
    I wish to conclude to my arguments as the GD is moving towards the closing moments. I strongly believe media's freedom should be completely retained. Media is a boon to common public that uphold and strengthen our democracy, boost the morale of oppressed, support and help to fight against the strong and powerful people of the society . A media without freedom can be compared to a dead corpse without life. Imposing restrictions on media means the imposer is obstructing the bountiful duties of the media. Because RTI act every citizen of India has a right to know about anythinhg except certain matters of security of the nation. Suppose if the government impose restriction on this act what happens? This restriction will impair us to know about the irregularities and ill services met by common people due to false governance. So these small restrictions imposed on the media will limit the media to function effectively. These restrictions may boon the government to hide their failures in governance under the carpet. Media through their continuous activeness and alertness keep the government on toes and help the public to get good governance. In this technical era of modern times where the media explosion is at its peak, it is not at all possible to control media instead of which we have to see the moral functioning of media to be improved. People have to encourage and facilitate the media that works on honest principles and values.

  • #713224
    In #713124, the author had mentioned that there were instances when a news channel defied the guidelines imposed by the self-regulatory body of the media. So, it proves that such a regulatory body is not very impactful.

    Another point I want to mention is that the members who are supporting complete freedom of the press seem to be confused. The members who are against the total liberty of the media like me have never suggested that the controlling power should be in the hands of the government. It should be an independent body or the judiciary to maintain a check on the media. When the media house goes overboard, then it has to be stopped very strongly even required through a legal option.

    Next is, we should not compare the present time with the pre-independence era of India. That period was a golden time when most of the people were ethical. They loved their country and acted for the benefit of the motherland. Sadly, the present age depicts selfishness, love for wealth, and lack of honesty. In such a scenario, we must not think that the media will run like they did around 1947. People are corrupt, and the media are not an exception. Let us accept the fact that the media use unethical means too, so they should be made answerable to the judiciary.

    Before I conclude my participation in the GD, I once again stress upon the fact that the media should not enjoy unlimited freedom. Some independence is justified but not entirely. The press of any kind must discuss both the sides of a matter and leave it open for the countrymen to form their own opinion. The media should not impose, but give the pros and cons so that people can wear a thinking cap and come to a conclusion.

    Thus, I vehemently support that the media should not retain complete freedom. There should be some limitation which will serve the nation for the better.


  • #713225
    Now I am concluding my GD with the following remarks:

    The constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and expression to all its citizens under Article 19, and media also have the freedom to disseminate news to the audience. Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. It facilitates the dissemination of reliable and valid information and it is the only way by which a common citizen gets the information otherwise it is very difficult or nearly impossible to extort the true information.

    A free media helps in the smooth and transparent functioning of the governing bodies, corporates or any other entity. Media is the mean which can create debates and criticise constructively on the different issues whether they are political, economic issues etc. Media present the facts and figures before the public.

    Media is the most powerful weapon to expose all the legal and illegal acts that happen within the country. It remains active every time in any situation, even in the pandemic also. Media also record the interviews of great personalities and present before the common public. Freedom of media is also required to expose the big scams whether they are financial, political etc.

    Freedom of media is very essential for smooth functioning of the country. To regulate the instances of fake information and data manipulation, The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) & New Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) are already there. These are the regulatory bodies and media people themselves take the responsibility of disseminating true and authentic information to the public.

    Self-regulation in the media is the only way through which the media act responsibly and take its duty honestly. A healthy discussion between government, organisations and press can make it even better.

    So there is no need of any statutory regulation. Self-regulation is already there and media will work effectively when it is free and any kind of restriction by statutory regulation will reduce its effect.

  • #713229
    At the end of this group discussion I reiterate my view that media should be given full freedom as stipulated in the Indian constitution and any deviation would lead to a threat to a healthy democracy as we know that a healthy governance is essential for the growth and development of the people.
    Knowledge is power.

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