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    Do you like to serve food yourself or like to be served by others?

    At home, we are served by the ladies of the house viz by our mothers or wives. This happens in most of the houses. In certain houses, the food is not served by others, but served by self.

    Which one do you prefer ? To serve yourself or to get served by others. Why?
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    In our house my wife serve the food to three of us and then she joins with us with her share of food. This is good happening because she knows, what has been prepared and what to be served to whom. Moreover the quantity of the food also matter and she knows the exact to serve and that would suffice all. When every member of the family joins for the joint eating, the atmosphere would be homely, there can be clarifications, discussions, and even information that has taken place during the day. One thing is sure when the family is small there is no hard and fast rule as to who must serve, or self serve. If serving gives the best satisfaction for those who cooked the food, then we must give the honor to them and that happiness of getting good comments after having the food cannot be measured in words here. So let that happen.
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    In general, we see that in most families, serving food has been made the job of women, which is a very strange custom. There are very few men who serve their own food. I always like to serve my plate myself. If for some reason I could not serve my food myself, I do not like it. We have an idea of how much food we like to eat on a day, sometimes it depends on what is made in the food, how much will be the ratio of food today, so in my opinion, the serving food itself should be the right decision as it also helps to less wastage of food items.
    But in Indian society, the responsibility of the kitchen is given to the women and all the work related to it is handed over to them, even some men do not like to take one glass of water for themselves, which is completely wrong.

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    After my marriage, I have enjoyed the meals served by my wife and there is no change so far in this arrangement. She too gets some sort of satisfaction by dong so. If I were the server, I could have missed some items such as Sauce or Salads but since everything in the kitchen is managed by her, she knows where the supporting items such Salads or Sauce is lying in the kitchen. Moreover, both of us enjoy the satisfaction with such an arrangement. Hence I would not like to have a new arrangement by changing her present portfolio. Let her enjoy her assignment by being an efficient home manager.

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    I always prefer meals to be served by somebody than self-service. In our family, during my childhood, my mother was serving the food. We are all sitting on the ground and eating. Even breakfast also being served by her only. When I was in Vizag where our brothers and sisters were staying. Those days my sister used to serve. After marriage, my wife has taken that responsibility.
    When we eat if somebody is serving we will enjoy eating. We can ask for the requirements and they will serve accordingly. But if we have to get up and get the required food we can't enjoy the food properly. That is why whenever I go for a buffet, I will be talking very less food only and even I will not see what are the items available also.
    Generally, people like to eat when somebody is serving. But my wife has to serve herself for her eating. We are not having the habit of going and serving when she is eating.

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    If someone serves me then I feel it a bit convenient as I need not to select from so many spread on the table and choosing as per my choice and capacity to intake. The person serving would ask and if I do not want that item would stop asking for it and bring other items. I somehow enjoy this arrangement only. May be I am habitual of it since my childhood when in our village we use to sit in a circular ring and the people who are serving came to us with a big container in their hands and a big spoon and asking us whether they should drop it in our plate or not. It was fun to have meals in that community fashion and no food was wasted and there was no hassle of arranging things on a table and then removing everything back from the table.
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    My preference is to have the food served by others. My mother and wife used to say that the quantity would be more if food served by others. When we serve ourselves, according to them, we would be seeing the quantity available and take less quantity by providing for others to eat. But in North India most families practiced to eat by self service rather than serving by others. Though it is argued that we can take needy quantity if the food is served by ourselves and we can save wastage. But this may be correct for normal eaters. For good eaters the food should be served by others. That too if the serving people is mother or wife, they know who eat and how they eat. They serve accordingly. I used to have sambar in normal quantity on rice but some others pour more sambar for sambar rice. Some people used to drink rasam by fetching in palm before eating rasam rice.

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    Generally, the kitchen department belongs to women. Most of the Indian family prefer food to be served by women only. In most of the houses, women cook food. So, She knows the eating style of every member in the house. Which member would have in what quantity? She serves food accordingly. But, I prefer my food served by myself. I don't like food to be served by others for me. If the food served by others then there is a great chance of wastage of food item. Especially, gents person are habituated of having food served by others in Indian society.

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    In this respect, I am a bit choosy and would like to take whatever quantity as per my choice. So, I would like to take the item which I like and ignore so many others which are generally used as the side items or just to increase the number of items.
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