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    Instead of worrying about giving up your bad habits, start cultivating new good habits.

    If one has any kind of intoxicating, abusive, angry, jealous, unnecessary food, insulting, or satirizing, or any other dirty habits, then it's present, and the future will be the same. Bad habits do not have to be formed, they are automatically formed from the company.

    Instead of worrying about giving up your bad habits, start cultivating good habits. Include all the habits in your life that are good. Such as getting up early in the morning, helping a helpless, cannot go daily, then go to the temple every day, touch the feet of parents every day, listen to good discourses, talk politely to people, etc.

    Practice-born habits have a lot of power. We should convert our power into good work. We have infinite energy, just need to use it in the right place.
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    After reading the post my thoughts went back to the feed given by one of the friend that old habits never die soon and they have to be get ridden slowly. Even the word Habit has that meaning. Suppose, remove the letter H, the habit will remain "a bit", then remove the letter A, that reads as "bit", that means the habit would still continue, then remove the letter B, it reads now "it" that means the habit stays in spite of our all precautions and actions. But cultivating new habits is not that easy when we are embedding with the old habits which are not vanished even now. Nevertheless the suggestion given by the author is worth implementing and what is new habit is the question to ponder over, as there is no authentication or certificate given to new habits which we may be attracted and followed in future.
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    Changing old habits is a very difficult task and in some cases it is almost an impossible thing. So, it makes sense to cultivate some new good habits. Unfortunately, while doing so there is a clash between the new habits and the old ones as the premises where they operate overlap with each other. It is a disappointing note but the fact of life is like that. So inculcating new habits finally turns out to be as god as eradicating old bad habits only. It would take same efforts whichever way we do it. Bad habits make a person resistive to changes also as he fears that in absence of those bad habits he might not survive which is of course a false perception.
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    Habits die hard. It is true. I have seen many people struggling a lot but not successful in stopping their bad habits. I know a very rich person who always takes alcohol. His wife is the most worried person. She took her to Chennai and he was under some treatment for about 3 to 4 months. Then somehow he stopped drinking. But how many people can afford that expenditure? So one should be careful and should get into bad habits. The influence of our friends will be very high on us. So we should be careful about making friends.
    We should always try to practice good habits only. If we have any bad habits we should practice slowly to come out of those habits and spend more time making good habits. That will be good. But it is very easy to say this. Implementing the same is very difficult. So a lot of determination is required for this.

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    A small correction may be given in this posting - Instead of worrying about giving up 'your'(here we can put as 'others') bad habits. Many of us do not realize our bad habits and even do not accept that we possess bad habits. If others are close to us, there may be chances of feeling or worrying about their giving up bad habits. In that case, we may stop worrying as there are less chances of themselves correcting such bad habits. Here we can keep ourselves from not cultivating such bad habits in us. We are normally seeing people smoking and suffering with some severe ailments, we should thank God for letting us not having such bad habits,if we do not smoke. If we have the smoking habit, we should give up smoking by seeing them and their sufferings.

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