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    What could be the result expectation next year Tamil nadu elections?

    Tamil nadu state going for Assembly elections next year. Usually DMK and AIDMK are always the strong rivals in Tamil nadu elections. This time the supremos of both parties are not there in the field. Absence of Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi, how it will affect the parties in the next elections. Can we see the impact of these two persons in the coming election? At present moment which party appears to be strong? With entry of new prospects like Rajanikanth and Kamal Hasan, what unexpected things we ca expect in this election. Will BJP consolidate its position in the absence of the two supremos. In this new situation, how difficult is for either DMK or AIDMK to get strong hold in the elections.
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    The voters of Tamil Nadu have the compulsion to chose between AIADMK and DMK as both have been governing the state at one time or the other. Other parties has to be just fence sitters or act as supporters but can never dream of snatching the power from these two Dravidian parties. But the latest news says that AIADMK planned and promised to give free vaccination to the voters if elected to the government again and that is the twist given in this election and may jeopardize the chance of Stalin dreaming to become CM for the first time. Nevertheless we should not undermine DMK capabilities as they have good number of MP seats and they proved better than AIADMK. But again the support of Kamala Hassan and Rajnikanth party and the role of BJP for the first time is to be seen watched and believed. The voters hold the key.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Somehow I feel DMK will be winning the elections. My general observation about that state is that alternatively DMK and AIADMK will be ruling the State. Presently, AIADMK is in the ruling. There is no leader like Jayalalitha in the party. Sasikala is in jail and she may come out. But she is not having the stature of Jayalalitha and driving the party towards victory is not an easy take for her. DMK lost Karunanidhi. But his son Stalin is having good followers and he may be able to get the sympathy of the public due to his father's death. BJP may not have any big say in the elections. Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth are in politics and I am not seeing much impact. when NTR came into politics, the State was in very bad shape and people wanted a change. But present TN is not like that and both the filmstars are not able to make much impact. So the chances for them are less. The training what Stalin got under his father may help him in making better planning in the elections and he may win the elections.
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    This time BJP is going to make inroads into TN politics because Rajni is keeping his options open to support BJP and Kamala Hassan may support the DMK for the secular credentials. Rajni fans are eager to cast their votes as told and directed by the boss and therefore BJP if it can select good candidates of winnable nature, there are every chance of that party gaining few seats. But there is also feeling that Shashikala is going to field her own candidates and may spoil the winning chance of others. And the Congress and its allies would also fight for few seats in the state. So the election scenario would be interesting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The situation would be horrible with no party winning the majority. There would be a hung assembly.
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