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    Is it natural for people to feel jealous?

    There is a feeling of jealousy inside approximately every human being. Even if you try a million, jealousy comes into each other's minds. Just as man is made up of five elements. In the same way, the human mind is born with a jealousy feeling.

    If the feeling of jealousy ends in the mind of the human being, then he will be worshiped like God. But God cannot become a human being. If the feeling of jealousy decreases, success among humans will stop automatically. Because of this jealousy, a person probably wants to move forward in life.

    Sometimes people want to move forward by degrading each other because of success, we can say that the jealousy of the other person does not end. In one form or another, jealousy comes to each other's mind. Do you think that this jealousy In humans is natural?
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    I don't think it's because of jealousy someone wishes to stay ahead. When somebody is jealous, a kind of revenge brews in that person's mind. A type of grudge remains in mind that can make the person revengeful. While moving ahead is the natural tendency of anything, one always wishes to improve her/his position in every sphere. Whether it's the workplace or at home, everybody is working for improvement. Jealousy is not natural but the tendency to better one's position is natural and that helps us to move forward. For example, when a member starts contributing to ISC the membership level is Bronze, then Silver, Gold and so on. I don't think a member becomes jealous of others to move from one level to the other. Rather, it's the strive to do better which makes them look forward. Others can be your inspiration but if you are jealous it won't help you to reach your goal and you will only remain concerned about others' performance.

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    Jealousy is a natural trait and most of the humans would be having this lesser or more extent. Some would show it in their behaviour while some would keep it in their heart. There are many inherent reasons for the humans to feel jealous. One of the foremost as scholars mention is the inability to function and act and then feel jealous of others as how they are able to do it. Other is seeing the other people grow and prosper but the luck is not clicking in ones case. So, instead of accepting it one feels jealous of others. Another could be the materialistic progress. He is having all the luxuries while I am living such a poor life. So, there could be many more but they are all based on the comparison that the humans do with others. If we do not do this comparison which do not bring any happiness to us, may be we do not feel jealous.
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    Jealousy is the natural trait in the human being but that is essential to move forward. If we have saintly behaviour we cannot go on striving hard to achieve the results. There are some sections of people who take the tasks in the different ways and instead of being jealousy, they are encouraged to hear the performance of the other party. They are the people having different philosophy to analyse the situations. They want to excel by undertaking the tasks in different ways. Hence not necessarily everyone feels jealous with others. Their angles would vary depending upon their outlooks.

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    Jealousy is not bad as a long as you use it for your betterment. You can be number one by overtaking the first runner with your good and hard efforts. When a person is developing very fast we may feel jealous by seeing him. But this jealousy should be used a motivator for your development but not for the downfall of the other person.
    When we are a school we will feel jealous about the student who is getting the first rank. We should use this as a tool and we should try hard to overtake him. But we should never try to belittle him. If we use that as a tool for our betterment jealousy will work wonders. But we generally, wish that the other person should come down but we never try to work hard and overtake the other person. That is why jealousy is a bad trait. Bala SUbrahmaiyam said that he used to feel jealous of other singers and he worked hard to overtake them. That helped him in becoming the number one singer in South India.

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    I do not like the people who talk with jealous. One person I meet daily in bus while going to office from my area. One day he told me by showing a person that he is having this and that through his father but we are not having anything like him and suffering a lot. I felt his such talk as with jealous and since then I tried to avoid meeting him in the bus stop. I have seen written in the backside of one auto, 'I myself suffering a lot why you are seeing me with jealous'. This is real as no people lives with fullest satisfaction but having lack in something and envying or feeling jealous on seeing them from outside is not correct.

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    Every one wants to progress and make strides in their life and that may not happen for many and that is the reason being so they get jealous over the progress of his friend but stays stable all through the life. There were two close friends and they studied school and college together and continued relation till the jobs were secured. While the one got the job and the other gone for self business thanks to the support of his family. Now the person who chosen job has been stagnant with no progress in life with little bit increase of salary every year. Whereas the other friend who chosen business rather than the job has grown immensely and even established big factory. That the Industrialist called the working friend to join him as partner and develop himself, the ego would not all him to join his company but always felt jealous of great progress by his friend.
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    Jealous is a natural trait of human behaviour. Everyone wants to be at the top of life. If one friend sees his other friend getting progress in life then starts jealous. So, people work hard to overtake their friend in life. One important thing, sometimes jealous makes us laborious to go ahead in life. So, it is good as well as bad. It is bad in the sense that people never want progress to their friend and neighbour.

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    Jealousy is a very common trait in the people and it is very difficult to kill or subdue this natural feeling preset in the humans. There are some positive sides also in this negative trait. Many people become competitive after a pang of jealousy and get benefited in their endeavours. They feel that how the other person can do better than them and in that momentum achieve what otherwise they would not thought of.
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